Health Impact News Named in Alabama Lawsuit for Exposing State-sponsored Child Kidnapping

Last week Health Impact News published the story out of Alabama where DHR (Department of Human Resources) removed a newborn breast-feeding child that was only 2 days old from his 14-year-old mother who is alleged to be a rape victim, and was still in the hospital. The story quickly went viral with over 1 million views in the first 24 hours, and gained national attention. The grandparents of the 14-year-old mother who lost her newborn child last week appeared in court today in Shelby County, Alabama for the DHR juvenile court proceeding regarding their grandchildren. Also appearing were members of the media and witnesses of the event at the hospital. However, not only did they not get their grandchildren and infant great-grandson returned home, another surprise awaited those who showed up at the court house. A lawsuit that was filed in the Circuit Court of Shelby County naming various family members and media personnel, including Health Impact News, was presented to many of those who had come to the courthouse. The lawsuit was filed by Erin B. Welborn, listed as the Guardian ad litem of the newborn child. They are demanding that we take down our story and stop publishing anything regarding this case.