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Source: Tonya Brown, whose son was also medically kidnapped by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Story here.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

A hallmark of a free people is the ability to think for ourselves, which includes the right to question, to seek out truth, and to hold opinions that are different from those of someone else.

If, however, the person that parents question is a doctor, the cherished American value of this basic liberty may be squashed by a simple phone call to Child Protective Services, after which custody of the child is seized by the state.

Medical kidnapping has become the go-to punishment for those parents who dare to question their children’s doctors. With ancient religious fervor, medical “heretics” are seeing their families ripped apart.

At a recent rally for families in front of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, a former nurse spoke out about the abuses that she has seen at the hospital. She told the group:

I am in this field. I didn’t go into healthcare to steal children!

Yet, that is the scenario that is being played out in Children’s Hospitals every single day, all across America.

Kasandra Ellen, RN, has been a nurse for 14 years. She worked at Phoenix Children’s Hospital from 2005 to 2009, and she says that she has seen things there that she never dreamed that she would see.

She is still a nurse, but her beliefs have changed dramatically since she first began practicing. Kasandra Ellen calls herself a “woke nurse,” and she now works in a naturopathic clinic.

She told the audience that when she started out as an RN, she was “indoctrinated” just like “many of those who are up in that [Phoenix Children’s Hospital] building right now.”

She spoke of her time in the hospital:

I can tell you that many children that would come into the ER, if the parents refused a treatment or questioned a treatment, or asked for even a second opinion, CPS was called immediately.

The parents were threatened, intimidated. Basically, they weren’t given a choice.

She described the situation that prompted the day long rally on Saturday, October 27, 2017, attracting a total of about 200 activists and parents throughout the course of the day: the medical kidnapping situation of a 15-year-old autistic boy, Jonathon Zeek.

Watch the video from his mother Arlena Willis:

Some of the doctors, she says, know what is happening:

I think a lot of these people who are in the healthcare field don’t see it. And some of them do. Some of the doctors definitely do.

Part of it is ego – it’s like we’re in this society where you don’t question the doctor. You do what the doctor says, and we’re kind of brainwashed with that from the time we’re young.

So when you don’t question what the doctor says, and then someone actually does, they don’t like that. They don’t like to be questioned.

It’s almost like a punishment. It’s like, “How dare you question me, because ‘I’m the doctor,’ right? I am like the god-doctor. How dare you question me!”

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn called it “medical heresy” in his 1979 book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

Almost 4 decades ago, Dr. Mendelsohn described the very things that nurse Kasandra Ellen spoke of in Phoenix last Saturday.

Watch Dr. Mendelsohn here:

Kasandra Ellen continued:

We have been taught, we’ve been indoctrinated, we’ve been brainwashed from the time we’re little that we listen to what the doctor says. We don’t question what the doctor says.

I can tell you after working with them for 14 years we absolutely NEED to question what they say. I’ve had to stop doctors from making orders that would kill patients, ordering things that they are allergic to or that would interact with other drugs they were taking.

They’re not God. They’re human. They make mistakes, and they’re also very indoctrinated.

The nurse told her audience that she didn’t believe at first that doctors and hospitals could actually be taking children from innocent parents:

I didn’t used to think it was actually real. I was, like, “No way. That doesn’t happen. There’s got to be a reason they call CPS, right?

No. It could just be that the doctor didn’t like the fact that they were questioned or that they feel they have a parent that they feel they can intimidate, or that doesn’t have the means or support to fight back.

And those things are not ok. That’s why we’re here. That’s why I’m here.

Watch Part 2 of her speech:

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