Parents collecting signatures to remove Rocky Crabb from the bench at the courthouse in Pomona, California.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Thousands of people in Los Angeles have petitioned to have Commissioner Rocky Crabb removed from the bench in Family Court in Pomona, California. As we have previously reported:

Parents who have contacted Health Impact News have reported an abuse of power, discrimination against Hispanics, taking children away from good parents and leaving them in the hands of abusers, and a denial of civil rights by Commissioner Rocky Crabb, who functions in the same capacity as a judge.


Parents with “Ruined Lives” Protest Against Corrupt Family Court Commissioner in Los Angeles

The website rates judges, and Commissioner Rocky Crabb has 44 ratings. A user can rate a judge on a variety of qualities, ranging from “Very Bad,” “Bad,” “Adequate,” “Good,” or “Excellent.”

Out of Commissioner Crabb’s 44 ratings, 43 are overall “Very Bad” and 1 is “Adequate.”

There are currently over 30 cases Commissioner Crabb has ruled on that are being appealed.

So how does this man stay in power? Parents have told us that attorneys are reluctant to take their case when they learn it is against Commissioner Rocky Crabb, a man who was appointed to his position – not elected by the public.

Tammi Stefano interviewed two of the parents who claim they and their children have been abused by Commissioner Rocky Crabb:

He has destroyed my life.

Watch this shocking interview with two fathers who are among the parents spearheading the movement to remove Rocky Crabb from the bench.

Los Angeles Man Denied Parental Rights – Loses His Daughter


Journey James – Image supplied by father.

Commissioner Crabb first came to the attention of Health Impact News because California father Joshua James approached us with his story of fighting to protect his 3 year old daughter, Journey. His story suggests that there is much wrong in Commissioner Crabb’s courtroom. Parents like Joshua are left wondering how justice can be served, when there appear to be so many abuses of power and signs of corruption when facing Commissioner Crabb.

Journey’s mother allegedly has mental disorders that, if not treated, cause her to have violent and sometimes suicidal outbursts. Joshua has reported violence and neglect to child protective services on multiple occasions, to no avail.

According to Joshua, both Journey and her sister have witnessed their mother’s suicidal attempts when she has cut her arms with knives and razor blades. The incidents have been documented and shown in court.

Journey was born in 2013, but in October of 2015 Joshua discovered that Journey’s mother had actually been in a custody battle with her first husband over their daughter the whole time she was pregnant with Journey. Journey’s mother started a paternity lawsuit against Joshua that turned into a long and ugly custody battle. In reading the court case between her and her first husband, Joshua found that her ex-husband, the father of their child, was fighting to protect Journey’s sister from their mother in the same way that Joshua is trying to protect Journey.

Much to Joshua’s surprise, he found out that the same Commissioner, Rocky Crabb, was on both cases without disclosing that fact to Joshua.

Evidence Not Allowed to Be Submitted

Joshua reports that during his case, Commissioner Crabb has denied him the right to submit evidence, including videos of violence being witnessed by the children, audio recordings of her yelling and the girls crying, medical documents, and witnesses to testify to violence and neglect. Everything has been denied by Commissioner Crabb as being “hearsay” or claiming that Joshua “fabricated” evidence.

Witnesses who have flown across the country to testify were denied a chance to give testimony to the court on multiple occasions.

Joshua has hired attorneys who say they cannot go up against Crabb and have given him his money back.

Joshua has tried to get Crabb to recuse himself after making prejudiced comments.

Attorneys have told Joshua that his civil rights are being denied and that this commissioner has it in for him. Unless Crabb steps down, they tell him that he will not have a chance of getting custody back.

Joshua has not seen his daughter for almost a year now.

Biased Treatment in Court by Crabb

In court Joshua reports that Commissioner Crabb coaches the petitioner and her witnesses, while he is rude and accuses Joshua’s witnesses of lying. Joshua says:

Even though she has an attorney Crabb plays defense attorney for her.

Joshua’s sister flew to LA from Colorado three times. Each time Commissioner Crabb refused to let her testify. On the third time, Joshua pointed out to the judge that she was missing work and could not afford to do it a fourth time. Crabb finally allowed her to testify but redirected her answers, insinuated that she was lying and made her cry.

According to Joshua, Crabb is very polite to the petitioner’s witnesses, including scheduling hearings around their schedules, but is rude and accusatory towards his witnesses. He has a friend who has come to many hearings, has witnessed things he wants to tell the commissioner, but the commissioner refuses to allow him to testify. Crabb claims that he will just lie.

Joshua reports that during their custody trial the petitioner accused him of assault. Joshua questioned the petitioner and states that, when he asked her for any physical evidence of the assault, she admitted that she had none. The commissioner interjected that her testimony was “physical evidence.”

Crabb allegedly also sided with the petitioner who claimed that Joshua had bad mouthed her to their daughter and threatened to kidnap their daughter despite not having any evidence of the claim. According to Joshua, that was the basis of Crabb making his contact with his daughter supervised after that at his own expense. He has since revoked all of Joshua’s visitation rights.

Commissioner Crabb ignored the fact that Joshua had photos and a medical report of Journey having been returned to him with a black eye. He states:

I submitted an ‘Our Family Wizard’ conversation where the Petitioner threatens, if I report the incident to anyone, she would be filing court papers to have my custody taken away, which is exactly what happened.

Crabb allegedly stated that the black eye happened in the care of Joshua.

In a hearing on September 25, 2015, Joshua claims that the Statement of Decision was based solely on hearsay, false testimony, unproven facts, and biased opinions of the commissioner.

Crabb removed all of my custody and visitation, allowing me now only 30 minute phone calls once a week with our daughter.

The petitioner accused Joshua’s witnesses of harassing her and claimed to the judge that they impersonated a court employee, but the witnesses were not allowed to testify where they would have explained that was not the case. Commissioner Crabb sided with the petitioner, refused to allow them to testify and based solely on the words of the petitioner used that incident as a reason for preventing Joshua any visitation. It has been almost one year now since Joshua has seen his little girl.

According to Joshua there have been multiple incidents where the police have been called because of violent outbursts in front of his daughter. One such incident occurred at the pediatrician’s office where the police were called. Witnesses spoke to the police, describing what they saw and yet nothing was done. When those witnesses came to court, they stated that they did not know this family at all prior to the incident in the pediatrician’s office.

Commissioner Crabb questioned the witnesses and implied that they were not telling the truth. Commissioner Crabb has accused Joshua of fabricating evidence and lying at every hearing.

Joshua submitted an audio recording of the petitioner, and she stated that it was not her voice on the recording. Commissioner Crabb then stated that Joshua had falsified evidence and committed perjury, based solely on her statement. Joshua asked that the recording be analyzed to prove his innocence. Commissioner Crabb denied that request. Joshua asked that his witness testify to the authenticity of the recording, and that too was denied. Commissioner Crabb now opens every hearing with the statement that the court needs to make note that the respondent has been found to have committed perjury and to have fabricated evidence.

Joshua Confronted in Public at Coffee Shop by Law Enforcement – Civil Rights Violated

Joshua recently appeared on the National Safe Child show to give an update on his case. He reported that while he was at the court house recently collecting signatures to remove Commissioner Crabb, that three law enforcement officials approached him in a coffee shop. They knew his name, and all about his case. They claimed that he was violating a court order, and discussed his case in public. Watch the full interview here:

Remove Rocky Crabb!

Parents have put up a website, see to learn more:


Commissioner Crabb apparently likes to intimidate people, but does not like the spotlight shown on him. So exposing his alleged corruption via the media and in public forums may be the only way to see justice served.

Parents have called for a rally at the courthouse:


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Rocky Crabb’s phone number is listed here.