Was Medical Kidnap in Washington State a Cover-up for Medical Malpractice?

Being worried about Child Protection Services (CPS) taking her child was the last thing on the mind of Anne Giroux, a mother living in Washington State who was seeking medical treatment for her son, Kevin Kulman. Kevin started having concerning symptoms which drove her to take him to multiple doctor visits looking for an answer. She worried about having a family history of heart disease and why the doctor wasn't concerned nor would he give her a referral to a cardiologist. Instead he was allegedly misdiagnosed as having asthma. On May 21, 2012 Kevin suffered a heart attack while at school during his physical education class. The explanation of why he suffered the heart attack was a rare congenital heart condition which had been previously undetected. Not only did Kevin need open heart surgery, but later CPS took custody of Kevin claiming that Anne suffered from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Anne writes: "If a doctor performs an operation and prescribes drugs for my child based upon ME having Munchausen by proxy, what PSYCHIATRIC MALADY afflicts THE DOCTOR?"

Breastfeeding Mother Arrested and Babies Taken Away by Force: The Parents’ Side of the Story

The police literally ripped 14 month old Levi from his mother's breast, reports Erica May Carey, as she was nursing him in the car at a California gas station. Her baby was screaming, and she says her breast was exposed as the officers dragged her from the car. As she recounted the events of last Thursday, Erica began weeping, saying that she was "hogtied like an animal, when moments before I was nursing my infant." She was arrested and jailed for fighting to keep her children with her, she tells Health Impact News. The parents say they were actually on their way back to Washington State to attend a scheduled court hearing when police stopped them. Read the parents' side of this story here.

Rengo Family Children Taken Back into State Custody in Washington, As Family Tries to Flee CPS

The Rengos reportedly left their home in Washington to avoid having CPS take their children away again, but on February 5, 2015, they were picked up in California, and the children were taken away from them by force. According to ksbw.com: "Cleve Goheen-Rengo, 23, and Erica Carey, 29, fled from their Washington home with the three children. A warrant was not issued for their arrest, but a Be On The Lookout was issued by Bellingham police to West Coast law enforcement. Bellingham police officers said it was not a criminal kidnapping or Amber Alert investigation, but rather a civil violation by defying CPS court orders." So while no criminal charges were made against the parents, nevertheless, the children will be returned to State custody in Washington. The children seemed OK, according to California authorities. “They didn’t appear to have any obvious injuries or ailments,” (California Highway Patrol officer) Sadek said. Carey (the mother) was arrested for refusing to cooperate with Santa Cruz County law enforcement. She reportedly shouted out: "Send a message to America for me. Children don't belong to the government. The government belongs to the people."

Washington: Vaccinate All Your Children with Flu Shot or We Will Take Your 2-Week Old Baby

Foster families in Washington State are under a new mandate that everyone in their house needs a flu shot if they have foster kids under two years of age. If they don't comply, the children will be taken from them. This is in spite of the fact that the flu vaccine is both dangerous and largely ineffective. As KOMO News is reporting in Tacoma, at least one foster parent is fighting back, and refusing to comply, even if it means losing her 2-week old baby.