American Bar Association Training for Attorneys: Trauma Caused by Separation of Children from Parents Worse than Staying in Troubled Homes

We have reported for years now that the Child "Protective" Services of state governments are corrupt, and part of a national "child trafficking" system that is a multi-billion dollar industry funded by American taxpayers and employing hundreds of thousands of people to support this industry. While it varies from state to state, statistics bear out that very few children are actually removed from their homes due to abuse. True abuse, a legally defined term, happens in only 10-15% of the cases. And even in those few cases, seldom is abuse determined by law enforcement trained in forensic evidence to determine abuse, as is evidenced by the fact that social workers and judges in family courts rule on cases of abuse while no formal charges are made against the parents. The vast majority of children are removed from their homes for "neglect," a much broader term which has no standard legal definition. It basically means that the government decides who is a good parent and who is not based on their own subjective standards. The most common area we report on is "medical neglect," which means a doctor decides what is appropriate treatment for your child, and if you disagree or want to seek a second opinion, you risk losing your children. The trauma to children from being removed from their homes is both documented by large-scale studies, and proven by the results of what happens to these children as they grow up outside of their homes and become adults. The American Bar Association has compiled this research and made it available for attorneys: "Trauma Caused by Separation of Children from Parents: A Tool to Help Lawyers"