Rembis Children on their recent road trip to Colorado.

Happy Rembis children on a road trip. Image supplied by family.

by Health Impact News/Medical Staff

Pray for my babies’ safety. Pray for their hearts & souls. Several of them were sexually abused & 1 was mentally abused when they were taken for only a few hours/days last year. Pray for peace. Pray that they won’t be separated.

An anguished Claire Rembis cries out after learning that her children were being taken into state custody by Colorado CPS and police, where they had been visiting a friend. Simultaneously her husband William Rembis was being arrested on what she says are “bogus” charges in Texas. The children were all transported back to Lubbock Texas from Colorado, and Texas CPS has allegedly severed their parental rights, as this homeschool family’s nightmare continues.

Their ordeal with Lubbock CPS began on 5/16/16, when one of the Rembis’ younger children accidentally got into their front yard alone for a few moments. Adding a few more allegations like claiming the Rembis’ hated CPS,  social worker Kris Stecklein allegedly was able to obtain a court order to privately interview and photograph all of the Rembis children at the Child Advocacy Center (CAC), and to take photos and inspect the Rembis’ home.

At the de Novo hearing on 8/9/16, CPS obtained court orders to proceed with the children’s interviews at CAC, removing the children by force “if the parents failed to bring them in voluntarily,” but instead of returning the Rembis’ calls and scheduling appointments in collaboration with the Rembis’, social worker Kris Stecklein allegedly took it upon herself to set appointment times for the children’s interviews, regardless if the time worked for the Rembis family’s schedule or not. On 8/10/16, the day after the de Novo hearing, Stecklein allegedly left a note in the Rembis’ mailbox, a federal offense, informing the Rembis’ that she had scheduled interviews for the following day, Thursday 8/11/16 at 8:30am.

Claire and William Rembis, took their family from Lubbock Texas on 8/11/16 to visit a friend and fellow advocate in Colorado. On the same day they left Texas and headed for Colorado, their home in Texas was raided by CPS and police, and the Rembis’ were immediately considered “missing persons.” According to the Rembis’, however, they were not “missing” and their home was still in Lubbock, Texas.

They were only planning to take a short trip to get away from the stress of the past few months of dealing with CPS, while waiting to obtain legal counsel. Claire says they had even signed up for a local home-school co-op, where the girls were looking forward to taking ballet. William had just been accepted into the law school at Texas Tech, something he had wanted to do for many years. Despite having to deal with CPS, they actually loved their new home and their community, and weren’t planning to move.

"My grandfather, great grandfather, cousins & even great relatives fought at the Alamo for the future of my kids! I will always love the country & state that my family fought for." - Claire. Image of Claire's front door.

“My grandfather, great grandfather, cousins & even great relatives fought at the Alamo for the future of my kids! I will always love the country & state that my family fought for.” – Claire. Image of Claire’s front door.

The Rembis’ did not want the children taken under duress for their interviews, or before they obtained legal counsel for their defense, and they had planned to escort their children to and from the interviews, which is what CPS said was their “preference.” However, Stecklein’s “bullying” actions seemed to be saying the opposite to Claire.

Claire was concerned that the private interviews were merely a tactic that CPS would use to conjure up more false allegations in order to take the children into state custody, since, according to Claire:

Stecklein lied in order to gain the order to investigate. She had an agenda and was up to no good.

To read the original story and hear the entire de Novo hearing on YouTube see:

Homeschool Texas Family Terrorized by CPS for Speaking Out and For Having Too Many Children at Home

Locked Out of Their Burglarized Home in Texas

The Rembis’ had some business they needed to attend to back in Texas, so Claire and William returned to Texas on 8/24/16, leaving the children at their friend’s home in Colorado. William and Claire had only planned to go back to Texas for a day to take care of some urgent business, and then return to Colorado.

Once back in Texas, the Rembis’ learned that their home in Lubbock had been burglarized during their 2-week absence, and that they had been illegally “evicted” and locked out of their home. But the most tragic thing they discovered upon returning to Texas, was that on 8/11/16, Stecklein filed for Termination of the Rembis’ Parental Rights – the same day that the Rembis’ “missed” the appointments that Stecklein scheduled for the children at the CAC, and the same day they left for their trip to Colorado to de-stress.

This ordeal with CPS has not only emotionally traumatized them and their children, but has financially devastated the Rembis’ as well. The family needs public outcry and prayer now more than ever. The family desperately needs to hire an attorney.

Rembis’ Tracked to Colorado from Grocery Store Purchases

Texas CPS was allegedly able to track the Rembis’ to where they were visiting in Colorado because of purchases they made at a local grocery store.

Texas police then allegedly issued an APB in Colorado, looking for the Rembis family, whom they were calling “missing persons.” Colorado police were able to pinpoint the exact home where the Rembis’ were staying because a local police officer recognized Mr. Rembis, after he had stopped by the home where the Rembis’ were visiting earlier that week.

When the Colorado officer saw an APB from Texas, and that Texas CPS claimed they had a writ issued by a judge for the apprehension and return of the Rembis children to Texas, the officer allegedly came back to the home “to investigate.”

Traumatized Teen Calls Health Impact News

The eldest son Will Rembis, called a Health Impact News reporter on the night of 8/24/16, because police stopped him while he was on his way to the grocery store to buy dinner for his siblings. They  allegedly said they were there to investigate a “writ from Texas CPS” about the Rembis family. While no one was being officially detained, they were also told they could not leave.

When Will asked if there were any arrests warrants for his family or if they were being charged with any crimes, police allegedly said that they did not know, but that they were waiting for Texas CPS to send over more information about the writ. The police allegedly waited for over 4 hours, literally holding the family hostage without dinner, while they waited.

Will and Cora. Happier times before CPS.

Will and Cora Rembis. Happier times before CPS intervened. Image supplied by family.

Terrified Children Forcefully Taken by Colorado CPS Without a Warrant

Police were apparently waiting all those hours, until Colorado social workers could arrive to take the children into custody. Although they allegedly never produced a warrant for their removal, or explained how a Texas writ could be legally enforced in Colorado, Health Impact News was told that the Colorado police officers forcefully and traumatically removed the Rembis children from their friend’s home, and put them in temporary custody of Colorado CPS, until they could be given over to Texas CPS the following day.

Colorado Police Outside Karen Riley's home

Colorado Police Outside the home, “just waiting for over 4 hours” and not allowing anyone to leave. Image provided by family.

The family friend and fellow advocate with whom they were staying, described the “kidnapping of the children”:

The kids still cried that they didn’t want to go with them, they wanted to stay here. I took the Camcorder to record them, and they got heated about that.

I demanded that they produce a warrant from here or not enter my home. I asked to read the supposed court order that they claimed to have from Texas, and the officer let me take the papers but when I told my daughter to screen shot them with her phone, he took the papers back and wouldn’t let me read them.

I asked them how a court order in Texas issued by a corrupt judge could be valid in this state, that it was crossing jurisdiction. They lied and said it was a valid writ/warrant.

I said it can’t be valid as the Rembis’s have been here for exactly two weeks, if that order was just issued, it is fraudulent as they were not even in Texas to get served.

The officer said that their records in Texas showed the Rembis’s being served. I asked for the date this was supposed to have happened, and they couldn’t tell me.

They entered anyway and removed 10 severely traumatized children.

The next day, Claire was able to briefly speak to her 10-year-old son on the phone, because he had taken the family cell phone with him into foster care. He told his mom that they were all crying and screaming and did not want to leave their friend’s house. He told his mom that the three youngest were “taken very meanly and that they hurt them.”

Colorado Police Illegally Aid and Abet Texas CPS?

Claire claims that according to the Texas writ she has now obtained, Colorado illegally took the Rembis’ children into custody, since the writ only authorized Texas authorities to seize the children.

Writ of Attachment

Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment: “commanding any sheriff or constable within the state of Texas” to take custody of the children and  deliver them to Texas CPS. This writ did not authorize Colorado authorities to do the same. Document image provided by family.

Children Fear Being Abused Again in State Custody

According to the family’s friend in Colorado, the Rembis’ 8-year-old daughter screamed out while being forcefully taken by police,

No, I don’t want to go with them. They will touch my private parts again and hurt us like they did before.

The family friend explains that the officers then lied to the children and told them that “no one was going to do that, and that they were going to a safe place.”  She says that when the kids all screamed that “they were safe here and wanted to stay here,” the police and social workers “started bribing them with new shoes, toys, etc.,” but the children still did not want to go and were forcefully removed and traumatized.

Eye witnesses reported that:

The police ripped Enoch from Cinderella’s arms & then dragged her across the living room floor!

This is Cinderella. The police ripped Enoch from her arms & then dragged her across the living room floor!

This is Cinderella and Enoch in happier, more peaceful times. Image supplied by family.

Colorado Social Workers Refused to Identify Themselves

The family friend in Colorado refused CPS and police access to the children because they had no warrant and no jurisdiction, but police threatened to arrest her if she did not move out of the way and allow them to take the children. She said the social workers refused to identify themselves or give her a business card when she asked for one. The children were basically abducted by unidentified strangers.

Claire later wrote:

NO warrant.

CPS workers refused to identify themselves. They wouldn’t share their business cards.

These COWARDS stole our babies. No abuse, no neglect.

They threatened to arrest a momma bear for trying to protect them. For demanding a warrant. For wanting their names. Who were these strangers that stole them?! We don’t know because they refused to identify themselves.

No abuse, no neglect. Pure retaliation for us speaking out about what they did to our babies.

Targeted for Having Too Many Children?

The family friend reported that one of the officer’s said of the Rembis’:

If they don’t have jobs and can’t obviously support 11 children, then they don’t need to have children.

Claire recalls a phone conversation with an attorney on 8/10/16, after reading about him in another story, warning her to leave the state because her family size made her a target for CPS:

I consulted with the attorney for the family whose autistic daughter drowned. He did mention that he didn’t know of any good CPS attorneys in the Lubbock area. His advice to us was to stay out of Lubbock & to leave TX for good. Interestingly, he has 5 children himself & they are also homeschooled. He said that his brother has 9 kids & that he ‘knows for a fact’ that our family is targeted because of our family size. He says that his brothers’ family is constantly harassed by their neighbors & others in the community.

Illegally “Evicted” and Locked out of their Texas Home

When the Rembis arrived back in Texas on 8/24/16, they went to their home to find that the door locks had been changed and they could not get in. When William was trying to enter the home, someone saw them and said they were trespassing and he was going to call the police. The Rembis’ say that their landlord told them that all their stuff was gone and that she changed the locks.

Later, when Claire and William were in the parking lot of the grocery store near them, they were approached by several police officers, including Detective House, one of the officers who raided the Rembis house on 8/11/16 and informed their son Will that his family was considered “missing persons.”

The police allegedly informed the Rembis that they were watching their house, and that  if they went back there they would be arrested for trespassing, since, allegedly, “their landlady did not want them there anymore.”

William Rembis Mocked and Arrested on “Bogus” Charges

While the Rembis children were being taken into state custody in Colorado, Texas authorities were apparently busy trying to find ways to arrest Claire and William Rembis. The police called social workers Kris Stecklein and Jo Ellen Carroway to the scene at the parking lot of the grocery store. The social workers allegedly admitted there was no arrest warrant for the Rembis’, and there was not an open CPS case against them.

CPS did allegedly tell the police that they “suspected” physical neglect and neglectful supervision, and although they could not “prove it,” they had “reason to believe that the children were in danger.”

Yet, because William had not changed his driver’s license over from a Michigan license to a Texas one, and because he could not provide proof of insurance, William was arrested. When Claire asked why they were arresting him rather than just issuing a ticket, Detective House mockingly said he was “doing him a favor by arresting them,” allegedly joking and adding that “in this way they would see a judge more quickly.”

Bogus Charges - William Rembis

Rather than issuing a ticket., Texas police arrested William Rembis for driving with a Michigan license and not providing proof of insurance. (Image from online Public Records)

It now appears to the Rembis’ that Texas police and CPS were collaborating with Colorado CPS and police, to take the children into custody at the same time they were arresting William Rembis.

Texas Police Accuse Parents of Hating CPS and Hating Cops

Claire described how she was infuriated when Detective House “made jokes” about her family to the other police on the night of William’s arrest, laughing as if there was something funny about their family’s devastating situation. Claire and William reported that House made several false accusations, like the Rembis’ had “been on the run for years,” and that “their children eat out of dumpsters,” and even that “Claire was pregnant again.”

Jon House Detective, allegedly identified himself as a federal agent, saying the Rembis family is considered mising persons. - Copy

Detective Jon House, who allegedly mocked the Rembis and jokingly made false allegation to other police when arresting William Rembis on 8/24/16. Card supplied by family.

When William asked House how he could say such lies, House allegedly answered,

CPS said it was true, and I believe CPS.  You guys hate CPS and cops.

William corrected House, explaining that while they have reasons to not trust CPS, they actually do like and respect police and even have relatives who work as police.

Rembis’ Home Burglarized, Police Refuse to Investigate

After being released from jail on 8/25/16, William was able to file an ex parte Writ of Reentry, and was then allowed to legally reenter his home, since their landlady locked them out illegally and without giving them any notice.

Once back inside their home, the Rembis’ discovered that the home had been ransacked and burglarized. Everything of value had been taken – all electronics, including a 4’ high television, yet no neighbors allegedly witnessed anything or informed the police.

Frustrated, William exclaims,

We’ve had neighbors call the police when I’ve gone outside to take out my trash, saying that my children were outside alone in the bushes, when they were outside with me taking out the trash, yet nobody saw anyone burglarize my home!

The police refused to take a report or even take fingerprints, saying that we could make an inventory and come down and file a report ourselves.  They claimed that there was no need to take fingerprints, because ‘if there were any, they could see them because they’re oily, and that the rain most likely washed any fingerprints away.’

While doing his own investigation, William found a pair of black gloves in his back yard!

Will declares,

We’re devastated. We’re wiped out.

No Immediate Danger, Yet CPS Files for Custody & Termination of Parental Rights

Before releasing William from jail on 8/25/16, both he and Claire were served with documents stating that CPS had taken emergency custody of their children and intended to terminate their parental rights. The Rembis’ now suspect that Will was arrested, rather than issued a ticket, for the sole purpose of having these papers served.

The words of the Texas attorney Claire spoke to on the phone a couple of weeks ago were proving true:

When it comes to CPS, Lubbock County is the worst county in all of Texas. Once a case is opened against a family, CPS ALWAYS asks the court for removal of children from the home and termination of parental rights at the very first hearing – no exceptions – 100% of the time. The EARLIEST he’s seen a child returned to their family is 8 months. He’s never seen it like THIS in any other county in Texas.

Kristin Stecklein, the CPS case worker. Image from Facebook

Kristin Stecklein, the CPS social worker. Image from Facebook, (although she has now removed her Facebook page since the original story came out.)

On 8/11/16, the same day the Rembis’ left Texas to get away from all the stress, Stecklein filed a petition for CPS to take emergency custody, claiming that the children were in “immediate danger,” or that they “were victims of neglect or sexual abuse or trafficking,” and that “continuation in the home would be contrary to the children’s welfare.”

Order for a Protection of a Child in an Emergency

Excerpt from Order for a Protection of a Child in an Emergency. Documents supplied by family.

State Custody Findings Continued

Excerpt from Order for a Protection of a Child in an Emergency (continued). Documents supplied by family.

Claire and William find these accusations ironic, since the only abuse and neglect the children have suffered was at the hands of CPS and foster care last year, and add that what CPS is now doing is child trafficking and abuse under color of law.

When Claire was served on 8/25/16, she cried,

We never stood a chance!  The same day! I even left her a voicemail and she never called back to schedule the appointments! How could she file for Termination just because we missed the appointment she made at 8:30? We didn’t agree to that appointment time! Willie didn’t even get home from work until after that time!

TPR Claire

Termination of Parental Rights for Claire. CPS documents provided by family.

TPR William

Termination of Parental Rights for William. CPS documents provided by family.

The Rembis’ also “missed” an Adversary Hearing schedule for the morning of 8/24/16 at 8:30am, although they received notice of this on 8/25/16 when they were served at the jail.

Adversary Hearing set for 8-24-16 but Rembis' served in the early morning hours of 8-25-16 while William Rembis was in jail.

Adversary Hearing set for 8-24-16, but Rembis’ served on 8-25-16. Documents provided by family.

According to Texas Family Code 262.101, in order to receive an emergency removal order, there must be “immediate danger to the physical health or safety of the child or the child has been a victim of neglect or sexual abuse and that continuation in the home would be contrary to the child’s welfare,” and this must be supported by a sworn affidavit of facts, and that “reasonable efforts were made to prevent or eliminate the need for the removal of the child.”

Reasonable Efforts and Emergency Removal

CPS’ Claim to “Reasonable Efforts.” Document provided by family.

CPS claimed that they made reasonable efforts to prevent the removal of the children, and that the children were in immediate danger, however, Claire and William contend that Stecklein filed her petition for emergency removal of the children as retaliation because they “missed” the appointments she made for them on 8/11/16, since she filed the petition that same day.

CPS Forcing Vaccines and Unwanted Services

The orders also include provisions for the Rembis’ to undergo psychiatric evaluations, parenting classes, drug and alcohol assessments, and they can be ordered to pay child support, and provide medical insurance for the children in CPS custody. They can also require the Rembis’ to provide marriage licenses, and birth certificates and social security cards to establish parentage.

The department is also asking for a complete medical history of the children and for their immunization records. Claire says she explained to CPS that the children are not vaccinated because one of their children almost died from vaccine injuries related to the DTaP vaccine, and now suffers from Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP), which is a bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot normally. Because of this, the Rembis’ were advised to never vaccinate any other children.

The Rembis’ also have learned about the many “disgusting and harmful ingredients in vaccines,” and they have religious objections about putting harmful ingredients, such as cell lines developed from aborted fetuses, into their bodies. Texas allows for religious exemptions for vaccines.

Children Continue to Suffer in State Care – Allege Abuse

Claire and William had a visitation with their children on Friday 8/27/15. There were 4 social workers present, including Stecklein and Carroway, and the Rembis’ said they felt like animals in cages at the zoo. Claire says the social workers were staring at them, listening to every word they said.

Claire says the children are all in some sort of group home with cottages, but the children are separated into different cottages. Claire reports that the children were happy to see them, but devastated when they had to go.

The twins told their mom that “for some reason the people at the home are being really mean to the boys and that the boys are being abused,” and that a “man was speaking profanity towards them and being really mean.”

She said Andrew was visibly shaken up during the meeting and sat with his back to everyone. Claire said she just gently rubbed his back during the meeting. Claire explained that the worker from the group home informed her that Andrew had not eaten anything since coming into state custody. Claire said she told them it would be in Andrew’s “best interest” if he were with his brothers and not alone in a separate cottage.

Claire cries out:

This just breaks my heart. Andrew cried the entire time & said that this is worse than last time. I don’t know how I’m supposed to live.

Public School Violates Rembis’ Religious Freedom to Home School

CPS plans to put the children in public school on Monday 8/29/16, which Claire declares is a violation of her 1st Amendment Right to Religious Freedom. The children have been home schooled, but the group home is not equipped to continue to home-school the children. Claire explained that the children can NOT go to public school because public school curriculum goes against her religious beliefs, and sending her children to public school is a violation of their religious freedom. Claire asked CPS to at least send them to a Christian school, but they said they can’t afford it.

Claire cries out:

My GOD!!!!! They can’t really do this? Cause us to sin by FORCE. They are forcing us to sin by enrolling them. My God. This is too much. We need help. They can’t really do this?!?!?

Families Are Under Attack

The family friend of the Rembis’ in Colorado, declares:

Whether we like it or not, want to accept it or not, we are under attack.

When you are violated by law enforcement, government agencies who lie, threaten, break the law, violate your Constitutional Rights, and steal from you, and you have no one to go to, complain to, investigate your claims, because they are just as corrupt as the monsters victimizing you, then we are under attack.

We have all tried to do the right things, have complied with their ridiculous demands, jumped through every hoop and barrier that they have placed in our paths, bent over backwards to get the politicians and Congress to stop this corruption, to no avail, they are still snatching our children, placing them in stranger’s homes who have records where they are beaten, tortured, sexually abused, and murdered.

Judges married to other Judges who will issue orders and warrants for their spouse’s crimes against the people. DA’s married to Social Workers, Social workers married to Judges and Cops, keeping it in the family to join forces to victimize us.

They commit treason, tyranny, break the laws, and openly attack us unafraid of any consequences to themselves, because they know that there is no one in the official capacity who is going to hold them accountable.

We will hold them accountable. Will you all stand with me? Will you put your fears and the false hopes and lies that these agencies have fed you aside and make getting our children back a priority in our lives? Will you stand for something and fight for one another to reach our common goals of getting our children back and taking down this corrupt Government?

How to Help the Rembis Family

The family is financially devastated. They need immediate financial assistance. They need support and prayer and local advocates. They also need to hire a private attorney

Health Impact News has set up a new page to help families like this one:

Family Defense Resources

The new Adversary Hearing is set for 9/7/16 at 8:30am at the South Plains Foster Care court in Lubbock, Texas. Advocates are encouraged to come to the courthouse and protest these atrocities, done not only to the Rembis family, but to all families across America.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Claire is praying for the social workers’ and judges’ hearts to be softened and for the children to come home and the case to be closed. She also prays for the children’s protection while in state custody. If you’re a prayer warrior, please stand in agreement with Claire!

Claire reports some good news already:

Our oldest son, Will (17) has been taken off the case & CPS does not want to take him anymore. Praise God & thank Him for this good news!

Rembis Family Facebook Page

Check The Rembis Family Facebook Page. for regular updates.

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