Universal Vaccine Passports Plan Unites the World

Of all the issues facing the world today that divide nations and cause countries to go to war against each other, there is one thing that unites the world and that virtually all world leaders agree upon, even those countries at war with each other, and that is the topic of vaccines. And so at the recently concluded G20 Summit in Bali, they all put aside their differences and agreed that a universal vaccine passport is necessary for world travel, allowing the World Health Organization to be able to declare which vaccines are necessary for any current or future "pandemic." Isn't that wonderful? Just give peace a chance, and get your vaccines!

Vaccine Passports: Where Your State Stands

As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, and vaccination recommendations extend to younger and younger Americans, we are starting to see more efforts to require vaccination as a condition of receiving services, as we’ve seen at American universities. This endangers autoimmune patients who are more at risk of serious adverse events following COVID vaccination. States can take a stand for medical freedom and privacy rights. To prevent de facto vaccine mandates that endanger millions of patients, we must encourage state leaders to take action to protect our health. Ten states, so far, have taken steps to restrict or ban the use of vaccine passports, electronic applications that display an individual’s vaccination status or COVID lab test results. Many have done so through executive orders signed by the governor: Arizona, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. Three states have passed legislation along similar lines, including Utah, Indiana, and Arkansas.