Waiting in Line for Hours to Withdraw Funds Bank Runs Increase in China as Bank-Issued Digital Currency Use Expands

China continues to lead the world in implementing the Globalists' Great Reset, as financial systems around the world begin to collapse. Watching what is happening in China, if you can find the heavily-censored news, will give a preview of how things are likely to unfold in other countries. Bank failures now seem to be accelerating in China, as panic begins to set in among the public, and it is being reported that in some areas people are standing in line for many hours trying to withdraw funds from their accounts. The run on banks is apparently a reaction to the story we covered last week where over 1 million residents in China’s Henan Province were prevented from withdrawing their money from their bank, with many losing their entire life savings. As protesters were heading to Henan province’s capital Zhengzhou to demand to get their money back, Chinese health authorities used their COVID-19 tracking app to turn up “red,” forcing them into quarantine, in order to stop the protests. When the current banking system can no longer meet the demands of its depositors, the Globalists will move on to the next phase of the Great Reset, which is to replace currencies and hard cash with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). While many of us in the Alternative Media have been warning about the dangers of CBDCs for years now, most in the general public are totally unaware of how using a Central Bank issued digital currency will eliminate almost all of your privacy, and make you a financial slave to the system. Not only will they be able to track every single one of your financial transactions, they will be in a position to enforce social behavior as well as a condition for you to have access to funds in "your" account on their servers, such as comply with COVID-19 or other health mandates, like mandatory vaccines. China leads most of the world right now in rolling out their State Bank-issued digital currencies, so let's take a look at how they have done it so far, as both Russia and the U.S. scramble to try and catch up with China and issue their own Central Bank digital currencies.

China is Stockpiling Food in Preparation of Looming Food Shortages While U.S. Increases Exports

While killer lockdowns in China are leading to starvation and mass suicide, as well as serious disruptions to exports, China has been quietly stockpiling food for the past couple of years in what appears to be preparation for coming food shortages, and is increasing imports of food. In December of 2021, RT.com reported that China had the world's largest stockpile of grains. Today, RT.com is reporting that China is addressing "food security concerns" by increasing their imports of soybeans, mostly from the U.S. Soybeans are high in protein and the #1 ingredient in livestock feed today. People in the Washington D.C. are stating that these increased exports of food to China are good for American farmers, apparently ignoring the fact that the U.S. should also be stockpiling food as part of our own national food security. Not only can soybeans be used in animal feeds, it can be turned into biodiesel and combined with petroleum diesel to help keep our trucks on the road in the event that fuel becomes scarce or too expensive to operate the nation's trucking fleet. So as China increases their food security, the U.S. Government seems to be destroying our own food security here in the U.S.

Killer Lockdowns to Begin in Beijing China as 22 Million are Force Tested – Grocery Store Shelves Empty

Claiming that new cases are breaking out in the Chinese capital city of Beijing, the Chinese government has ordered its 22 million citizens to start massive testing in what will eventually lead to locking down the entire city as is currently still happening in Shanghai. Seeing what is happening in Shanghai, residents of Beijing began buying up all the food in stores in preparation for the coming lockdowns. Forced mass testing for COVID is being reported in the corporate media as a means to stop the spread of the "virus," but of course just the opposite will happen when you start testing tens of millions of people. Look for this blueprint to be followed in weeks ahead in other places, like the U.S., where $BILLIONS have already been made by test manufacturing companies with over 400 COVID-19 tests currently enjoying emergency use authorizations by the FDA, giving them a guaranteed market. As these lockdowns spread to major cities in China, crushing local businesses, a new Black Market is developing. I fully expect a parallel economy and "black market" to develop here in the U.S. also if they start locking people down again, and enforcing COVID passports showing proof of COVID vaccination, as about one third of the U.S. population still remains unvaccinated, or only partially vaccinated.

China’s Troublesome Influence on the New York Stock Exchange Just Exposed How Vulnerable Our Economy is to China

Pam and Russ Martens' daily publication "Wall Street on Parade: A Citizen Guide to Wall Street" is part of my newsfeed, and I recommend that it become part of yours as well. Because these businesses on Wall Street are run by the people who control our nation, not the puppet politicians, and Pam and Russ are incredible watch-dogs in this field. The last two issues have had Pam and Russ analyze what just happened in Communist China with the private education sector, and how that affected Wall Street and U.S. economics. I know that we are mainly bearers of bad news these days, but I cannot make any apologies, because the only way we can face what awaits this nation in the future, is to get solid news outside the corporate propaganda news sources. And whatever awaits our fate here in the U.S., I am pretty sure China is going to have a big part of that. We cannot get so distracted in domestic issues that we do not recognize this huge threat.

There May Not be Much Time Left: “Hot” War with China Could be Imminent!

The U.S. has been in a "Cold War" with China for some time now, including a "trade war." Could a "hot" war be imminent? And if so, what would that war potentially look like? Many analysts are now saying that a hot war with China is imminent. If that is the case, everything we have seen so far with the lock downs, loss of jobs, and rioting in the cities might pale by comparison. Are you ready for this America? I don't want to promote fear, as fear is the tool of the enemy. Fear of a virus has already destroyed our economy and ripped away many of our liberties because the public, for the most part, has reacted incorrectly and submitted to the tyrants. Instead, we are trying to wake up the masses so people can take precautions, before it is too late. Knowledge and taking action to prepare for the break down of societal structures is what is desperately needed today, so that you are not caught unaware when these things happen, and will not be overcome by fear. If you are still watching or listening to propaganda from the corporate media, stop immediately! They will take away your attention from what really matters in life right now, by continuing to promote partisan politics and the upcoming "elections." As F. William Engdahl, our featured author today who is a strategic risk consultant and lecturer and holds a degree in politics from Princeton University, says: "A full unrestricted war of China and the USA would be more than a tragedy. It could be the end of civilization as we know it. Is this what characters such as Bill Gates and his superiors are trying to bring about? Do they plan to introduce their draconian dystopian 'Reset' on the ashes of such a conflict?"