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In a military SWAT-like operation Arizona police break down the door of a family at 1 AM because the parents did not take one of their children who had a fever to an emergency room at the request of a doctor. The child was reportedly sleeping soundly and only had a fever of 100 degrees when the police and social workers arrived in the early morning hours. Image Source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Local news media in Arizona have reported that a family had their three children forcibly removed from their home in the early morning hours after armed police forces broke down their door.

The military SWAT-like actions of these armed police forces were captured on video by the family’s security cameras.

Local social workers had reportedly obtained a court order from a judge to temporarily remove one of the children for medical reasons after they visited their family doctor due to the child having a fever. The doctor measured the fever at 105 degrees, and instructed the parents to take him to the emergency room.

However, on the way to the emergency room, the 2-year-old child started acting normally, and the mother took his temperature and it was only 102.

“He’s acting normal. He’s dancing with his sisters in his car seat. And I take his temperature and it’s 102,” said Beck.

“And so I called the doctor back and said ‘Hey, I’m not sure how you got this 105 reading, my son’s acting fine. This doesn’t really seem like a medical emergency,’” Beck said.

So they went home. She says by then the fever had dropped even more.

“We love our children, we love them. If our children needed help, we would absolutely help them,” said Beck.

“I told the doctor that I’d bring my son back for her to check and make sure that his fever was lower, and she said she wouldn’t see him, and I had to take him in.”

So instead of re-examining the child, apparently the doctor and the clinic called Child Protective Services (Department of Child Safety – DCS – in Arizona) because the family did not bring the child to the emergency room.

Based on the report of a single doctor who apparently did not like the fact that the parents did not take her advice, DCS reportedly obtained a court order to take the child into protective custody, and then contacted local law enforcement to do a “welfare check.”

Up until this point, it appears that everything was done legally. But as we have reported many times at Health Impact News and on our website, these laws are often not family-friendly and can violate parents’ constitutional rights to due process.

Doctors, for example, are “mandated reporters” and will turn families into Child Protective Service agencies when their patients do not follow their advice based on fear for themselves, that they might be blamed if a patient does not take their advice and that action results in a negative health outcome.

What is usually not considered in these situations is how the trauma of children being forcibly removed from their parents can cause far more harm, not to mention the danger children are put into within the foster care system, where in most states sexual abuse is common in foster care.

But what happened next, according to local reports and interviews with the parents, raises serious legal concerns.

First of all, if there was imminent danger to the child, why did social workers and police wait until after midnight to go to the family’s home?

Secondly, if there was only a court order for the removal of one child, why did they take all three?

The mother reports that she had offered to return to the family doctor so the doctor could see for herself that the child was doing better.

The father reports that an emergency room visit would have cost them over $2500.

“For me to take my healthy son to the emergency room would have cost $2500. We don’t have $2500 sitting around to take our healthy son to the hospital.”

As we have seen so often in past medical kidnapping stories we have covered, once social workers and law enforcement enter a family’s home, it usually becomes a fishing expedition to find reasons to take the children away.

According to Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce, the parents of this story, that is exactly what happened.

After refusing to let police and social workers come into their home to take away their children, since the children were asleep and the child in question only had a temperature of 100 at the time, police armed with weapons and shields broke down the door and entered the home.

“Guns drawn, flashlights shining on me.. they saw me and asked me to put my hands up,” Bryce said.

He was handcuffed, while police and a social worker allegedly interrogated the children.

The police report stated the house was “cluttered,” with vomit in the children’s beds, and an “unsecured” firearm in the parents’ bedroom.

“The clutter was laundry on our couch,” said Bryce.

He says the children had been vomiting, but they were moved from their beds to sleep with their parents after messing their own beds.

As for the shotgun, he said, “it actually is inert. It does not work.”

All three children were taken away from their parents in the middle of the night, and two of them were admitted to the hospital.

“I mean, they treated us like criminals, busting in our door. I mean, I don’t know what kind of trauma that did to my kids. Where are my kids right now is what I want to know,” Beck said.

The parents report that none of the children are vaccinated, but they do not believe that is the reason the children were taken away.

No charges were filed against the parents.

They still do not know where their children are located. When they showed up at a meeting with DCS, they were reportedly told that the agency “had to cancel the meeting.”

Based on the numerous other stories we have written about Arizona DCS and foster care, these parents have legitimate reasons to be concerned about the welfare of their children.

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