Pediatricians Can Earn Over $300 Thousand by Vaccinating Children – Virtual Reality Now Used to Increase Vaccine Uptake in Victims

Greg Reese has just published a report showing how pediatricians earn $400 for every vaccine injected into children under the age of 2, where the average pediatrician in the United States can earn over $300 thousand per year, which is usually more than their salary. Not only is this incentive for pediatricians to kick families out their practice who do not agree to the full CDC childhood vaccination schedule, it is a major incentive to inject babies and toddlers with as many vaccines as possible during an office visit, which greatly increases their risk of death and injuries. Reese also published a video showing how doctors and nurses in Brazil have started using virtual reality head gear to reduce fear and anxiety in children as they are injected with these toxic and poisonous shots. Getting more victims to receive injections is not the only application of this new technology today, such as virtual reality headsets. Apple is planning on using their new "Vision Pro" VR headsets to monitor people for "mental health."

America’s Child Abuse Problem: Medically Kidnapping Children and Putting them on Psych Drugs is a $23 BILLION-a-Year Industry as Children Are Raped and Abused in Foster Care

Every baby born in the U.S. immediately becomes a customer for the U.S. Satanic medical system. If the baby is born in a U.S. hospital, as most are, they automatically become a target for the pharmaceutical cartel which will seek to earn money off of that child through vaccines and drugs, primarily psych drugs, as they are assigned to an ordained priest in the medical system carrying the title of "Pediatrician." There is an entire tax-payer funded division of the U.S. Government that employs a child policing network called "Child Welfare" that does their best to hunt down children who are not part of their pharmaceutical cartel, and they have vast resources at their disposal to medically kidnap your child and force your children into this system if the parents dare to disagree with any of these priests called "medical doctors." This system brings in $BILLIONS to the U.S. economy to traffick children. One of the largest sectors of this demonic system is the field of psychiatry where their priests, "psychiatrists", are given more power to kidnap children than perhaps any other medical priest, because they don't need laboratory tests or medical symptoms to kidnap your children. Their word and reputation are enough to trump parental decisions and remove your children from your custody. They are also arrested for criminal charges more often than any other medical doctors. Julia Lurie, writing for Mother Jones, has just published the results of a year-long investigation into the role of the country’s largest psychiatric hospital chains, Universal Health Services (UHS), finding shocking abuse of foster care children who were taken away from their families and put on psych drugs in what is reportedly a $23 billion-a-year ‘child abuse’ industry. What kind of society tolerates such an evil, Satanic system to routinely kidnap their children and then put them into institutions where they are routinely raped, abused, and put on drugs against their will?

American Christians Have Blood on Their Hands as Their Prejudice and Hatred of Muslims Fuels War and the Slaughter of Innocent People

There is little doubt that Muslims are prejudged and discriminated against most by Zionist Christians (although not all of them) here in the U.S. Every day I see articles in my newsfeed from the Conservative Right alternative media that condemn ALL Muslim people, with names of their publications including names like "Bare Naked Islam" and "Jihad Watch", where they refer to all Muslims as "terrorists" or evil people. These Zionist Christians pretend to be experts on Islam and what it teaches, claiming that the goal of Islam and the Quran is to kill Christians and setup Islamic law in their countries. But I wonder how many of these self-proclaimed "experts" have ever actually met a Muslim to confirm their rhetoric, or ever visited a Muslim country? Sadly, because the propaganda of Western politics effectively divides our public between "Left and Right", with anyone daring to question the Western view of Islam labeled as "liberal," I can already anticipate the attacks and hate comments and emails that the Zionists will attempt to post here, who will claim that I am a "liberal" and a supporter of Islam. The idea that someone can be neither "Right nor Left" but actually think for themselves and follow the evidence to wherever it leads, is a foreign thought to most Americans. I can have a love and appreciation of Muslim people without belonging to their religion. In fact, for those who follow my writings and actually know me, know that I do not support ANY religion at all, including Christianity. All religions are basically part of the Satanic world order, and weaponized by Satan himself. I ask in the caption of the featured image for this article, which features Muslim women with their head covered in the top row, and Muslim women without their head covered in the bottom row, which group is more suppressed by men? Which group is more successful in their careers? Which groups fits in better with American Culture?

Christians Continue to be Murdered in Gaza – Netanyahu Supported both Hamas and Al Qaeda Terrorists?

It was widely reported this week in both the U.S. Corporate Media as well as in non-Western media sources, that Gaza's oldest Christian Church was bombed leaving many people dead, including children. Former U.S. Representative Justin Amash has reported that some of his family members were killed in this attack. Amash is Palestinian, and was the sole member of the Libertarian Party in Congress. Sadly, what is often missing from the Zionist Western Media coverage of the war in the Middle East which seeks to pit Muslims against Jews, is the fact that there are very significant numbers of Arabs who are Christians, and always have been Christians, and are frequently murdered in these Israel/U.S.-Muslim conflicts. Instead, pro-Zionist politicians, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing of entire Arab nations. In my own community where I am currently staying, I frequently visit a "Middle Eastern" grocery store to stock up on supplies for the Middle Eastern dishes I love to prepare, having spent many years of my younger adult life living in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where I developed a very fond taste for Middle Eastern food. The small store is owned and operated by Syrians, and they are part of a Syrian Orthodox Christian community, and all part of the same church. And yet, it never ceases to amaze me how on any given day I can walk into this store and observe BOTH Muslim and Christian Arabs all smiling and laughing together, sharing their common Arab heritage. One of those customers runs his own small kabob restaurant in town, and he is a Palestinian Muslim. But these Arab people share their common Arab heritage, and get along just fine. The Middle Eastern Christian Arab store owner makes sure that his meat is certified "Halal" so his Muslim customers can purchase it. Religion does NOT separate them at all, as they all accept each other's religious differences. But there is one issue that they are all united on: The loss they have all suffered from the murder and slaughter of innocent people in their homelands by U.S. and Israeli military sources who continually bomb them.

Is the Israeli – Palestinian War Really a Religious War, or a War to Control Petroleum and Gas in the Middle East?

Sam Parker of Behind the News Network has just published a new article today on the Gaza conflict. We have been blessed with Parker's writing for the past few years, as he shares with the public his incredible knowledge of world affairs, tracing almost everything back to the "two families" who primarily control the world's financial system, the Rothschilds of Europe, and the Rockefellers of the U.S. As I have previously written, Sam Parker is most assuredly a pen name to protect his identity. We know from what he has revealed about himself from his writings that he lives in the U.S., and is a Muslim, which gives us a unique perspective on world events that is largely censored in the Western Media. In this Part 1 on "The Gaza War," Parker gives us insight into the history of the Palestinian - Israeli conflict, and how the current war fits into the Globalists' overall world agenda.

The Zionism Cult: Christian Churches of Satan

For 3 years now I have been warning the American public that it is time to leave the American Corporate Christian Churches, since in general, these Christian Churches followed the ways of Satan and submitted to the Satanic COVID measures, including having their children sacrificed to the Vaccine Cult by injecting them with bioweapons. I have documented how Corporate Christianity has reached this point in history, by not following the teaching of the Scriptures, which includes both the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament. I was trained in Christian Zionism at one of their top schools in the early 1980s, so I could easily write a treatise disputing all the false teaching of Christian Zionism, but I have already covered most of the biblical teaching refuting this false doctrine in previous articles, many of which I have linked to in this article. So instead of spending more time refuting not only Zionism but also Corporate Christianity, let me instead give the biblical, spiritual principle of why so many Christians are deceived today. Corporate Christianity is a $TRILLION market, employing millions of people, and to dare to oppose Zionism and not support Israel is to potentially lose your career and source of income, and be ridiculed by the Christian Community.

Over 500 Killed in Attack on Christian Hospital in Gaza – Florida Governor Supports Genocide of Palestinians

It was widely reported today that an air strike has bombed a Christian hospital in Gaza killing more than 500 people, many of them women and children. This horrible incident shows an important truth about the population in Gaza that is seldom reported in the U.S. media, that Muslims are not the only residents in Gaza, but that there is a strong Christian presence there as well. Chuck Baldwin is one of many pastors from the U.S. who has visited Israel and Palestine to hold services for Christians, and in his latest newsletter he wrote: "I’ve been to Israel and Palestine. I preached in two churches there: One was in Bethlehem, and the other was in Jerusalem. Over 95% of the Christians in attendance at these services were Palestinians; they were not Israelis. And I’ve got to tell you that the Palestinian people I met were among the kindest, sweetest, most humble, most gentle and most Christ-like people I have ever met—anywhere!" The Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City that was bombed today is a Christian hospital managed by the Anglican Episcopal Church in Jerusalem. The hospital has been in operation since 1882, and was founded by the Church Mission Society of the Church of England. Later, the hospital was managed between 1954 and 1982 by the Medical Mission of the Southern Baptist Church. Since 1980, the hospital has been run by the Anglican Episcopal Church in Jerusalem. Today was apparently not the first time this hospital was bombed, according to The Archbishop of Canterbury. This past Sunday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined other U.S. politicians calling for the genocide of the Palestinian people, saying that the U.S. should not accept Palestinian refugees and that Israel should NOT provide clean running water and utilities to the Palestinian people. Also, there are reports today that a much larger U.S. military force is being sent to the region than what the U.S. Government has been reporting.

Florida Medical Kidnapping Trial Exposes Medical Tyranny and Pediatricians Who Traffick Children for a Living

Earlier this year we published an article about the Netflix movie, "Take Care of Maya," where I said that this film was the "most powerful film ever produced exposing medical kidnapping." This film has done more to expose child trafficking in the U.S. through medical kidnapping than any other documentary I have seen since I started covering this topic over a decade ago. It has brought the issue of medical kidnapping and the horrible power granted to a special group of doctors known as "Child Abuse Pediatricians" to the public for everyone to see, showing how easily this class of medical doctors can override the opinions of other medical doctors, parents, and other experts and terminate parental rights, while keeping children in custody in hospitals as prisoners. Maya's mother committed suicide after she gave up hope that her daughter could ever come back home, and now Maya's father and brother have joined together with Maya in a civil lawsuit against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital that is being live-streamed every day, with many reporters and commentators following this case. As of my writing today, the attorneys for Maya's family, the plaintiffs, are still presenting their case, before the trial switches over to the defense. The trial is expected to last until early November, and every major corporate media outlet is covering this story. With this trial in Florida now being live-streamed every day, the public now has, for perhaps the first time in the history of this country, the opportunity to hear from one of these "Child Abuse Pediatricians" testify under oath about how she goes about finding "medical abuse" and removing children from the custody of their parents. These kinds of cases are very common here in the U.S., and seldom does a week go by where someone does not email me a new story about this kind of medical kidnapping. Dr. Sally Smith was deposed several times over the course of a couple of years in preparation for this trial that is now playing out in Florida. Part of those depositions that were recorded have been played by the plaintiffs' attorneys to the jury this week. I have found one video that was recorded yesterday by Attorney Melanie Little, who copied Dr. Sally Smith's deposition and then live-streamed it yesterday, along with her legal analysis. This information, directly from the mouth of Dr. Sally Smith under oath, explaining how her sole purpose in her role as a Child Abuse Pediatrician is to spy on children to try and find how their parents might have medically abused them, is truly historical.

Holocaust Survivor, Israeli Doctor and Former Zionist Speaks Out Against Palestinian Genocide

As I am writing this on Saturday, October 14, 2023, the war in Israel is in danger of escalating into a full-blown World War, as Israeli forces seem poised to invade Gaza, while Iran's government threatens retaliation if they do. As I wrote yesterday, propaganda and lies are the norm from BOTH sides of the conflict now, with the predominate view of the majority of the general population of both Israelis and Arabs mostly censored, as the Billionaire financiers of weapons and war fund this propaganda to achieve their own evil purposes. Today, I want to expose the readers of the Health Impact News network to the work of Dr. Gabor Maté, a Hungarian-born Jew who is a Holocaust survivor and former Zionist. While the mass media tries to portray ethnic groups as unified in their political and religious views, the fact is that no group of people are unified in their views and actions. To accept the view that an entire class of people think and act the same, is called "discrimination" and "prejudice." So this is a truth that is mostly censored: Not all Jews are Zionists! Dr. Maté represents what I am confident is a majority view among Jews who do not support the Israeli government, and fully recognize the ethnic cleansing that the State of Israel has been inflicting on the Palestinian people since 1948. Dr. Maté is a physician, best-selling author, and often referred to as a World Renowned Addiction Recovery Expert. An interview he gave on the current war in Israel one day ago has already been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube, and I highly recommend this 12-minute video (if it disappears, let us know). Dr. Gabor Maté was interviewed in 2019 by his son, Aaron Maté, where he further elaborates on the very difficult and complicated issues regarding Israel and Palestine. This is the non-Zionist Jewish view, which I suspect represents more Jews today than most of the Zionist views. Please educate yourself on these alternative views that are mostly censored in the mass media. Do not look for just things you can agree or disagree with, but view this with the goal of understanding how REAL people actually think, for the purpose of understanding them, rather than following the propaganda now being produced to divide the world with hatred and prejudice.

Truth is Now CENSORED – Hate and War are Too Popular and Too Prosperous

In today's digital age, especially here in 2023 as LLM (Large Language Models) AI software can instantaneously generate any kind of image or video to portray something that is not real or never happened, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine just what "Truth" is by looking at or watching something on the Internet or your TV. What this usually means is that those with the deepest pockets and the most resources end up being the predominate view embraced by the public at large. So it is today in the current headline news cycle, which pits both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict against each other. But as someone who has spent many years of my adult life living in the Middle East in Muslim countries, I can tell you from firsthand experience, rather than just citing sources on the Internet, that the real truth is more than likely that neither "side" represents the truth, because the Globalists who control the world by controlling the financial system, need the world divided, rather than united. Therefore, what I am doing with this article and the featured image I have put together, is trying to put a picture in your mind that completely contradicts BOTH sides of the current conflict in Israel, that I hope will replace all the other images you are probably being bombarded with every day now in the mass media. My belief, which is based on years of living in the United States, my home country where I grew up, as well as the years I lived in the Middle East (Turkey and Saudi Arabia), is that the featured image of this article comes much closer to communicating the truth of average, ordinary people, who live in Israel and the Palestinian areas. And that truth is that the vast majority of people living in these areas, if given a choice, would gladly dwell together in peace. THIS is the main truth that is being censored today in both the corporate and alternative media sources, for the most part. Most of the people living in these areas just want the killing to STOP - whether it is the killing of the people of their own nationality and religion, or the killing of their neighbors who are a different nationality and religion. But neighbors loving and supporting each other is not newsworthy today, and it does not fit the goal of the Globalists who are on a path to destroy and replace the world's financial system, and significantly reduce the world's population.