The Rembis family cannot understand why CPS continues to harass their family. Image supplied by family.

The Rembis family cannot understand why CPS continues to investigate and harass their family. Image supplied by family.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

On Monday September 26th, we reported that Texas Judge Hart made a stunning Pro-Family order at the close of the Adversary hearing for the Rembis family on September 20th, allowing Claire Rembis to homeschool her 10 children, even while they are in temporary state custody in Lubbock, Texas.


Texas Judge Allows Mother to Homeschool Her Own Children – Denies Request to Vaccinate Children While in State Custody

Texas CPS Defies Judge’s Order

On Monday September 26th, the Rembis’ met with CPS, who informed them they must start attending “Life Skills” classes beginning Saturday October 1st, and then allegedly made this shocking statement:

“It’s not possible to homeschool while in foster care.”

Claire adds that the new caseworker Jennifer Garlett claimed that the Rembis’ didn’t have any curriculum, as alleged by former caseworker Kris Stecklein. Claire says she corrected Garlett, explaining,

Stecklein lied.  We have enough curriculum to school from pre-K through college, plus there are so many online curriculums and resources available.  Curriculum is not an issue.

One of the things we had to provide during our last CPS case was detailed homeschooling records, and all of that information should be in your case file.

Garlett allegedly informed the Rembis’ that they are drafting an “Alternative” plan to homeschooling, that will be emailed to them.  As of Wednesday September 28th, the Rembis’ were informed that the “plan has not been drafted yet.”

Jennifer Garlett business card. Image supplied by family.

Jennifer Garlett’s business card. Image supplied by family.

Meanwhile, the children remain in public school, directly defying Judge Hart’s order from September 20th.

Claire cried:

This is terrible. Just so mean.

CPS will not abide by the court orders.

We learned yesterday that they are not going to allow us to continue homeschooling. They have pretty much laughed in judge Harts’ face.

Public Schools Continue to Punish Rembis Boys for Having Long Hair

Claire learned on Monday September 26th during their 1-hour visitation with their children that the boys are not only remaining in public school, but they are still being punished with “In School Suspension” (ISS) because their long-hair is not in accordance with the school dress codes.

Our boys are still in school suspension even though the TX & US Constitution protect them from being punished for their culture (Eastern Band Cherokee) AND despite the fact that judge Hart ordered that they continue being homeschooled!

In our (home) school, we don’t punish kids for wanting to have long hair!

During a phone call, Claire says she asked Garlett if CPS would be held in Contempt of Court if they defied a court order, to which she says Garlett replied, “we did not violate any court orders.”

Boys Feel Pressured to Cut Hair

Rembis long haired son

Alex with long hair. Claire says he agreed to cut his hair for school, as long as he could donate it for wigs for cancer patients. Image provided by family.

Claire reports that the boys are being pressured to cut their hair. From the visitation on Monday September 26th, Claire shares,

Alex has given into the pressure, saying he wanted to go ahead and get his hair cut. He had been growing it to donate it to cancer patients, and decided that it was long enough to go ahead and cut it, where last week, he did not want it cut.

Sebastian was twirling his hair between his fingers, saying, ‘maybe it’s ok if they cut it. I kinda just don’t want to be in suspension anymore.’

Andrew remains adamant that he does not want his hair cut.

When the boys told their mom during the recent visit that they have continued to be punished with ISS, she became angry with CPS, telling her children,

You shouldn’t be in suspension anyway! You shouldn’t even still be in public school! The judge ruled that you are to be homeschooled!

Family Warned Not to Discuss Case with Children

Claire says that when she told the children they were not supposed to be in public school anymore, the workers started waving their hands frantically, chastising her,

Ms. Rembis, we talked about this.  You are not allowed to talk about what’s said in court with your kids!

Claire further reveals,

At every visit, we have asked CPS to provide us with some paperwork that clarifies in writing what specific laws or CPS rules say that we cannot discuss our case with our children.  To this day, they have not given us anything in writing. But, they threaten to stop visits if we talk to the children about the case.

Andrew Being Bullied on School Bus, Not Allowed to Sit with Brother

Claire tearfully shared hearing about how her son Andrew is being bullied every day on the school bus,

Andrew explained that another boy on the bus bullies him and yells at him, screaming ‘you’re ugly!’

He says he has reported it to adults, but no one has done anything, but just say that ‘(He) has anger problems.’

According to Claire, the boys say that the seating on the bus is arranged, and they cannot sit next to each other, but they witness Andrew being bullied daily.

Claire said that at the visitation on Monday September 26th, Andrew was curled up in a ball, crying.

Andrew Forced to Live Alone in Group Home, Away from Siblings

In addition, Claire explains that Andrew is living alone at the Group Home in the “Mason Cottage,” a place the other children say “is for bad children and where the workers are mean.”

At visits, Claire says Andrew wants to tell her things but is afraid,

Andrew looks towards the workers, and then says to me, ‘I can’t tell you.’

Claire says, “Andrew cries at visits because he wants to come home. He never threw tantrums at home like he does now during visits. He is clearly troubled and anxious and just wants to come home.” Image supplied by family.

Claire’s heart is breaking for Andrew. She says,

This is so unfair for Andrew. He is such a big-hearted, kind, compassionate child. This is so horrible that this is happening to him.

Children Receive Invasive Dental Work Without Parental Permission

Our parental rights were not terminated, and yet CPS did invasive dental work this week on our children, without our permission. They said it was emergency dental work.

When their 4-year old showed up at the visit on Monday September 26th, Claire was horrified to see that CPS had done invasive dental work on her, placing caps on her front teeth and filling cavities with toxic amalgam fillings, something the Rembis’ are strongly against, preferring enamel tooth-colored fillings.

Claire cried,

My precious baby looked like a pirate!

Emergency Dental Visits an Excuse to Fish for More Allegations?

On the morning of September 28th, more children were taken to the dentist, and the Rembis’ were notified so that they could attend the appointment.

William reported:

The CPS social worker was asking the dentist ‘leading questions,’ in an attempt to get the dentist to say that we were medically negligent, and that the children had cavities due to malnutrition.

Claire contends that their last dentist told them that the cavities did not need to be filled since they were in baby teeth, and he just put a sealant on them.

The Rembis’ exclaim,

We are still being ‘investigated.’ They are using these ’emergency dental visits’ to try and find something to use against us in court next week!

At the morning dental visit on September 28th, Garlett informed William that 3 more children had dental visits later that afternoon. Because Claire and William were busy moving out of their home that afternoon, and William had to be at work at 4:00pm, they explained that they needed more notice of doctor’s appointments so that they could plan to be there.

When the Rembis ’asked her to reschedule the appointments, she allegedly refused, saying that she can’t reschedule, because they “had to get them done right away.”

The Rembis say they asked Garlett why she hadn’t told them sooner about these additional dental appointments and asked to know when she found out about them. Garlett allegedly replied, “I can’t answer that.”

Rembis’ Refuse Toxic Fluoride

Just this morning on September 29th, Andrew had a dental appointment, and the Rembis’ were able to attend. Excitedly, Claire shared,

Andrew had absolutely no cavities! Now CPS can’t claim that we malnourished our children, causing them to have cavities!

We were also able to prevent them from using the toxic fluoride treatment on Andrew’s teeth. Unfortunately, the other children probably got this treatment. The dental assistant tried to argue with us to ‘do our research’ about fluoride, and we explained that we did do our research, and that our dentists in Michigan told us about how fluoride does not prevent cavities, but is actually an irritant and cause can cause more cavities. We stopped using fluoride toothpaste too.

Andrew at a dentist vist on 9/29/16. Claire is upset that CPS forces him to wear his long hair up in a "ridiculous bun" on top of his head for school. Image supplied by family.

Andrew at a dentist visit on 9/29/16. Claire is upset that CPS forces him to wear his long hair up in a “ridiculous bun” on top of his head for school, asking, “why can’t they let him wear his hair the way he likes it?” Image supplied by family.

Family Needs Immediate Housing

The Rembis’ are looking for a new home to rent, as they had to move out of their old home on September 28th:

We need a home ASAP as we cannot stay in this neighborhood, around these neighbors. We have some awesome neighbors here but the bad ones have caused terrible damage.

Claire continues to stand on the Word of God as found in Philippians 4:19:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

You can help support the Rembis’ today by donating here.

Pleas to Local Media to Tell the Whole Truth

Claire pleads to the local media:

The caller that called CPS to begin with, ended up changing her story several times under oath & was discovered to be a meth manufacturer who sells it, is a felon with a 12-yr long criminal record that may have been on drugs when she made that CPS report that started this nightmare. And none of that gets published.

We have next-door neighbors who have told us that they have never heard the children screaming or seen them digging in dumpsters eating food, yet the local media only interviews the ones who are lying about us. We asked local media to interview our other neighbors, but they wouldn’t.

We need to expose CPS. They lie, defy court orders, leak confidential information illegally, smoke around our kids, abuse our kids, punish them for their nationality – I could go on & on!

Help us tell the public everything! Help our kids! Please help!

Our Babies at a recent CPS vist.

The children long to be home with their parents. Image from recent CPS visit. Image supplied by family. 

Support the Rembis Family at Court on October 5th

Claire and William Rembis studying law at the Texas Tech Law Library, preparing for their Adversary hearing. Image from Facebook.

Claire and William Rembis studying law at the Texas Tech Law Library. Image from Facebook.

The Rembis’ Status Update Hearing will be held Wednesday, October 5th at 10am at the Lubbock County Courthouse, 904 Broadway, Suite 124.

Claire said that several local families have reached out privately to offer support, but are too afraid to come forth publicly, fearing retaliation from CPS.

Claire is asking local supporters to come out to the court house on October 5th, holding signs and sharing their CPS stories with the local media who will be following the Rembis’ story:

This is going to continue to happen if people keep hiding. We need a crowd to show up at court and bring signs. The local media has promised to follow-up, and this would be a great time to show that this is not something that is just happening to our family.

We have the media’s attention, but we need people to come out and help us expose CPS.

Contact Honorable Kevin Hart and let him know that CPS is not honoring his recent rulings. Contact Dawn Garry, the Court Coordinator 806-775-1707.

Health Impact News has set up a new page to financially help the Rembis family obtain housing, furniture, and an attorney.  Go to this link to make a donation:

Family Defense Resources

The family has a Facebook page set up here:

Rembis Family Facebook PagePlease visit the Rembis Family Facebook page for updates on how you can help.

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