Is Trump’s Former CDC Director Working on a Bird Flu Vaccine with Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer?

This is an update to the story I published earlier this month (June 2024) looking into the former director of the CDC during the Trump presidency, Dr. Robert Redfield, and why he has been predicting a deadly Bird Flu pandemic for 3 years now. As I mentioned in that article, the website shows that Dr. Redfield received $360,093.00 in consulting fees from Roche Diagnostics Corporation, from 2020 through 2022, the same time frame that Redfield was featured in the corporate media creating fear over the Bird Flu. I also reported that Roche Diagnostics Corporation is working on a new PCR test that can allegedly test for the Bird Flu, as well as for COVID-19 and RSV. As I mentioned in that article, the data for 2023 on Big Pharma kickbacks to doctors had not yet been posted, but I had expected it to be posted soon, as in most years the previous year's data is posted by the end of June. Well, did update their data with 2023 statistics this week. The former CDC director under Trump continued to receive consulting fees from Roche Diagnostics Corporation during 2023, with another $180,000 received for consulting fees. But another pharmaceutical company started paying Dr. Redfield $160,000 in consulting fees last year, and that company was COVID-19 vaccine producer, Novavax. Novavax currently has a Bird Flu vaccine in the works, and their stock skyrocketed during the time Dr. Redfield was making his media appearances predicting a new Bird Flu pandemic.

Why Has Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Been Warning that the “Bird Flu” Will be Worse than COVID for the Past 3 Years?

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield is in the news again today promoting his favorite topic, the "deadly Bird Flu" fear porn. This is another summer re-run, as this is a story that has been launched to the public multiple times since it made its debut in theaters in 2006 under then President George W. Bush. It was a hoax back then, and while I had not yet started Health Impact News in 2006, I had a phone call with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny that year about a book she had just published titled "FOWL! Bird Flu: It's Not What You Think", which we then began selling in my online store. The pandemic never came, but people made a lot of money off of it, and they went after small-scale poultry producers to protect the large commodity poultry operations from competition. They recycled the dreaded “Bird Flu Pandemic” again in 2015 during the Obama administration, and again began destroying poultry farms, especially in Iowa, the state that produces the most eggs. This announcement of a “pandemic” allowed them to take certain measures and create fear among the public, but once again, nothing really came of it, other than the fact that some poultry operations lost a lot of money, while the vaccine manufacturers profited. Then in 2022, former CDC Director under Donald Trump, Robert Redfield, announced that there was a new “pandemic” coming which had yet to happen, and that he said would be far worse than COVID, proving once again that all these “pandemics” are first hatched in the minds of the Globalists and then announced prior to them happening as if they have the gift of prophecy. This performance was re-run last year, in 2023, as well, as once again Redfield was featured in the corporate media to warn about the deadly Bird Flu that was coming and would be far worse than COVID. And now here he is again for a 3rd repeat encore performance this week, using the same exact script that was obviously written over 2 years ago. So what is behind Redfield's apocalyptic fear mongering over the "Bird Flu"? After doing a few minutes of research, I believe I have found out why.

The CDC is Planning for Massive Deaths this Fall

This is the most dangerous time in the history of man. The seriousness of this plot cannot be underestimated. It is not due to any threat of conventional war, and it is not due to any threat of nuclear decimation, it is based on the fact that this is a psychological war waged by psychopaths against all mankind, and it is being advanced by a small group of monsters that have taken control of the minds of the masses through long-term indoctrination and policies meant to breed dependency. Fear is the new weapon of mass destruction, not because it is legitimate, but because the people have lost all will to be free, have lost all ability to think, and seek shelter and comfort as a collective herd only capable of existence in a society that is based on totalitarian rule. The people of this country are teetering on the precipice of annihilation. Hundreds of millions of American citizens hide under their beds, cover their face until they cannot breathe, submit to forced financial ruin, succumb to obvious lies and deceit, allow their property to be plundered and burned without resistance, allow their children to be poked and prodded, and injected with poisons, and voluntarily imprison themselves, never again to live a free and normal life. All this is done on orders from a few, from a criminal and corrupt government that is evil beyond imagination, and that is vile and immoral at its very core.