Bri Meissinger Paxton and Jordan

Jordan Meissinger holds his newborn son. His joy was short-lived. When Baby Paxton was only 48 hours old, Arizona social workers took him away from his family. Photo provided by family.

UPDATE 11/1/2018

Arizona Attorney General Demands Health Impact News Take Down Story on Medical Kidnapping in Violation of 1st Amendment

Arizona Parents Falsely Accused of Child Abuse Lose Infant Son – Have 2-Day-Old Newborn Also Medically Kidnapped

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Paxton Meissinger came into the world on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, weighing all of 7 pounds and 2 ounces. Like every newborn baby, he wanted and expected only one thing – the presence of his mommy.

To an infant, the most important thing in the world is be surrounded by the love and warmth of the person whose heartbeat he has heard for as long as he had the ability to hear.

In her arms, every need he has is met, from her milk and the nutrition and antibodies it provides to the reassurance of her warmth and love.

Brain growth, his immune system, and his respiration rate develop ideally as he rests against her skin-to-skin, releasing the perfect hormones needed for his system, and hers.

The foundation for basic trust is laid as he hears the voices of both father and mother, and they respond to his communication. The first few weeks and months of life have been likened to a “fourth trimester,” where baby humans are designed to remain still a unit with their mothers.

There is nothing in the world as important to a baby as his mother.

However, for Baby Paxton, these basic human needs are no longer being met, thanks to the Arizona Department of Children’s Services (DCS).

When he was only 48 hours old, social workers took him away from his parents, Briana and Jordan Meissinger, claiming that this is “necessary to protect the child from suffering abuse or neglect.”

In the name of protecting him from potential possible harm, Child Protective Services is depriving him of the very things he needs the most.

Briana Meissinger told Health Impact News:

They took him! I was hoping they would leave us alone.

Bri Paxton Meissinger

Newborn Baby Paxton Meissinger only had 48 hours with his parents before the state seized him away. Photo supplied by family

Social Worker – “We Are at Your House. Where Are You?”

The devastated parents got a call from DCS just 24 hours after Briana’s c-section.

While she was recovering from surgery in her hospital room and bonding with her new baby, social workers were sitting in the driveway of the Meissingers’ home demanding a meeting.

The workers refused to say what it was about other than that there were new allegations of “general neglect” that they needed to discuss. Obviously, Briana was not able to go home to meet with them since her baby had been born the day before and they were still at the hospital.

The social workers refused to divulge what the allegations were, but Briana and Jordan later learned that the social workers had reportedly received an anonymous call that the baby had been born 8 days prior and that they were home already neglecting the baby. The DCS workers had already obtained a warrant based on this and other incorrect information, but they didn’t mention that to the Meissingers.

They showed up at the hospital the next day, Thursday, October 18, and seized Baby Paxton from his parents.

The incorrect birth date was another in a long line of wrong, false, or outright deceptive statements made by the department over the last year. In conjunction with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and their Child Abuse Pediatrician, DCS had taken the Meissingers’ son Keaton last September over allegations of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

From the very beginning of that case, some doctors suspected that he had an infection which was treated with several antibiotics. Other medical experts have stated the same, but DCS and the Child Abuse Pediatrician have stubbornly clung to their interpretation of Keaton’s symptoms.

The long, drawn-out case to decide which diagnosis to believe is still in the Maricopa Juvenile Court. Dependency has yet to be determined by the courts.

After she learned that DCS intended to step in and take their newest baby, Briana said:

This warrant was one-sided. They didn’t give our side, which is the fact that this is a highly contested case. We have experts and medical professionals that are saying that their allegations are bullshit.

THEIR experts are saying that they can’t even for sure say that this is abuse, so they haven’t proven anything. Nothing. And they’re trying to take our newborn from us.

There’s nothing we can do!

She explained that, until they can go before a judge, they cannot even fight this to keep their baby.

The Maricopa County social workers went to a different judge than the one in Keaton’s case in order to get the warrant to seize Baby Paxton. The Meissingers believe that, had they gone to the judge who is currently presiding over their case, they would not have been able to get a warrant. The judge who signed it was “misled,” says Briana.

Their judge has heard some of the Meissingers’ side of the story as well as a little bit from medical experts who adamantly disagree with the diagnosis of abuse by the Child Abuse doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

There are still at least a couple more days left of the trial. The next one is at the end of October, followed by another day or two possibly to be held in December before the dependency case wraps up.

According to several doctors and medical experts whose presuppositions have not blinded them to see other medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms, Keaton’s medical history and records do not show any signs of trauma or abuse. Rather, they are, in the words of one of their experts, “100% consistent with [a] brain infection.”

Baby Keaton’s Story – Force Vaccinated in Spite of Medical Problems

Baby Paxton’s big brother was born on June 6, 2017. Briana’s labor was induced, and she was given high doses of pitocin (labor-inducing drug).

After 2 days of hard labor, the baby was not handling the contractions well. His chart showed “decels” in his heart rate, and Briana began having convulsions. They were rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section.

Keaton required resuscitation to help him to breathe when he was born, and he was given oxygen. His APGAR score was just 5 at both one minute and 5 minutes, which indicates that he was in trouble.

He spent his first few hours in the NICU, but he recovered. He was given a Vitamin K shot and Hepatitis B vaccine.

Briana says that “he was extremely fussy for a newborn baby.” After a few weeks, he improved, until his 2 month shots:

At his 2 month doctor appointment he was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and was prescribed renititidine. I had done quite a bit of research on vaccines, but not nearly enough I know now. At his 2 month appointment on 8/10/2017, I asked his Pediatrician at the time, Dr. Mary Lavalley, to do a delayed and spaced out schedule for his vaccinations.

He was very croupy frequently as he breathed, which was another concern we brought up at the appointment. Because of this, Dr. Lavalley got upset and snappy with me stating that we HAD to get ALL of his vaccines THAT day, BECAUSE he was sick- that not doing this would mean we were knowingly neglecting his safety.
She bullied us into it, so I sat there and cried while he received all of his shots aside from the pneumococcal vaccine. [It was a total of 6 vaccines.] That’s when things began, and steadily went downhill.

For the first almost 4 days he screamed a shrill painful scream as he tensed up his whole body, pulling his legs to his chest. He would scream so hard that he would have a ” silent scream ” where he would hold his breath, which really worried us and broke our hearts.  knew he was in pain, but at the time I had no idea that this was due to encephalitis.

He ran a fever on and off for the next week. His typical hour or two naps became 20 minutes, and he “would wake up from his sleep tensed up screaming before he’d even open his eyes.”

The second week is when the vomiting started. Keaton began seeming dazed, and the happy baby we knew started to fade away. He wasn’t focusing or tracking as much. He was rarely smiling. All of this, the pediatrician informed us was “normal,”  and that some babies’ symptoms last a little longer than others.

As a Mother, I knew, I FELT that these things weren’t normal. I felt it with every inch of my being that something was wrong with my baby.

Bri Meissinger family after vaccines

It was apparent to Briana and Jordan Meissinger that Keaton was not the same after his 2 month shots. Photo provided by family.

On August 24, 2017, Keaton woke up from a nap, crying. Briana was out running an errand, and Jordan changed his son’s diaper. When he went into the kitchen to prepare a bottle, the baby suddenly stopped crying.

Alarmed, his father went to check on him. He looked like he was sleeping, but when Jordan picked him up, he was “completely limp” and wouldn’t wake up.

He called Briana who was just 5 minutes away from home by that time. When she got home, Keaton was “awake, but not alert.”

While she stripped him down to check for any sign of insect or spider bites or a rash or some other explanation, he seemed dazed. She says his eyes were as wide as saucers and his pupils were “huge.”

The terrified couple knew immediately that they needed to rush him to the hospital.

At nearby Banner Del Webb Hospital, a nurse recommended that they try to feed him. Keaton promptly projectile vomited “everywhere.”

Doctors began running tests. One doctor came in and said that the x-ray showed that he had “junked up lungs,” and told them that this could be septic pneumonia or meningitis.

His white blood cell count was high, at 22,000. The normal range is 5,000 to 10,000. (Source). Elevated levels usually indicate infection.

With babies that young, the doctor explained, infections can be very serious. They cannot afford to wait for the results of a culture to determine what organism is causing the infection. They begin treatment immediately. Doctors started Keaton on 3 strong antibiotics.

The baby began improving dramatically in less than an hour. He stopped crying, and began cooing and making eye contact. Briana and Jordan were greatly relieved.

The Doctor then said that he needed a Lumbar Puncture, and that he also needed to be transferred to a Childrens Specialty Hospital – that we could either choose Banner Thunderbird, or Phoenix Children’s, and that we could either have him get the LP there, or once he’s transferred.

This is where we made our biggest mistake, we chose Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and opted to have them do the LP, because they specialize in Children, and we felt we could trust them more with doing an LP.

They were wrong.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a long history of medically kidnapping children, as we have reported many times.

The Meissingers didn’t know that information. Nor were they aware that, like many Children’s Hospitals, Phoenix has Child Abuse Pediatricians on staff.

The pattern of these doctors is to “find” abuse where none exists, often ignoring signs of real medical conditions or neglecting to do needed testing in order to do differential diagnoses.

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the lumbar puncture showed that Keaton’s cerebral spinal fluid was positive for enterovirus, a virus that can cause various illnesses including encephalitis (brain inflammation) and meningitis.

Other tests were run, including repeat x-rays, an MRI, a CT scan of Keaton’s head, and an ophthalmology test.

Not surprisingly, given Keaton’s traumatic birth history, he was found to have subdural hematomas and retinal hemorrhaging. These symptoms can even occur in the most normal of childbirths, and they are extremely common with difficult births, pitocin induction, and rescuscitation with oxygen, all of which factors were present when Keaton was born.


Common Childbirth Practice Could Lead to Later False Diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Combined with the brain swelling likely caused by the enterovirus, that meant that “the triad” was present.

When this trio of symptoms are present, some doctors, including most Child Abuse Pediatricians, view that as diagnostic of Shaken Baby Syndrome, even if there are genuine medical conditions, such as a viral illness, that could cause the same symptoms.

Neuropathologist Doctor: I Believed in Shaken Baby Syndrome until Science Showed I was Wrong

By the time labs were run for Keaton at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, his white blood cell was much closer to normal, at 11,000. He tested negative for any bacterial infection at that time, but he had been on 3 strong antibiotics for several hours. According to several medical expert reports, this was normal.

However, the Child Abuse Pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s, Dr. Cynthia Nelson, didn’t see it that way. From her medical reports, it appears that once she saw the “triad” of symptoms associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome, she threw out the possibility of infection or anything else besides abuse being the the cause of Baby Keaton’s symptoms.

DCS was called, and the Meissingers were accused of abusing Keaton by shaking him, and he was seized from them.

The family has been fighting to get him back ever since.

A juvenile court trial to determine dependency was set for early April, but in typical fashion, DCS has requested delay after delay. There were a couple of court dates in September, but the hearings are not complete. Most of the defense testimony has not yet been heard. The next court date is set for October 31.

Bri Meissinger Keaton piano

A case worker argued that Keaton was developmentally delayed. The Guardian ad Litem promptly went to see him at his day care, and found that nothing the social worker said about his development was true. Photo provided by family.

Meanwhile, Briana Meissinger gave birth to a new baby this week. The parents had hoped that everything would be resolved by the time Baby Paxton would be born, and that DCS and the court would see that they didn’t hurt Keaton, that instead he was sick.

The first hospital that saw Keaton saw no reason to suspect abuse. They believed that there was evidence of an infectious process, and they began treatment in line with that evidence. Other medical experts have looked at their case and come to a very difference conclusion than the doctors at Phoenix Children’s and DCS.

In fact, in contrast with the Child Abuse Pediatricians, these experts take into account the entire symptom picture, not throwing out symptoms such as 3 days of fever, shrill, high-pitched crying, frequent leg tremors, and other symptoms such as the high white blood cell count.

The Child Abuse Pediatrician wrote in the records that the baby tested positive for enterovirus but that it was not the cause of Keaton’s problems. Because he had the triad, it was “suspicious for abuse,” and other symptoms were thrown out the window as irrelevant. Because she suspected abuse, she rejected the possibility of infection, though meningitis was never truly ruled out.

Everything was seen from that point through the lens of abuse.

This is circular reasoning at its most insidious. The parents are deemed guilty because the doctor has interpreted the data as evidence of guilt. DCS and the family court system often makes no room for another interpretation of the facts.

During the course of the DCS case against the Meissingers, they and their attorneys thought at one point that they had all of the medical records. They were supposed to have them, and DCS told them that they had all the records. A representative of Phoenix Children’s Hospital signed an affidavit that all of the records had been released to the family’s attorneys.

However, some evidence, specifically some of the scans that DCS and Phoenix Children’s Hospital said were evidence of abuse, were not included in the records they released. DCS said they do not consider medical imaging and scans to be part of the medical record, thus their practice is never to disclose them. This deprives the defense of being able to have them independently evaluated.

Circular Reasoning and Arrogance by Child Abuse Pediatricians

Attorneys for the couple filed an objection with sobering words about the arrogance that the decision represents:

DCS’s position also presumes that the scans are subject to only one interpretation and PCH’s report on the scan is conclusive to 100% accuracy.

That decision is not theirs to make.

If that is DCS’s position, it is disingenuous at best and a misrepresentation to the Court at worst.

It is indicative of a factor common to almost every medical kidnapping case that we have covered involving Child Abuse Specialists: These doctors apparently expect that their verdict is the only possible conclusion.

As they work hand in hand with Child Protective Services, their testimony is elevated above any other evidence and is not to be challenged.

Dissenters are ridiculed and discredited. All other interpretations, even if they are more solidly aligned with scientific evidence, are rejected.

Social workers, attorneys, and judges are all expected to fall into line in giving one particular class of people – Child Abuse Pediatricians – the omnipotent ability to be judge and jury, boding no challenge or alternate interpretation of the evidence.

They are accountable to no one for their decisions, even if it leads to the destruction of an innocent family or the incarceration of an innocent parent.

Bri Meissinger

A doctor with an agenda and a conflict of interest is allowed to unilaterally make decisions that rob children and parents of each other. Photo provided by family.

In countless cases across America, medical professionals who challenge the decisions of Child Abuse Pediatricians are ridiculed and discredited.

Judges have been known to ignore a dozen reports by various experts in favor of one report by a Child Abuse Pediatrician.

Yet these doctors are not qualified or trained as experts in the fields who are better suited to identify medical conditions that are not the result of abuse. They are not experts in radiology, infectious diseases, genetics, or neurology.


Pediatric Child Abuse “Experts” are NOT Experts in Anything

Child Abuse Pediatricians Have Financial Motive to Kidnap Children

Attorneys for the Meissingers have discovered that taxpayers, through the Arizona Department of Children and Families, are paying financial incentives to Child Abuse Pediatricians to turn in parents for abuse. The hospitals get kickbacks of more than $800 per child.

Here is a price sheet for the Kids for Cash agreement between DCS and Phoenix Children’s Hospital – the hospital that has been involved in more Medical Kidnap stories than any other hospital in the entire country:

Bri Phoenix Childrens Price sheet DCS

Source: Phoenix Children’s Hospital

There is ample evidence that the Meissinger’s son Keaton suffered from a viral infection following vaccines. While the trial is not yet finished and all the testimony has not yet been heard, DCS social workers have proceeded as though Briana and Jordan Meissinger are guilty. There is no presumption of innocence until proven guilty with the agency.

Social workers presented a petition to a judge asserting their guilt as established fact though it is far from such.

The warrant says:

Due to the parents’ continued denials about the cause of the injuries to Keaton, their home is an unsuitable environment for Baby Boy Meissinger.

Because they refuse to admit guilt, the social workers reasoned, the parents are guilty.

The warrant also states:

The parents have claimed the injuries to Keaton were the result of vaccines and/or viral infections but medical professionals have indicated Keaton’s injuries could not have been sustained from vaccines or viral infections as suggested by the parents.

The social workers represent that the opinion of the Child Abuse Pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the only valid one, while ignoring the fact that numerous doctors and medical experts assert that Keaton’s injuries were, indeed, the result of a viral infection.

Thus, based on wrong information, Baby Paxton has been ordered by a judge to be taken from his parents.

In the course of “protecting” him, DCS is subjecting him to risks that began from the moment they tried to put him in a social worker’s car at the hospital.

Paxton’s father noticed that the car seat in her vehicle did not have the insert to protect a newborn’s head. In order to protect his baby, he had to inform the worker that it was needed, and then he was the one who provided the insert for the social worker’s car.

How You Can Help

A Facebook page was established by supporters when the family first began trying to get Keaton back called Bring Keaton Home. Now, as Briana and Jordan Meissinger work to get Paxton home as well, supporters want to continue to utilize Keaton’s page for people to learn how they can help with getting both babies restored to their parents.

Bring Keaton Home FB page

Governor Doug Ducey can be reached at 602-542-4331 or contacted here.

Greg McKay is the Director of DCS/CPS in Arizona. His office may be reached at 602-255-2500.

The Senator for the Meissingers’ district is Senator Rick Gray. He is on the Health and Human Services Committee and may be reached at 602-926-5413 or contacted here.

The House Representative for their district is Representative David L. Cook. He may be reached at 602-926-5162 or contacted here.

Many Arizona parents are fed up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and DCS medically kidnapping children, and some of them are gathering together to rally in front of the hospital next Saturday, October 27, 2018. See the event page, Peace Rally – Against Medical Kidnapping on Facebook for more details.