Parents collecting signatures to remove Rocky Crabb from the bench at the courthouse in Pomona, California.

by Health Impact News

Why have parents in Pomona, California been able to gather more than 2000 petitions to remove Commissioner Rocky Crabb from the bench in Family Court?

Parents who have contacted Health Impact News have reported an abuse of power, discrimination against Hispanics, taking children away from good parents and leaving them in the hands of abusers, and a denial of civil rights by Commissioner Rocky Crabb, who functions in the same capacity as a judge. The primary difference between a commissioner and a judge is that a commissioner is appointed and voted on by judges, not the public, and therefore holds less accountability to voters.

Rocky Crabb ran for office, as Superior Court Judge in LA County in 2008, but lost, having obtained just 37% of the vote while his opponent won with 63%. He remains on the bench, however, as an appointed commissioner.

The website rates judges, and Commissioner Rocky Crabb has 44 ratings. A user can rate a judge on a variety of qualities, ranging from “Very Bad,” “Bad,” “Adequate,” “Good,” or “Excellent.”

Out of Commissioner Crabb’s 44 ratings, 43 are overall “Very Bad” and 1 is “Adequate.”

There are currently over 30 cases Commissioner Crabb has ruled on that are being appealed.

So how does this man stay in power? Parents have told us that attorneys are reluctant to take their case when they learn it is against Commissioner Rocky Crabb, a man who was appointed to his position – not elected by the public.

Tammi Stefano interviewed two of the parents who claim they and their children have been abused by Commissioner Rocky Crabb:

He has destroyed my life.

Watch this shocking interview with two fathers who are among the parents spearheading the movement to remove Rocky Crabb from the bench.

Parents have put up a website, see to learn more:


Commissioner Crabb apparently likes to intimidate people, but does not like the spotlight shown on him. So exposing his alleged corruption via the media and in public forums may be the only way to see justice served.

Parents have called for a rally at the courthouse:


Sign up to attend the rally!

Rocky Crabb’s phone number is listed here.