Suzy forced cesarean c

Suzy was allegedly drugged against her will and forced to have a cesarean birth during a routine stop at a hospital while on a trip. Image from Facebook.

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Suzy and her husband Peter Saad will face a judge next week who will reportedly terminate their parental rights to their newborn baby, Sofia.

The parents reportedly have no criminal record, and have not been charged with child abuse or neglect. They stopped in a hospital in Connecticut while on a trip to Maine because Suzy was experiencing back pain, and the staff there allegedly accused her husband of being a “Muslim terrorist,” even though he is a U.S. citizen of Egyptian heritage, and a Coptic Christian.

Suzy reports that they drugged her against her will and performed a cesarean birth to remove her baby, and then seized custody of the child.

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The basis the Judge is allegedly going to use to justify removing their parental rights is something called “predictive analysis” which supposed to predict who will become a good parent and who will not. This tool has received much criticism for being inaccurate, and nothing more than a form of racial profiling. See:

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Suzy writes:

So here is the situation, we are on trial for something called “predictive neglect.” Because the standard of proof for predictive neglect is basically nothing and the judge only needs to be convinced that there is a 10% chance we will neglect our daughter in the future.

When we are found “guilty” the documents will not say we are guilty of “predictive neglect” but rather actual “neglect” itself as if we had already committed an act of neglect that we haven’t!

The DCF are saying there is no way we can win and that we should just take their plea “deal.”

They say IF we take their plea deal, they will transfer the case to our home state and they will have no further involvement.

But the “deal” comes at a very high price. We would have to plead guilty to neglect of our newborn and face the consequences in TN which could include jail time and also losing our other two children.

If we refuse the plea deal, they say will not transfer our case and when we are fond guilty, they will move to give the foster family guardianship of our daughter and begin their process of terminating our rights.

Then later on after they have terminated our rights, they will transfer that information down to TN, and TN will use that TPR to have our rights terminated to our other children because if you have had your rights terminated to ANY of your children, any state you live in can then use that information to terminate your parental rights of any other children you may have without any evidence or proof that you are an “unfit” parent.

baby sofia

Baby Sofia. Image from Facebook.

Parents Call for Rally at Courthouse June 18, 2019

In protest of the very obvious violation of our human and civil rights, we would like to announce that we will be holding a rally on the day of our trial coming up on June 18, 2019 in front of the superior court in Middletown, CT (from 8am-5pm.)

We are asking that any and everyone who is willing and able, please come out and support us in our cause to save our daughter Sofia and please invite the press!!!


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