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Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Earlier this year Health Impact News investigative reporter John P. Thomas began a series of articles on child sex trafficking within the Roman Catholic Church. See:

The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

Whistleblowing Priests Killed to Prevent Exposing Pedophilia Problem in the Catholic Church?

Pedophilia in Non-Catholic Churches

Other Christians who are not part of the Catholic Church might be tempted to believe that such horrible crimes could never happen in their particular church or denomination.

However, the Star Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas has recently published a series of articles covering an 8-month investigation in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches across the U.S. showing that sexual abuse against children has been rampant and covered up for years. See:

Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S.

These ‘men of God’ sexually abused children. Then they found refuge at other churches

‘My earliest memory of being molested was when I was 4 years old. It was Sunday school’

According to their investigative team:

A team of four (Katie Bernard, Jenna Farhat, Cortlynn Stark and Sorayah Zahir) searched news reports and court filings from across the country for cases of abuse. Star-Telegram reporter Kaley Johnson put in dozens of records requests for police reports and court cases.

The Star-Telegram also reviewed court documents, emails, notarized statements, text messages, notes from contemporaneous conversations, Bible college class material and books written by independent fundamental Baptist pastors.

The Star-Telegram counted 187 independent fundamental Baptist churches and affiliated institutions that had been affected by sexual abuse allegations. The Star-Telegram included in its count churches where alleged abusers had served before or after alleged abuse occurred because the allegations could affect the congregants.

Each institution was counted only once, even if it had multiple abusers.

The Star-Telegram found 412 sexual misconduct allegations. Some of the alleged abusers have only one allegation against them; others have accusers in the double-digits. Forty-five alleged abusers were permitted to continue serving in the ministry after allegations were brought to church officials, even sometimes law enforcement.

In all, the Star-Telegram interviewed over 200 people: Pastors, ex-pastors, ex-members, current members, theologians, people who said they’d been abused and people who had been convicted of sex crimes.

Churches, both Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches, are a huge part of the child sex trafficking problem in the U.S.

These religious institutions receive significant government funding for foster care and adoption services, which we have reported for years now is a Child Trafficking multi-billion dollar business employing hundreds of thousands of people. See:

The U.S. Foster Care System: Modern Day Slavery and Child Trafficking

Child Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Lucrative U.S. Business Funded by Taxpayers

Church-sponsored organizations, most also receiving significant government funds, are necessary for the State to continue taking children away from parents and putting them into the lucrative foster care and adoption system. Here are a few samples, for example, of Baptists participating in the foster care business:

Free Will Baptist Children’s Home

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes

Houston’s First Baptist Church 

We are not accusing any of these organizations for wrong-doing, or denying that they do provide some valuable services to their communities, we are simply pointing out that children are being sexually abused in a corrupt foster care and adoption child trafficking business, and that includes churches.

Earlier this year, Lisa Wheeler of the National Review published a commentary entitled “Pro-Life Should Include Foster Care, Too,” criticizing American churches for not participating more in state-sponsored foster care programs.

However, it is clear that churches are part of the problem, not the solution, when they allow children to be trafficked, especially to pedophiles. See:

State-funded Foster Care and The Church: Part of the Problem, NOT Part of the Solution

It is likely that many well-intentioned church members are largely unaware of the abuses happening in the foster care and adoption system. As Texas Judge Janis Graham Jack has written in her ruling that the State of Texas’ foster care system is unconstitutional, abuses within the system (very few children are removed from their families due to “abuse”) are “the norm:”

Texas’s PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship) children have been shuttled throughout a system where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm.


Judge Condemns Texas Foster Care System that Abuses Children as Unconstitutional

Time for the Public to Wake Up and Understand that Child Sex Trafficking is a Huge Problem, NOT a Conspiracy Theory

As we have investigated the problem of child sex trafficking, we have discovered that the problem reaches to the most elite members of society, and that they depend upon the public not understanding what is happening, or minimizing it and excusing most reports as “Conspiracy theories.”

In response to this problem, we recently covered the meeting earlier this year in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), as the court convened over a 3-day period to launch their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. See:

800K Children in the U.S. Missing Each Year – International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Therefore, in the third installment of John P. Thomas’ investigative reports into child sex trafficking, we seek to help the public understand the full scope of this horrific problem.

This problem will continue to exist until enough people in the public wake up and decide something needs to be done to stop these horrible crimes against our most vulnerable citizens: children.

Crimes Against Children

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Unless the nature of criminal and immoral activities such as child trafficking, child torture, child rape, trauma-based mind control programming, and child blood sacrifices on the altars of Satan are clearly understood, it will be difficult to intervene in the dark system that is consuming perhaps as many as 8 million children in the world every year. [1] 

There is No Child Love in Pedophilia

Acts of child molestation are commonly called pedophilia. Pedophilia is defined as “child love.” Clearly this term is a misnomer – there is nothing loving about raping children, feeding children into the sex trade, torturing children and using mind control techniques to turn them into slaves, or tying them to altars where they are gang raped prior to being mutilated and killed as an offering to Satan. [1, 2]

Thus, I will not use the word pedophilia in this article, but instead will call the perpetrators of such evil – pedovores, because they consume children. Another term that I will use for these people is paedo-predators, because they prey upon children like snakes or wild beasts prey upon the animals they kill and eat.

Pedovores use children as consumable products. They freely use them for their sexual gratification, for their financial gain, and for Satanic rituals.

This article is the next installment in the series about child molestation and the predators who destroy the lives of children. The first two articles focused on the scandals rocking the Catholic Church.

What our research has uncovered is that the issue of predators destroying the lives of children are much more widespread than we ever imagined.

The Activity of Paedo-Predators goes Far beyond the Roman Catholic Church

The RCC and other religious institutions are not the only perpetrators of crimes against children. Children are abused in numerous secret societies, in the CIA and other government agencies, in many different religious organizations, in families, and in every imaginable program that has been designed to serve the needs of children.

Child protective services and both the law enforcement and judicial systems rarely protect children from this abuse, and sadly they often contain pedovore rings of abusers who perpetrate these crimes against the children they are sworn to protect, while protecting the pedovores. [1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 15]

Warning – Adult Content

The remainder of this article contains graphic and gruesome descriptions of what happens to children. I will not sanitize the truth to make the crimes seem less horrific. 

Types of Crimes Pedovores Commit against Children

These crimes can be roughly organized into four categories, though there is most certainly overlap between the crimes: (1) child molestation, (2) child pornography and prostitution, (3) child sacrifice, and (4) trauma-based mind control slavery.

I will not be discussing child forced labor for manufacturing, the harvesting of organs from children for transplantation, involuntary medical experimentation, or the use of child soldiers in war, because I need to limit the scope of these articles.

Kidnapping and selling/trafficking children are also crimes, which go hand in hand with some of the other crimes against children. It is the beginning point for the horrors of abuse that follow.

1. Child Molestation

These children are fondled, exposed to various forms of sexual activity, and anally, orally or vaginally raped.

These children usually reside in local communities with their parents or caregivers and are victimized by pedovores who also live in the same communities. They are usually released by pedovores after molestation. Sometimes children are killed, but not usually.

The full extent of damage caused by molestation is often not immediately seen.

Molestation is like a slow acting poison – it permeates every aspect of a child’s life for many years to come.

As these children mature their lives will be marked by dysfunctional relationships, depressions, low self-esteem, distorted views of sex, mistrust of adults, and immune system suppression which eventually unfolds in long-term chronic illness. [5, 6] 

2. Child Pornography and Prostitution 

Children are kidnapped and trafficked into the international sex trade. They can be raped by the hour and may only live a few years before the physical and emotional damage is so severe that their captors simply kill them, because they are no longer useful or profitable. [1]

They are used to make child pornography films and possibly child “snuff films.” Snuff films show actual film footage of people being raped, tortured, and killed to stimulate the sexual pleasure of those who purchase the videos on the dark web.

You won’t find links to real snuff films in an internet search since they are recordings of criminal activities. For this reason, there is considerable propaganda that suggests that snuff films just don’t exist. [7]

Evidence, however, is strong that recordings of children being tortured, raped, and killed are being made for high price purchasers who can pay several thousand dollars per video. [8]

3. Child Torture and Sacrifice

Other children are kidnapped and channeled into dark occult activities where they are destroyed and consumed in Satanic rituals. Their lives are taken on altars dedicated to Satan, Lucifer, Moloch, and other “gods” of darkness. 

The sacrificial ritual usually begins with gang raping of the child. Children are further tortured by cutting, stabbing, and other types of mutilation designed to cause pain and intense fear, which produces high levels of adrenaline in the blood.

Sometimes the adrenalin-rich blood is consumed by the pedovores to get an intense adrenalin rush. The pedovores may enjoy watching the child bleed to death or they may hasten the process of death by dismemberment.

Sometimes babies are burned alive as sacrifices dedicated to Moloch as has been done for more than 3,000 years. (8)

4. Trauma-Based Mind Control Slavery

Extremely sophisticated techniques of physical torture and emotional abuse are used to break the consciousness of children into pieces to create children with multiple personalities.

The most effective programming happens during the first 6 or 7 years of life. Programming sometimes begins in the womb with electroshock abuse. [3]

The programing is designed to create a permanent replacement for the true self. The slave is intended to obey their “handlers” and the needs of their secret organizations. A handler is a person who manages, monitors, and fortifies the mind control process to be sure the programming does not fail. [3, 9]

Compassion, empathy, independent thinking, and love for others is driven far underground so that the lives of the mind-controlled slave will be dominated by greed and lust for power, and obedience to their handlers. [3]

Sometimes the goal of mind control programmers is to create a slave with multiple personalities who will have multiple lives, which are intended to be completely disconnected from one another.

These victims are managed by handlers who maintain the programming and establish tasks for the slave to complete. The handlers are able to use the programing to force the slave to switch from one personality (alter) to another and do the bidding of the handler. [9, 10]

The mind control techniques used with children were enhanced after World War II through research done under the CIA’s MK-Ultra program. Former Nazi researchers, such as Josef Mengele, were brought to the United States through Project Paperclip to mastermind and refine these techniques. [9, 10]

Functions of Mind Controlled Slaves

Mind-controlled children are used as sex slaves, presidential level blackmailers, drug smugglers, high profile entertainers, and world class athletes. [10]

When they reach adulthood, they occupy positions in every profession. They commonly serve as university faculty, high level religious leaders, corporate executives, mainstream media workers, and for various other tasks that control and shape the thinking and behavior of general society. They are also called Monarch slaves or just Monarchs. [3, 9]

In the extreme, mind control programmers seek to supply the networks of certain secret Satanic elite groups with a race of mind-controlled zombies. They function as mindless assassins, crazed gunmen, and agents provocateurs. [9]

The Investment in Creating Mind Controlled Slaves is Extensive 

It takes many years to program a Monarch mind control slave. Thus, these children are intended to stay under the control of their handlers for a lifetime [3] or until they are deemed unfit for the work.

Some are scheduled for being killed at their 30th birthday. [9] Sometimes they are used as Satanic sacrificial victims when they are no longer seen as valuable.

Sometimes Mind Control Programing Fails 

It is important to note that even though trauma-based mind control programming involving torture and repeated rape is intended to last for a lifetime, it can fail when unanticipated events trigger the release of memories.

When this happens, memories of trauma, abuse, and activities committed as slaves begin to flow into the consciousness of the true self. Sometimes the process starts with unexplainable nightmares or vivid memory fragments that pop into the mind.

The recollection and assimilation of hidden memories is often a very messy process with intense emotional volatility. A person might think he or she is going insane as horrific memories are re-experienced.

The restoration of a unified consciousness (single personality) can be achieved through the use of various deprogramming techniques and with the assistance of loving helpers. [3, 9, 10]

How Many Children Go Missing Each Year?

The exact numbers of children who are molested, trafficked, sacrificed on altars, and subjected to trauma-based mind control every year are not easy to determine.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are 800,000 children who go missing every year in the United States. [11] 

Worldwide, the estimate is 8 million missing children. [1] 

Some of these children may eventually be found, but many others disappear without a trace. 

There are very few mainstream news stories about the topic of missing children. The stories and internet articles on the topic seem to downplay the numbers by saying that most all of the children that go missing are eventually found and only a very tiny number are gone forever, because most missing children are the result of disputes between separated/divorced parents. [11]

Numbers of Unreported Missing and Abused Children

The estimate of 800,000 children in the United States does not include children without birth certificates.

When breeders produce children for Satanic sacrifices, they do not obtain birth certificates for them. This number also does not include planeloads of unregistered children who are illegally brought into the United States through the clandestine activities of government/military operations and other black-market enterprises. [1]  

This number also does not include the hundreds of thousands of children who are voluntarily subjected to trauma-based mind control by their parents or care-givers. These children are not missing.

They are intensely emotionally and physically tortured during the programming process that takes place for the first 6 or 7 years of their lives. [3]

The FBI indicated that it received 464,324 missing children reports in 2017. [12]

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) indicated that they responded to 3,633 reports of possible child sex trafficking in 2017. [13] 

But what about the other 335,000 out of the estimated 800,000 children who go missing every year? These children were not reported to the FBI.

What happened to them? The truth is that we just don’t know.

Estimates from people who have investigated Satanic ritual murder indicate that 50,000 children are sacrificed annually [15, 16]

Is the Estimate of 800,000 Missing Children Actually a much Lower Number than Reality?

It is estimated that more than 30-million Satan worshipers participate in various secret societies in the United States. These people subject their children to trauma-based mind control, which at some point will include each of their children witnessing the sacrifice of a kidnapped child as a key part of the mind control programming process. [3, 16]

In many cities, the powerful positions occupied by paedo-predators in law enforcement, in the criminal justice system, in the juvenile court system, and in Child Protective Services make it nearly impossible to use these organizations to address the crimes against children. [1, 2, 3, 4, 15]

They will not investigate allegations of trauma-based Satanic mind control programming or Satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, because they are under control of certain elite groups and corrupt officials within their organizations. [3]

The International Perspective 

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) is investigating the international network of criminal activity that is abusing children. [14]

Robert David Steele, their Chief Counsel, has been examining the data concerning the numbers of abused children.

Mr. Steele is the CEO of Earth Intelligence Network. He was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize and is a former operations officer of the clandestine service of the CIA. He was the cofounder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Command. He has trained over 8,000 intelligence and law enforcement representatives across 66 countries.

Mr. Steele stated in part during his opening remarks of the ITNJ meeting in Westminster, England in April of 2018:

The working assumption yet to be proven is that the totality of the children disappearing worldwide is toward 8 million children [annually]. In the United States of America, the acknowledged number, not counting the children being bred without birth certificates and not counting the children being imported without documentation, is between 600,000 and 800,000 a year.

I personally believe that the number that we want to try to document is rising well beyond the official figures and we have yet to learn what the actual number is. [1] 

Mr. Steele mentioned the “deep state” in his remarks, which is the system of international banking families that essentially control the world’s money supply and thereby have powerful influence over national political processes. This was his final comment regarding taking down the deep state. 

Mr. Steele stated: 

Pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people. It is also the Achilles heel of the deep state. 

I believe that once the public realizes that the government is not protecting their children at a scale of vulnerability that we can articulate then everything else about the government is called into question. 

For me, this is a true righteous endeavor… The center of gravity for change is the American public because if you can get the American public angry, we will stop supporting dictators overseas and we will close all of our military bases overseas.  

I am on record as a former CIA operations officer as saying that our thousand bases overseas are not there for national defense but they are there to serve as lily pads for smuggling of guns, gold, cash, drugs, and small children. [1]

Robert David Steele gave a powerful presentation at the ITNJ during which he summarized the full range of crimes that are committed against children. It is stunning in its simplicity and completeness.

Watch Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ITNJ Seating):

Conclusion: Time to Shine the Light on these Evil Practices

There is a sober tone to these articles, because the topics are so serious.

The good news is that people are waking up to the reality of the crimes that paedo-predators are committing against children. Every time a person realizes what is happening to our children and shares the truth with others, the light of truth shines a little further into the darkness of the criminal underworld and the operations of certain elite secret societies who are working to expand their world dominance.

Their plans are being destabilized and will eventually be overturned by the light of truth as it passes from person to person. 

See Also:

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About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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