Neal Cory Skyler at group home

Neal Sutz with his two special needs sons during a visitation at the group home where they are being held against their will.

UPDATE 10/29/19

Arizona Judge Rosa Mroz dismissed this case, with prejudice, on 10/29/19 based on defendants Motion to Dismiss.

by Health Impact News/ staff

Neal Sutz, an Arizona father who left the U.S. to try and protect his sons whom he claims were in danger of being sexually abused by his former Mormon in-laws, has filed a $200 million defamation lawsuit in Arizona against his former brother-in-law Damian Creamer, whom Sutz claims is “one of the richest, most politically influential men in the state of Arizona.”

The lawsuit names other defendants among Sutz’s former in-laws that he claims slandered him, resulting in the loss of custody of his two sons just after they fled the U.S. and arrived in Switzerland, where Neal Sutz holds a dual citizenship due to his family being from Switzerland.

His two special needs sons have been in captivity for over 2 years in Switzerland group homes, and Sutz claims that their health and well-being are deteriorating quickly, and he fears that without U.S. intervention for these American citizens suffering in Switzerland, his sons may not survive much longer.

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Cover-up For Child Sex Trafficking in the Mormon Church?

According to the lawsuit, filed with the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County, Neal Sutz found out that his former wife, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz, along with “her numerous siblings,” were sexually abused as a children “for decades” by Damian Parnell Creamer and others, whom Sutz attempted to have reported to authorities for their alleged crimes against minors:

Following Plaintiff’s meeting of Defendants, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz and Helen Mai Bradford, and further discovering and being given direct victim testimony from his soonto-be-wife, Defendant, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz and Ms. Creamer-Sutz’s next-oldest sister, Donelle Creamer Hahn, regarding decades of sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse of said Defendant and her numerous siblings, perpetrated by Defendant, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz’s brother, Defendant, Damian Parnell Creamer, Damian’s best childhood friend, Don Vivier, Defendant’s now-deceased biological father, Donald Parnell Creamer, Plaintiff immediately insisted to his soon-to-be-wife, Defendant, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz, that her brother, Defendant, Damian Parnell Creamer, as well as all still-living perpetrators of said horrific crimes against children should be turned into the Arizona Authorities for investigation, arrest, trial and prosecution.

Defendant, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz, further testified in Geneva, Switzerland, in writing and then confirmed verbally multiple times by 3rd parties to the Geneva Court Case, as seen in (Attachment 12) that Defendants, Robert and Helen Bradford, “…are members of a cult of Mormons who believe that sex with minors is permissible.”

(Editor’s note: As we have previously reported about documented sexual child abuse in other religious organizations, such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Independent Baptists, and the Southern Baptists, these alleged crimes are not meant to be an indictment against all members of this religious group. Child sex abuse is found in all parts of the American culture, both religious and non-religious.)

It was Sutz’s insistence to his wife that they turn in the members of her family committing sexual crimes against children to the authorities that Sutz claims resulted in the beginning of her family defaming his character and ruining his reputation:

Defendant, Cortnie Helen Creamer Sutz, immediately began communicating, to her mother and stepfather, Defendants, Robert Grant Bradford and Helen Mai Bradford, as well as to brother, Defendant, Damian Parnell Creamer, Plaintiff’s insistence on turning evidence of said crimes against children over the Arizona Authorities.

Following Ms. Creamer-Sutz’s communications of Plaintiff’s intentions to her family, including the all three other Individual Defendants in this Complaint, a structured, highly-organized, malicious, systematic process of libel and slander against Plaintiff, by All Individual Defendants named in this Complaint, began without hesitation, and have not ceased to the present day of the filing of this Complaint.

Plaintiff had during all the time, prior to his insisting that said crimes against children by members of Plaintiff’s family-in-law be turned over the Arizona Authorities, enjoyed an excellent local, Arizona and National public and personal reputation, both generally in his life and in his public profession, as proven in Attachment 1 of this Complaint.

According to the book Neal Sutz published, SOS – SCREAM OF SILENCE – A TRUE STORY! STILL HAPPENING NOW!, before his marriage into the Mormon Church, Neal Sutz was an accomplished author and film producer, being an expert and advocate regarding the rights of those diagnosed with mental health issues.

He received notoriety in 2004 when he attempted to be a guest on the popular Dr. Phil show, and claims he was discriminated against due to his past history with mental health. He ended up suing Dr. Phil and the producer, Oprah Winfrey, successfully under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

But Sutz claims his identity was stolen, based on false accusations against him by his ex-wife’s powerful Mormon family, including recorded statements made to the Gilbert, Arizona police.

Collusion with U.S. Embassy?

As we reported in our initial story about the Sutz family, since Neal’s reputation and ability to earn a living to support his family was allegedly destroyed in Arizona, he convinced his ex-wife to go to Switzerland with him and the two boys to start their lives over, because Neal was a dual citizen with the U.S. and Switzerland.

But the problems with his wife and in-laws followed him to Switzerland. His wife tried to commit a double suicide along with their son, and she was committed to a psychiatric facility where she claimed that Neal was the one who was abusing their children. In addition, her family back in Arizona was reporting that he had kidnapped them, in spite of the fact that his wife supplied a written statement that she was giving her full permission to have the boys relocate to Switzerland.

In the lawsuit filed in Arizona, Sutz claims that the American Consul in Bern, Switzerland participated with his Mormon in-laws in Arizona, allegedly illegally according to Swiss law by participating in a “Swiss Judicial Matter,” leading to the abduction of his two children by Swiss child protective services (SPMi).

It was Defendants’ Slanderous Allegations in this False Missing Persons Report, when transferred, in urgency and with the help of ACTIC and INTERPOL, to the U.S. Consul, Mr. Jeremias Dirk and his Senior Assistant, Chris Del Monico, both of whom work in the U.S. Embassy in Berne, Switzerland, (both Parties who blatantly broke Swiss Federal Code 271, punishable by at least three (3) years in Swiss Federal Prison and the removal of Mr. Dirk and Mr. Del Monico’s diplomatic immunity in Switzerland) by involving themselves in a Swiss Judicial Matter, with the full, proven intent to organize and commit International Child Kidnapping, for which these two parties have not yet been charged or convicted) without written, authorized permission from the Swiss Federal Police and/or the Conseil Federal, that being the Federal Governing Board of the country of Switzerland) as well as the Geneva, Switzerland Police, the SPMi (Geneva equivalent of DCS, and the TPAE (The Child and Adult Protection Court of Geneva, Switzerland who is deciding the legal fate of the two subject children and Plaintiff for the remainder of their lives) that Plaintiff’s loss of custody and daily life, existence with, caretaker of and parent of and with his son and stepson began to be aggressively put into place, 11 days later being the date, on July 25th, 2017, when the Geneva Court (TPAE) removed Plaintiff’s son and stepson from his presence, from his custody and, to this date, Plaintiff has never recovered his son and stepson.

Who is Damian Creamer?

Damian Creamer Strong Mind

Damian Creamer – Strong Mind. Image Source.

Neal Sutz names several businesses owned by his former brother-in-law, Damian Creamer, as defendants also in his lawsuit, claiming that he used his influence through these businesses to defame and silence him. From the lawsuit:

All Incorporated Defendants, are subject to being liable Defendants due to the Defendant, Damian P. Creamer, President, Founder, CEO and, Manager and/or Member, respectively of aforementioned Corporations, being simultaneously an Individual Defendant in this Complaint and assets, as well as profits, from All Incorporated Defendants being shared and benefitted by Defendant, Damian P. Creamer, Primary Defendant in this matter.


Reporter Craig Harris, writing for the Arizona Republic, published an investigative report in November of 2018 regarding Damian Creamer’s Arizona Charter School, Primavera. Creamer allegedly funneled millions of dollars through his school, which is a recipient of taxpayer funding.

The CEO of Primavera, whose multimillion-dollar payments to himself spurred calls for more oversight of Arizona charter schools, received another $1.3 million from the online charter this past school year, records show.

Damian Creamer, the sole owner of the for-profit Primavera, also paid $27.6 million from the school’s state education funding to another company he owns, Strongmind.

Meanwhile, the school, which reported it had the third-worst dropout rate in Arizona, gave its 95 teachers a 1 percent pay raise last school year.

The audits provide a snapshot of how lightly regulated charter operators use tax dollars. Charter schools are not subject to the same financial or governance oversight as traditional district public schools, and The Republic has found that some operators, like Creamer, have become charter school millionaires by operating the public schools.

After The Republic reported this year that Creamer had paid himself $8.8 million despite operating a school with the state’s third-highest dropout rate, Attorney General Mark Brnovich called for the law to be changed to allow his office to investigate charter schools more broadly.

Creamer has said the $8.8 million payment was for tax purposes but has not provided documents to support that claim.

“When you see public money go to line the pockets of someone who is supposed to help students become a millionaire, I can’t believe it’s not a crime,” Brnovich said at the time.

Since then, a Republican state senator and Gov. Doug Ducey have said they, too, will push to overhaul Arizona’s charter-school laws to require more transparency and compliance with the same procurement and conflict-of-interest laws that govern district schools. (Source.)

Neal Sutz writes:

Damian Creamer controls the political landscape in Arizona by circumventing campaign financing laws and making contributions through family members and friends.

Damian, along with his family and his companies, have contributed enormous amounts of money in political contributions to Governor Doug Ducey and numerous other politicians involved in “slanting” in Damian’s favor the legislation of the Arizona Charter School Industry, of which Damian’s Primavera Online High School, is the dominant, FOR PROFIT, semi-online educational leader.

He owns property in Paradise Valley, along with other family members, and their neighbors include such notable public figures such as Governor Ducey, and Backpage founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Before they were shut down, Backpage was reportedly running up to 75% of the U.S. sex trafficking through its website.

Given Damian’s past actions to try to silence me and destroy my reputation to hide his family secrets of child sex abuse, using the massive resources he has through his businesses, I think a federal investigation is warranted. Who knows, maybe even the current federal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein will reveal associations to pedophile networks in Arizona as well. (Source.)

Health Impact News has reached out to Damian Creamer and his attorney, but we have not yet received a comment back regarding the lawsuit.

Neal Sutz’s Sons May be Running Out of Time

Cory SkylerDaddy

Neal Sutz has watched his two special needs sons deteriorate over the past two plus years that they have been held captive in a Swiss Group home. Neal gets to visit them, but the Swiss authorities will not allow him to take them home, where they desperately want to be.

Here are some comments the “Educators” reported from the group home where both boys are confined (supplied to Health Impact News by Neal Sutz):

“We observe that the current framework (Living at the Foyer) is not beneficial to the good development of children. It is essential that they can leave the institutional framework, live outside (of the Foyer) moments and go to their father’s apartment so that this place is more concrete for them and that they can live with family time in a family, more ‘ordinary’ context.”

“I’m writing to you because Cory is NOT well. Last night, during the video call with Mr. Sutz (who reads us in copy), Cory got very angry because of an incomprehension on our part and started to want to break everything in the room and got into a state of crisis. This was worrisome and we needed to calm him down and reassure him. Once more calm, Cory was able to express his sadness by saying with his own words that his heart is broken because he does not see the apartment (that Daddy got and made for Skyler, Cory and their Daddy), nor the cats, (Neal adopted twin cats, one for each of the boys) and that he wants to be with his Papa (That is French for Daddy). He was really touched, crying and sobbing.”

“We find that Skyler is crying much more frequently and always asking us when his father will come to visit, using his minimal language, and is always saying, ‘Moi triste.’ which means ‘Me sad.’ when we have to tell him that it is not a day that his father is allowed to come and visit him and Cory.”

Sutz told Health Impact News that he often finds his sons needing medical or personal care when visiting them, due to their special needs. He often has to clean up his youngest son, such as changing his diaper, since he is still not able to take care of his own personal hygiene. He has also found them at times with bruises and other injuries, as these photos show:

Skyler With Smashed In Face After Having Escaped The Foyer and Running Away - Not Taken To Doctor

Skyler With Smashed In Face After Having Escaped The Group Home and Running Away – He was allegedly not taken to a doctor.

Skyler legs

Infection on back legs of Skyler from not caring for him properly.

Cory's Ankle and Foot- 2 Weeks After Arriving at 2nd Foyer - Smashed With A Mettle Scooter By Another Boy

Cory’s Ankle and Foot Bruised and Swollen – 2 Weeks After Arriving at 2nd Group Home – Smashed with a metal scooter by another boy.

Will Neal Sutz See Justice?

As we reported in our original coverage of Neal Sutz, he has written a letter to President Trump asking for justice in his case. He still has in his possession a video clip from an alleged child pornography filming of his wife’s nephew while the young boy was with his former father and mother in-laws that to his knowledge has never been investigated at the federal level. He believes that all the complaints and evidence he has provided have been squelched in the state of Arizona.

Neither has there apparently been any investigation into the roles the American Consuls in Switzerland may have played in Sutz’s case.

Given the volume of stories Health Impact News has done on the State of Arizona and their involvement in child trafficking, it would certainly seem that a federal investigation is needed. See:

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