Dr. Susan Evans

UPDATE 9/14/2015

In August this case went back to dependency court. DCFS tried to stop these visits, but the court was clear in ordering the children to visit with their mother. Court orders apparently are no match for the authority the DCFS has as they have completely disregarded the courts orders, allegedly causing more suffering and trauma through this separation.
A source has just informed us that Dr. Susan’s court-appointed attorney just quit!  What does this mean for this family?
Wednesday September 16, 2015 is the next court hearing in which the court could dismiss everything, but will they?
Several people have decided to attend this hearing date and invite others to join them.
Dependency Court
201 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

UPDATE 8/15/2015

Dr. Susan was denied visitation with her children today, even though it was court-appointed.

Dr. Susan will be volunteering her services at the 22nd Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant tomorrow, Sunday August 16th in Beverly Hills. She encourages all her supporters to show up and STAND UP FOR THE CHILDREN!
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TIME: 3:00 PM Media Check-in

3:30 PM Red Carpet

4:30 PM Program Begins

WHAT: 22nd Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant

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Harvard-trained Beverly Hills Doctor Mom Has 4 Children Kidnapped by LA County DCFS

Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

Dr. Susan Evans graduated from Harvard Medical School with dual medical degrees in dermatology and internal medicine. She established her medical practice specializing in dermatology in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. Most of her clientele are celebrities we only see on the big screen. Along with the lime-light clientele, Dr. Susan’s expertise has been sought as a medical expert on Dr. Oz, Oprah, the Doctors, CNN, the TODAY show and many more.

Dr. Susan is the mother of four children: 10 year old twin daughters, L. Elizabeth, S. Mary, and two sons, Nick age 14 and  Z. Hugh age 8. She was was voted Dr. Mom on the TV series Dr. 90210.

However, like thousands of other parents in Los Angeles County, she has lost her 4 children to LA County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), even though no charges have ever been filed against her. Not only have no charges been filed against her, a dependency court judge ruled that there was no reason for DCFS to keep her children out of her custody, and dismissed the case with prejudice (meaning the evidence they presented could not be brought before the dependency court again).

So why is she still battling LA County DCFS to get her children back? How has a child “protection” social services agency like LA County DCFS become so powerful, that a respected medical doctor in Beverly Hills’ affluent community is rendered helpless over what she believes is the state-sponsored kidnapping of her children?

Children Kidnapped by Social Services – Whereabouts Unknown for 2 Weeks


The bedrooms of her sons and daughters now empty.

In 2013, Dr. Susan had her children taken away from her home and did not know where they were for 2 weeks. In 2012 a restraining order was issued protecting her and her children, and she filed for dissolution of marriage. The case was then assigned to family law Judge Cunningham, and for some reason the 4 children’s names were removed as protective persons on the restraining order and her husband was granted weekend visitations.

Dr. Susan reports that her former husband has been used as an expert witness with the LA County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in child abuse matters, and may have used his influence to remove the children from her home. For two weeks Dr. Susan did not know where her children were located, as they had been taken to a different city without her knowledge. She reported them missing to the police.

Dr. Susan’s Attorney Inquires with DCFS on Kidnapping of her Children – A Felony


Dr. Susan on the TV show The Drs. Image from YouTube.

When the police finally found her children in the next county, Dr. Susan says:

The police finally located them and DCFS social worker Adrian Hawkins, Tasha Beard and Malaika Solomon lied to police and stopped them from returning the children by falsely claiming DCFS detained the children from mother.

Dr. Susan’s attorney contacted DCFS to find out why the children had been detained, and this was their reply sent to him by email:

DCFS has not detained the children from their mother nor has it advised [ex-husband] to keep the children out of school. [Ex-husband] is acting on his own accord.

Micheline Ruben

When DCFS admitted they had not detained Dr. Susan’s children, the attorney of Dr. Susan threatened to file felony charges against those who had participated in kidnapping of the children in this email message:

Thank you for the follow up and confirming DCFS has played no role in[the] failure to return the minor children to their mother Dr. Susan Spell on Sunday, in violation of the current custody orders. Due to the duration of time that has elapsed, this situation has now evolved into felony kidnapping, unless someone is able to provide information to the contrary. Ms. Ruben your email will be presented to law enforcement to confirm, DCFS has not intervened to remove the minor children from the custody of Dr. Susan Spell, and the children should be returned to Dr. Susan Spell’s custody pursuant to Judge Cunningham’s current custody order entered earlier this year.

Christiaan, up to this point, I have not actively communicated with law enforcement about this issue other than on Sunday when I informed law enforcement the children were required to be returned to Dr. Spell on Sunday. I will give you til 1:30 pm to confirm that [he] will return the children today to Dr. Susan Spell before 5:00 p.m. at a specified location. To the extent I do not receive confirmation by 1:30 p.m., I will move forward with pursuing the arrest …. for kidnapping/child abduction. [sic]

While DCFS confirmed they had not detained the children, they nevertheless returned the children to their mother by bringing them to the Sheriff’s station.

Dr. Susan’s Children Taken Again – Suffering While Away from Their Mom


Dr. Susan in her Beverly Hills clinic.

Unfortunately, LA County DCFS took Dr. Susan’s children away from her again, and she fought a 7 month battle to get them back. The oldest son, Nicholas, ran away and pleaded for help from Facebook. He was allegedly admitted to a psychiatric facility for a suicide hold during this time.

Dr. Susan was very concerned about her children during this time, and was appalled that she could not tend to their emotional and medical needs. Instead, the children had been awarded to her ex-husband, who already had a restraining order issued against him for alleged abuse. She relates how the children were taken to a new pediatrician instead of the one they had known since birth. She found out that the children were suffering from childhood hypertension, weight gain, urinary tract infections, and dental issues, as they were not getting regular check ups. She reports that due to not being seen by a dentist or orthodontist, one of her daughter’s had her braces fall off, which were never replaced. One of the children was reportedly neglected to the point of developing a skin infection and HPV warts.


One of the children developed skin infections and HPV warts. Dr. Susan, herself a dermatologist, was not able to care for her own children.

Dr. Susan filed an Ex-Parte court request for the children to see a doctor and get the medical treatment they so desperately needed. She felt she was prevented from providing for the needs of her children as they were under DCFS control. She reports that one child developed a urine infection which progressed and the child began seizing, losing consciousness, and slipping into a coma due to respiratory distress. He also suffered from loss of oxygen to the brain, and bilateral collapsed lungs. This was a life-threatening seizure that required two hospitalizations.

Report from Caseworker Concerned About the Children Disappears

An eight page investigative report was written and then disseminated within DCFS based on the facts collected during the interviews of all 4 children, Dr. Susan, and her husband. This report allegedly recommended that the children remain in the care and custody of their mother.

Suspiciously, the writer of this report was allegedly taken off the case, new social workers were assigned, the recommendations were made that the children were to be given to father, and the contradicting 8 pages allegedly vanished from the case file and the internal computerized data base.

Judge Dismisses Case for Lack of Evidence


When Dr. Susan finally got her day in court on May 7, 2014, Judge Vasquez found no supporting evidence against Dr. Susan. Observing that the children were crying to be with their mother, he completely dismissed the case with prejudice in the “interest of justice.” Being dismissed “with prejudice” is very rare in these types of cases, and means that DCFS should not have been able to bring charges back against Dr. Susan again based on the lack of evidence.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Susan, DCFS opposed Judge Vasquez’s dismissal. They filed a writ of supersedes that the Appellate Court denied. DCFS alleged that Judge Vasquez dismissed the case before they had a chance to prove their case and that he never gave them an opportunity to present their evidence, even though they had 14 months to do so. Yet somehow, DCFS was able to get the Appellate Court to reverse the dismissal.

Appellate Court Injustice – Fraudulent Evidence Submitted to Reopen Case and Retain Children

What happened next is truly remarkable. Instead of Dr. Susan’s children being returned home by order of Judge Vasquez, LA County DCFS somehow convinced the Appellate Court to hear her case, even though it had already been dismissed, and even though they had denied DCFS their writ of supersedes. Incredibly, the Appellate Court reversed Judge Vasquez’s decision, leaving her children under the control of DCFS. Within days of this decision, Judge Vasquez was reassigned out of dependency court.

How could this happen?

It took many months for Dr. Susan to find out how this could possibly happen. DCFS allegedly falsified some of the original records from the April 2014 hearing, by inserting the details of a completely different case in Dependency Court that had nothing to do with Dr. Susan. The case was Lizarragas DK02480, and according to Dr. Susan:

This case was exactly what they needed to try and substantiate evidence of a mother being unfit and a danger to her children. DCFS social workers and DCFS LA County counsel Kim Nemoy cited and directed the Appellate Court justices to an entry dated April 11, 2014 that was another completely different case that had been inserted into the records, making Judge Vasquez’s decision to dismiss my case appear to be an error that endangered the children.

What Judge Vasquez truly received on that date, however, were 3 petitions alerting him to the children suffering alienation, and being denied visits with me despite his own court orders, all to the detriment of the children. The true court filing from the April 11, 2014 trial by my attorney was concealed and not shown to the Appellate Court, however, and not included in the appeal exhibits.

This was a massive cover-up by DCFS!

Unfortunately, Dr. Susan did not discover this “new” fraudulent evidence used against her that had been filed with the Appellate Court and used to reverse Judge Vasquez’s decision until April of 2015, over one year later. The Appellate Court allegedly told Dr. Susan that it was too late to do anything about it.

Will Dr. Susan Ever See True Justice and Have her Children Returned?

Dr Susan Evans discusses Parasites on Good Morning America

Dr Susan Evans discusses Parasites on Good Morning America. Image from YouTube.

Dr. Susan’s children remain out of her care and custody today, more than a year after Judge Vasquez’s decision to dismiss her case. Dr. Susan reports how LA County DCFS has used fraudulent evidence against her from another case not even related to her to get the Appellate Court to reverse Judge Vasquez’s decision, and put it back in LA County Dependency Court.

If someone like Dr. Susan, a well-known and respected physician from Beverly Hills, cannot prevent LA County DCFS from kidnapping her children and subverting justice in court to keep her children away from her, what hope do the thousands of other parents in LA County have to get a fair trial when DCFS seizes their children from their homes or from medical facilities? Los Angeles County has the largest number of children incarcerated by a social service agency of any other social service agency in the U.S.

Tammi Stefano, the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC), revealed earlier this year in an interview with filmmaker Sean Stone that in 2013 LA County DCFS took “thousands of children away from parents,” and that 570 children were murdered while in the care of DCFS and away from their families during an 18 month period. Ms. Stefano also revealed that 1000 “convicted sex offenders” had been given a “green light” by DCFS to become “approved foster parents” just in Los Angeles County, and that this had even been reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Dr. Susan is wondering if our nation is just going to simply stand by and watch our children repeatedly kidnapped by the State, subverting justice to keep children away from good parents while suffering under the care of children social services?

A Call to Action

EDIT: Please note the change in date for the first court appearance in the re-trial, which is now set for August 25. We will post any changes or updates.

Due to the fraud in the Appellate Court hearing, Dr. Susan will now have to go back to LA County Dependency Court to have her case heard for the first time by a new judge, Judge Menetrez, on Tuesday August 18, 2015 . Dr. Susan is calling a rally at the Court House, where she will be making a statement to the Press at 8:00 a.m. The address is:

Dependency Court
201 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

The Governor of California is Jerry Brown, and he can be reached here.

Supporters of Dr. Susan have also put up a Facebook Page on her behalf:


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