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suzy and peter with baby sofie visitation monitor

Suzy and Peter on a supervised visit with their daughter, baby Sofie. Image from Facebook.

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The nightmare of a Tennessee couple who was forced to have a cesarean birth and then had their newborn baby daughter medically kidnapped while traveling through Connecticut on their way to a vacation destination in Maine continues.

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Pregnant Mom Traveling Through Connecticut with Husband Stops at Hospital Where They Forcibly Drug her and Perform Cesarean Surgery to Kidnap Baby

Connecticut DCF Punishing Tennessee Parents for Taking Their Story Public? Refuse to Let Parents Visit Baby

While fighting for the custody of their daughter and while attempting to get their case transferred to their home state of Tennessee, Connecticut DCF is reportedly making them drive 20 hours one way from Tennessee to Connecticut each week for a 2-hour visitation with their baby daughter.

The Connecticut judge in their case has reportedly scheduled a hearing in June to terminate parental rights, allegedly ruling that they are guilty of something called “predictive neglect.”

Suzy claims that the sole reason they have been found guilty is because they are an interracial couple.

My marriage to my husband is NOT an abomination just because we are of different races! We just loved each other so we got married and made a life together!

We should have that right to live our lives as we so choose and we don’t need anyone’s permission! All we ever wanted to do was to grow old together and raise our children and live a happy, peaceful life with our family!

We both worked very hard in school to have nice careers so that we could give our children all the things we never had.

We strongly believe that God loves us ALL EQUALLY and our life together is a beautiful thing!

At least it was before the staff at Middlesex hospital started attacking us and illegally cut my daughter right out of my own body to kidnap her!

We strongly believe that we are being targeted and our rights are being violated just because we are a bi-racial family. It is really sad what this nation is coming to that we cannot even have a peaceful life together with our children without being persecuted due to the hatred and racism of these few people in Connecticut, a state that we have never even lived in and their corrupt legislators who would protect such terrible people!!!

At the very least we should have the right to have our case transferred to our home state and our daughter should have the right to live with her family members who love her for who she is, not some strangers who are just using her for money! (Source.)

Peter Saad, Suzy’s husband and the father of baby Sofie, is Egyptian. He was raised in the U.S., and is reportedly a U.S. citizen. He was allegedly accused of being a Muslim terrorist fleeing from the law when they traveled through Connecticut and decided to stop at a local hospital because Suzy was pregnant, and was experiencing some back pains.

Peter is not even Muslim. He is a Coptic Christian.

Instead of examining and treating Suzy so they could be on their way, they allegedly drugged her against her will and forced a cesarean birth and then took custody of the baby.

Predictive Analysis = Racial Profiling

Using something called “predictive analysis” to predict who will become a good parent and who will not is a tool that has received much criticism for being inaccurate, and nothing more than a form of racial profiling.

Richard Wexler, writing for the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform has documented some of the many failures of “predictive analysis” software.

  • ProPublica reports that predictive analytics already has gone terribly wrong in criminal justice, falsely flagging Black defendants as future criminals and underestimating risk if the defendant is white.  A new analysis of ProPublica’s data confirmed their findings.
  • In child welfare, a New Zealand experiment in predictive analytics touted as a great success wrongly predicted child abuse more than half the time.
  • In Los Angeles County, another experiment was hailed as a huge success in spite of a “false positive” rate of more than 95 percent.  And that experiment was conducted by the private, for-profit software company that wanted to sell its wares to the county.
  • The same company is developing a new approach in Florida. This one targets poor people. It compares birth records to three other databases: child welfare system involvement, public assistance and “mothers who had been involved in the state’s home visiting program.”

So listen-up “at-risk” new mothers: In the world of predictive analytics, the fact that you reached out for help when you needed it and accepted assistance on how to be better parents isn’t a sign of strength – it’s a reason to consider you suspect, and make it more likely that your children will be taken away.

None of this has curbed the enthusiasm of predictive analytics fans. Indeed, Hansell has brought in as a consultant a key backer of the L.A. experiment, the head of the Los Angeles County child welfare agency at the time, Philip Browning.

The campaign for predictive analytics is led largely, though not exclusively, by the field’s worst extremists – those who have been most fanatical about advocating a massive increase in the number of children torn from everyone they know and love and consigned to the chaos of foster care – and also by those most deeply “in denial” when it comes to the problem of racial bias in child welfare.

Some predictive analytics boosters have even argued that “prenatal risk assessments could be used to identify children at risk of maltreatment while still in the womb.” Though these researchers argue that such targeting should be used in order to provide help to the mothers, that’s not how child welfare works in the real world.

“Yes, it’s Big Brother,” said another predictive analytics enthusiast. “But we have to have our eyes open to the potential of this model.”

The real potential of this model was aptly summed up by Yung-Mi Lee, a supervising attorney in the Criminal Defense Practice at Brooklyn Defender Services at the hearing on the New York City bill. Said Lee:

At worst, such tools provide a veneer of color- and class-blind objectivity while exacerbating the racial and economic discrimination and other inequalities in law enforcement practices and criminal and civil penalties.

If anything, the problem is worse in child welfare, where the rest of the process – the records and, in most states, even the court hearings, also are secret. (Source.)

Foster Parents to Take Custody of Baby Sofie?

Suzy reports that their former attorney told them the foster parents will soon take custody of their baby.

Our ex-attorney told us that the DCF in CT are now, instead of trying to place our child with our family members, because our daughter is 6 months now, they are trying to give guardianship to the foster family and therefore completely eradicate her whole family from her life!

(This is) the same foster family who insisted that she go to daycare at 8 weeks old because it was free for them, leading her to contract RSV.

Then they waited an entire week watching her suffer, not being able to breathe before they took her to be treated at Connecticut Children’s Hospital and that’s where she stayed for nearly a week fighting for her life suffering in terrible pain, while we were only allowed a 2 hour visit to see her during that time!

Now every time we see her she is sick with some kind of respiratory tract infection! (Source.)

The Broken Heart of a Mother: Suzy Articulates What it Feels Like to Have the State Kidnap Your Child

Peter and Suzy’s experience with Medical Kidnapping might be your first exposure to this practice in the United States. Others have maybe followed us since we started in 2014.

But probably no one understands the pain suffered from such loss unless they have lived through it. Suzy has been very articulate since going public a couple of weeks ago, and she uses two analogies that perhaps illustrate this pain and suffering parents go through better than anyone else ever has.

Analogy 1:

Years ago, as I was scrolling down Facebook, I came across this video that someone had posted to raise awareness for animal cruelty. (I didn’t know exactly what it was before I clicked on it!)

It showed a little black kitten in a bucket and then someone started dousing it with a clear fluid, lit a match and tossed it in the bucket. (It was supposedly filmed in another country and the people were speaking another language.)

It was the most brutal, horrible, gruesome thing I have ever seen. The poor little thing jumped and screamed and cried, but no one came to his rescue.

Finally he just laid down and died.

After I watched it, I wished I could un-see it but it was too late.

It has haunted me all these years until this day.

Now I feel like we are going through the very same thing. IN THIS MOMENT, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THAT POOR LITTLE KITTEN FELT!

They tortured us and took our newborn child from us 3 days after her birth for absolutely no reason but rather just because they could. They couldn’t care less about the detrimental psychological consequences it would have on us or our family. We have been screaming and crying out to the world, but no one seems to care.

Analogy 2:

I was once in a jet skiing accident with a good friend in college and nearly drowned. He was driving and doing all these 360’s and the life jacket I was wearing was too large.

When we got thrown over, the shoulder of my life jacket got caught in the handle bar of the jet ski which was now upside down under the water. I could have easily unbuckled the locks and set myself free but I panicked and because I was already sinking down into the jacket, I tried to just slip out from the bottom.

It didn’t work and I got caught. When I could no longer hold my breath, I remember trying not to but just by reflex, trying to take a gasp of air and inhaling all this water.

It didn’t hurt like I expected it to like when you get water up you nose, but the mental anguish that I had to go through for how ever many minutes it was going on, was unbearable.

The mental agony of believing you are about to drown and never see your loved ones again is such torture in and of itself.

That feeling I felt that day, it is the same feeling I have felt ever since they took our sweet little Sofie from us. I can only equate waiting for this trial as similar to waiting for your “turn” on death row.

It is causing you such horrific stress that you are living in this “limbo” so to speak, that you just wish it could be over with already so you can get on with your life…until you realize that when it is over, so is your life!

All you can do is start thanking God for every moment of ever second you have with the ones you love and hold them so tight, praying that you will have the strength to never let go.

Public Outcry Needed

If this story upsets you, please let Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut know. He is in the best position to put pressure on the right people to let Baby Sofia return to Tennessee where her parents live.

Phone number: 860-566-4840 – Email – Facebook Page

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Pregnant Mom Traveling Through Connecticut with Husband Stops at Hospital Where They Forcibly Drug her and Perform Cesarean Surgery to Kidnap Baby