parents with baby 5

Suzy and husband Peter Saad in Middlesex Hospital, Connecticut. Image from Facebook.

UPDATE 6/14/2019

Parents of Baby Kidnapped after Forced Cesarean in Connecticut Hospital Call on Public to Attend Hearing to Remove Parental Rights

UPDATE 5/31/2019

Tennessee Couple Has Baby Ripped from Womb and Kidnapped Because They are an Interracial Couple

UPDATE 5/6/2019

Connecticut DCF Punishing Tennessee Parents for Taking Their Story Public? Refuse to Let Parents Visit Baby

by Health Impact News/ staff

In a story so horrendous that it reads like a Hollywood script to a movie that could only be fiction, Tennessee parents Suzy and Peter Saad have decided to go public with their story of alleged medical abuse and medical kidnapping in Connecticut.

suzy and peter medical school

Peter and Suzy met in medical school. Image from Facebook.

Peter and Suzy both have master’s degrees and were former medical school students, which is where they met. However, they put their plans for medical school on hold to start their family.

Suzy pregnant two children with dad

Peter and Suzy with their two boys while Suzy is pregnant with Sofia. Image from Facebook.

After delivering two boys by cesarean birth, mom’s dreams were finally realized when she became pregnant for the third time, and this time it was a baby girl in answer to her prayers.

Suzy wanted the best for the new daughter growing in her womb, so she sought medical help to try and have a natural birth, uncommon but not impossible when the first pregnancies end in cesarean births.

The family was living in Tennessee, and Suzy was not happy with the prenatal care she was receiving. Peter’s family is from New Jersey, and after one of his family members died and they traveled to New Jersey to attend the funeral, they found a birthing center there that Suzy felt comfortable with in terms of trying a natural birth.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy with her daughter, Suzy was experiencing some anxiety and suffering from bad nights of sleep. Family and friends suggested she take a few days off with her husband, while family members watched the two boys.

They knew about a lovely place in Maine they had been wanting to visit, and decided that the 6-hour trip would do them some good.

As they drove from New Jersey to Maine, Suzy experienced some pain, and to be on the safe side, they decided to stop at a hospital in Connecticut.

This is when the real nightmares began. Her husband’s family is originally from Egypt, although Peter grew up in the United States and has been a U.S. citizen since he was a child. His family in Egypt are Coptic Christians, a minority group in a country that is predominately Muslim.

Before they fully understood what was happening, Peter was allegedly being accused of being a Muslim terrorist and fleeing the law, and Suzy was being accused of being a drug addict, simply because she had some prescription medications with her to treat her high blood pressure and diabetes.

She was allegedly drugged and forced to have cesarean surgery, and hospital staff then allegedly worked together with social service workers to take custody of her baby.

After 6 months of trying to comply with everything the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) was requiring of the parents in order to get their baby daughter back, they have now decided to go public with their story.

Parents Falsely Accused and Never Arrested

Since going public, the parents have published over 38,000 words describing their ordeal, on Facebook and a GoFundMe page, and they claim that they have multiple recordings as well to back up everything they say.

Suzy writes:

Please help us!! My husband is African-Egyptian- American, we have two beautiful healthy children together and live in Davidson county, Nashville TN.

We were driving through Middletown Connecticut while I was pregnant with my 3rd child after visiting family in New Jersey when I felt some pain in my back so we decided to stop at a nearby hospital (Middlesex).

Once inside they started making all of these accusations against us saying that because we are a mixed race couple, that we “look like criminals.”

They started accusing my husband of being a “muslim terrorist” and me of being a “drug addict.” None of it is true! My tox screens were all negative and my husband and I are both Christian!!

They told us it is just “too suspicious” that we were driving through their state while pregnant and accused us of having “no prenatal care, of being from crummy low-life families, being criminals running from the law, of being Muslim terrorists, drug addicts, drug lords or both, gypsies living out of our car, and international baby sellers” among other things.

Each and every time we would disprove one accusation, they would accuse us of something else and say “ok, now prove us wrong.”

Charges were never filed against the parents.

Allegedly Drugged and Forced Surgery to Get Access to the Baby

baby in hospital

Baby Sofia. Image from Facebook.

Suzy writes that after medical staff examined her, it was determined that she was not in labor yet. She was allegedly forced to undress in front of male interns, and then she was allegedly drugged and forced to have a cesarean surgery, after informing them that she was leaving the hospital because she did not like the way they were treating her.

Two nurses then pulled off my pants and underwear right in front of a whole room of nursing staff whom I have never met, including male staff. Before they had even given me anything to cover up with, they ordered me to further remove the rest of my clothes.

I asked them to ask the male nurses to please leave while I was undressing, they refused. As I was taking off my bra, one of the male nurses turned his head and smirked.

After I was forced to take off my clothes and was sitting there for at least a few minutes completely naked, a nurse tossed a fabric gown at me, giggled and said “ here honey, cover those things up.”

It was completely dehumanizing and humiliating.

I was then forced to urinate in a cup in front of 2 hospital staff who called me a “drug addict.” (My toxicology screen was negative, as was the baby’s!)

After that I went to get my clothes to put them back on to leave. Another nurse asked me what I was doing. I told her that I didn’t like the way I was being treated and that I was leaving.

She apologized for what the other staff had done and said that they just get a lot of “junkies” in there and that I should at least stay long enough to get an IV and let them check my cervix to make sure the baby was ok.

I agreed to stay only to get my cervix checked and get an IV in case anything was wrong.

After they put the IV in, the nurse injected clear fluid into my IV but wouldn’t say what it was and I started to get really dizzy. The doctor came in and checked my cervix and said that I was barely 1 cm dilated, if that.

She asked me if I had any medical records (but never once asked for a release for anything).

I told her I thought I had my ultrasound report in my email and started looking through my phone.

She finally said its fine we’ll just get it after the c-section.

I told her no, I wanted to be allowed to leave to go back to New Jersey to have the baby where we were staying with family. She told me that they had me scheduled for a repeat c-section.

I told her no, that I did not want to have another c-section and that I wanted to birth my daughter naturally this time and that I wanted to leave.

I told her if they didn’t let me leave, we were going to call the police and report them for holding us as hostages in the hospital against our will.

She said “go ahead, the law is on OUR SIDE IN CONNECTICUT and if you don’t stop resisting we are going to call the police and have you arrested for child endangerment and they will come in and chain you to the bed and force you to have the surgery anyway.”

[The nurse] even wrote in her report to the DCF that the C-section was to be done on “short order” meaning that it was to be “done very quickly.”

She also admitted that we asked to leave the hospital before the c-section was performed and that they refused to let us leave and held us there against our will, saying we were a “flight risk.”

What excuse did they have to have done the c-section so quickly, and against my will, even though there was no medical need to do so?

I was not in any distress, I never even felt a single contraction, the baby was not in any distress and her heart rate was fine.

There was absolutely NO MEDICAL NEED for them to have forced this C-section on me.

The reason was because they wanted to take my daughter out of my body as quickly as possible JUST SO THEY COULD STEAL HER FROM US!

We had been at the hospital no more than an hour and they were already wheeling me back to have the c-section. I was NEVER given the opportunity to labor and birth my child naturally and I NEVER ever gave them permission to do the c-section or signed anything giving them permission to do so.

It was as if my body was not my own. I was not allowed to make any of the decisions regarding the birth of my daughter.

What they did to me at that hospital completely violated my rights as a person, as a parent and as a human.

They wanted the baby inside me and drugged me to cut her out against my will, just to get her away from us so they could keep her.

They never, ever intended to allow us to leave the hospital with our child.

Baby Sofia Suffers in Hospital as Mother is Allegedly Harassed

mother crying with baby

Suzy with her newborn baby. Image from Facebook.

Once the baby was born, the parents were allegedly continued to be treated as criminals, preventing the mother from properly nursing and bonding with her newborn daughter.

The following heart-wrenching video was captured where you can hear the frantic cries of the baby, and how the baby stops crying as soon as she is held in her mother’s arms, in spite of the fact that the mother is very stressed and crying herself.

Suzy writes:

That first day I cried all day as I held my newborn daughter in my arms. I kept falling in and out of sleep but I made sure to hold her close to me to keep her warm.

I also made sure to hold her in a specific way so as not smother her if I fell asleep and I continued to feed her and try to nurse her even though I knew my milk had not come it yet.

As I was holding my daughter and crying from all the emotional and physical stress I was going through, my evening nurse kept coming in and asking me about Peter my husband.

He was asleep at this point and she kept asking me what he was running and hiding from and who was he really?

I told her that he really was my husband and that we were not “running from anything or anyone.”

She continued to harass me saying that if she had a daughter who came home with some “Saudi Arabian muslim guy” who was “running from the law,” that she would disown that daughter and never let her in the house again.”

She told me that as far as she was concerned, an “A-RAB” was no better than a “Mexican behind a wall” and that in her opinion and the “opinion of the other hospital staff,” that I needed to just “turn him in” for whatever he is “running from the law for.”

Then she asked if he was really the father of my other children and if we really did have custody of them.

I told her yes and then asked her to please leave my room.

She eventually left but continued to come back in and kept taking my infant from me while I was trying to nurse her, making up different excuses each time, but mainly kept telling me that she was “too tired to nurse.”

I asked her to please stop harassing me and leave me to bond with my child but she refused.

Mom Denied Medical Care and Baby Taken Away From Parents – No Charges Ever Filed Against Parents

While in the hospital, Suzy was allegedly denied permission to leave her hospital room to get the prescription medications she needed for her blood pressure and diabetes.

As the hours went by I could feel my blood pressure getting higher and higher. I asked my husband to go get my blood pressure medicine out of the car.

The nurse came in and said he was not “allowed” to give me any outside medicine. I told them I needed to take my blood pressure medicine.

The nurse told me that the doctor had “discontinued” all of my medications.

I told them they could not discontinue a medicine they did not prescribe.

She told me I could “take it up with the doctor in the morning.” I told her “no you don’t understand, I have to have the medicine to control my heart rate and my blood pressure.”

She told me she didn’t care and that I could take it up with the doctor in the morning. I begged and pleaded for them to let me have my blood pressure and diabetes medicine, they all told me they didn’t care.

I was crying about how we had been treated and that my heart rate by then was nearly 200 and my blood pressure was 180/120.

After I continued to complain about it and as it continued to climb, they finally gave me my beta blocker but still refused to give me my diabetes medicine.

After that Peter and I were exhausted and both slept for around 8 hours straight.

The next morning when we awoke, my blood sugar was also very high and they finally gave me the Metformin I was prescribed by my general practitioner.

Then a neonatologist came in our room and started telling us that he “knew” we did not care about our baby because if we did, we would have been in the nursery for EVERY FEEDING and that if he wanted to, he could have us prosecuted for neglecting her just because we didn’t show up for 2 of her feedings!!

We explained to him everything that had happened and that I was made to go the entire previous day without any of my medications, that I had been in excruciating pain and that we were both exhausted and just needed some sleep.

He said he didn’t care and that we “should have been there.”

We asked him isn’t the nursery there to give the parents some rest?

He said no, that this was a “baby friendly hospital” and that we, as the parents were supposed to do all the feedings.

We told him that we didn’t send our daughter there willingly.

He changed the subject and started saying that he “knew” we did not even have custody of our other children and that we would not be allowed to keep Sofia anyway so there was no need for us to see her anymore.

I started crying as Peter was telling him it wasn’t true, that we do have custody of our other children. He accused us of “kidnapping” our other two children (that he said he “knew” we did not actually have custody of) and trying to make a break for the Canadian border and refused to tell us who told him that we didn’t actually “have custody of our other children.” (not true in any way)

We asked him how could we be trying to “run for the border” if we didn’t even have our children with us at the time? He didn’t have an answer.

We begged and pleaded with him to please let us see our baby.

He told us that we would be allowed to see her only for feedings and that if we missed even one more single feeding, that we would not be allowed to see her anymore.

He told us that the DCF would be there to take custody of her on Tuesday and that he was going to testify against us about how we “neglected” her by sleeping during her scheduled feeding times and about how I “refused” to sign a medical release for my prenatal records.

I told him that wasn’t true and that I never refused to sign anything. I asked him if I signed the medical releases and we make her an appointment with a pediatrician in CT, would we be allowed to keep our daughter and take her home?

He laughed and said no, that if we thought we would be going home with our daughter, we were dead wrong and that we would not be going home with her “for a very long time, if EVER.”

Suzy writes that they already have the court date set to terminate their parental rights in November of 2019, allowing them to adopt out the baby.

Even though they do not even have a guilty judgement against us yet, they are so confident they will win that they have another court date set for us for November of this year to have our parental rights terminated! And for what???? What was our crime???

Our only crime was to drive through CT, walk into the hospital to make sure everything was ok with my pregnancy and the baby and that was it!

By the time we realized how hateful they were being attacking us and we asked to leave, it was too late. They held us captive inside the hospital until they had illegally cut my daughter out of my body and never had any intention of letting us go home with her.

What they are doing is not only WRONG, it is ILLEGAL in so many ways!! Please is there anyone out there who can help us???!!! Please don’t let these people steal our daughter’s life from her!

Parents Forced to Travel Between Tennessee and Connecticut – Lose Home and Treated Like Criminals

father with baby 2

Father and daughter during supervised visits. Image from Facebook.

The parents eventually left the hospital and the baby was placed into foster care. For a while, they stayed with Peter’s family in New Jersey, only 3 hours away.

But eventually Peter had to return to work, and they were forced to go back to Tennessee, 20 hours away. So it was a 40-hour round trip dive to see their baby daughter for a 2-hour supervised visit.

Their problems were just getting started, unfortunately, as they faced persecution in Tennessee also based on the events in Connecticut.

Then a couple days after Thanksgiving, 3 Nashville detectives came to our door yelling and screaming through the door that they were “the police,” and to “let them in.”

It was really scary at first. We opened the door and let them in. They came in and looked around. They looked at both of our children and asked us what happened.

We told them what happened and how the hospital told us if we signed over our medical records to prove we had prenatal care, they would give us our child back (because initially that is what they told us, now 6 months later and we still don’t have our baby back, we realized it was never true.)

After hearing what we had to say, they were really very nice to us and we really appreciated their kindness.

Apparently while we were gone, the CT DCF had called the police in TN (both in Brentwood at my parent’s home and at our home in Nashville) and told them that we were being “investigated” for some terrible crimes and that our children were in “danger.”

They had the police go to all of our neighbors at both homes and tell them that we were being investigated for terrible crimes and that if we were spotted at either of these places, that they should call the police “immediately.”

One of our neighbors at our home in Nashville told us that he had been told that we were being investigated for “beating our children and terrorism.”

Now none of the rest of them will even speak to us.

People that we used to go to neighborhood bar-b-que’s with, and attend Christmas events and 4th of July gatherings together, now jeer at us as we walk our dogs and children down the street.

It was humiliating, completely unnecessary and we never did anything to deserve it.

Then the CT DCF told us we had to prove that we were not “gypsies living out of our car,” by giving them a copy of the lease to our house, so we sent them a copy of the lease at the house we were renting.

Then they called up, lobbied and harassed our landlord and got them to kick us out.

They asked us to “vacate” by the end of that month and then we had to spend tons of time and thousands of dollars moving our family and all of our furniture from the 2000 square foot house into another home.

The hospital allegedly then did the unthinkable, and sent them a huge bill for the time they were confined there:

Now this Middlesex Hospital and the practice where the doctors work who forced the c-section on me (Crescent street OB-gyn) are saying that I owe them nearly $50,000 (it is out-of network for my insurance) for holding us hostage at their hospital, performing a major surgery on me against my will, abusing and torturing us, refusing to give me my diabetes and blood pressure medicine until I got very sick having to go without it and then stealing our child from us and kicking us out.

My stitches got very infected and started collecting puss while we were staying at a nearby hotel in Connecticut, waiting for them to release our daughter, and then started popping out of my skin.

Baby Sofia Allegedly Suffers in Foster Care

baby sofia

Baby Sofia with mom. Image from Facebook.

Suzy writes how the foster care family taking care of their baby girl is allegedly receiving $1000 a month, but also using public assistance to receive subsidized food, and preventing them from providing better resources for their daughter. They also put her into day care at only 8 weeks old, where she developed a very severe life-threatening infection.

These days every time we get to see her she is sick with respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, and terrible diaper rashes.

After being in daycare for two weeks, our poor little Sofia ended up in the hospital with RSV fighting for her life. She had a 104 fever and she would scream in pain as her airway passages had to be periodically suctioned.

Her chest was rattling so loud, I have never heard such a rasping noise come from such a small infant. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower just listening to her breathe.

The hospital staff at the Connecticut children’s hospital were so extremely hateful to us because we did not “have custody of our baby,” they acted like we had tried to kill our child and that’s why she was in the hospital in the first place! (When in fact the reason she was there was because the FOSTER PARENTS AND THE DCF insisted on sending her to daycare at 8 weeks old!!!)

This foster family they have her with is poor and is essentially using our daughter as an extra income. They live in a tiny little house in Waterford, CT and have cheap used baby supplies they get for free from the state for the precious little girl we worked so hard to have.

Several of the car seats they have been using for her are expired (and we have pictures to prove it.)

In addition to the free healthcare, free childcare, free diapers, free wipes, free formula and free baby supplies they get from the state, this “foster family” is also getting paid $1000/month to hold our daughter as their legal hostage.

If they did care about our child, they wouldn’t keep insisting on sending her back to daycare after [she] nearly [died from] RSV.

They are uneducated, middle-aged and do shift work. One of them works during the day and the other one works at night. What kind of life could these people possibly give to our little girl?! When she is 10 years old, they will be in their 60’s!

What kind of life could she ever have, never getting to know her real family, never getting to know who she really is?!

These are the people they are trying to say she is better off growing up with?! These are the people they are trying have adopt her against our will!!! What kind of life can they possibly give her??!!! Our daughter deserves so much more! She deserves to be with her family! We love her so very much and just want to bring her home!!!

Plea For Help

parents with baby

Parents want their baby girl back home. Photo from Facebook.

DCF in Connecticut has reportedly tried to get the parents to bring their other two children into Connecticut to “visit their sister.”

But the parents are not listening, fearing that they will kidnap those two children also.

They have already spent a great deal of money on legal fees with no results, and it seems that attorneys in Connecticut are afraid to go up against the powerful child welfare system.

My husband and I both have terrible nightmares about them torturing us and stealing our baby. Our life will never be the same. Every night after I tuck my children, I cry myself to sleep, wondering where my little Sofie is and if she is ok.

I wake up everyday in my own home and open my eyes. I hug and kiss my husband as he leaves for work. I sit my little boys down at the table to feed them breakfast but as I look out the kitchen window, I realize I am still their prisoner.

We are in constant fear that we will never get our daughter back and that we will lose our other children as well. They made all of these claims about us that we “must be criminals” and we “must be terrorists,” but in reality, they are the criminals who unjustly stole our child and they are the ones terrorizing us.

They have told us that we have “no chance” of winning against them and that when they get their judgement against us, after they get their corrupt officials to find us guilty of whatever it is that they are saying we are guilty of (I am still not even sure), that they will send a referral to the DCF in Tennessee to take our other children from us based on this Connecticut judgement alone.

Then we will have to pay out another $10,000-15,000 to pay for ANOTHER attorney to try to fight to get our other children back!!!

Everyone who initially told us they would help us, has eventually abandoned us. They are threatening, lobbying and bribing everyone in our path to not help us!!!

We paid nearly $5000 to an attorney in CT who did nothing for our case and is now [wants] another $10000.

He was initially on our side but after he said he wrote some emails and that took up “a lot of his time” and then started saying he wanted thousands of dollars more, and we didn’t have it to give him, he started turning on us!!!

He won’t even speak to us anymore until we pay him the money and has basically told us we can’t win anyway!!!

Every other lawyer we have contacted in Connecticut that acts like they MIGHT be willing to take our case has told us they want $10000-$15000 UP FRONT!!!

We have spent all of our savings on lawyer fees and driving back and forth to CT to see our baby nearly 30 times so far!! They keep trying to con us to take our other 2 children into their state so they can kidnap them too!





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