Florida Governor DeSantis on COVID “Vaccines” – Savior or Murderer? 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After COVID Shots

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being primed by the Republican Party to become the next Republican nominee for the office of the President of the United States. He is being advertised as anti-COVID injections, in an effort to offer a clear choice over the very pro-vaccine Donald Trump. However, if we look at the history of the roll-out of the COVID injections in the State of Florida, it becomes very clear from DeSantis' previous statements and actions that he has always been pro-COVID injections, and that he was also part of Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed. I have put together a video that documents his history in rolling out the shots in the State of Florida that is under 10 minutes. Governor DeSantis strongly pushed the shots on seniors in Florida, and to this day neither he nor his Surgeon General have stopped recommending the shots for seniors. Data from the U.S. Government Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) show a 19,000% increase in the deaths of seniors following the experimental COVID-19 "vaccines," compared to the average of seniors who died following all FDA-approved vaccines from the previous 10 years prior to COVID in 2020. As to the children in the State of Florida, they are still being injected with these bioweapons, even though they are not "recommended." Over a thousand children have been recorded in VAERS as suffering adverse reactions following a COVID experimental shot, and many babies are included, even before the shots were authorized by the FDA for babies and toddlers, because Florida is home to three COVID-19 ongoing vaccine trials for Moderna for babies and toddlers.

ALERT: World Health Organization Meeting this Week to Propose Amendments to the International Health Regulations

James Roguski has been making the media rounds in the Alternative Media this week warning about a closed-door meeting happening at the World Health Organization (WHO) this week with The International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) from January 9-13, 2023. While the new WHO proposed "Pandemic Treaty" has grabbed the headlines in recent weeks, James Roguski believes that the meeting this week with IHRRC is much more important, because they are proposing amendments to an agreement that all 194 member nations of the World Health Assembly have already signed and ratified, including the United States, back in 2005, regarding International Health Regulations. The current agreement is "non-binding", but according to Roguski they want to change the agreement to remove the wording that states these "health regulations" are not just non-binding recommendations, but requirements to be implemented in all future "pandemics." The Review Committee is supposed to submit their proposals to the WHO by January 15, 2023, and then the entire 194 members of the WHO could vote on these amendments as soon as this May, in 2023. The amendments could be ratified by a simple majority vote among the 194 member nations.

MP Andrew Bridgen Takes a Stand for Truth and for the People by Sacrificing his Political Career in Opposing Pfizer and Moderna

Last month (December, 2022) I reported about 2 different political events where politicians publicly stated that the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” were neither safe nor effective, and were in fact killing people, on the same day, December 13, 2022. One of those events happened at The House of Commons in the UK where Andrew Bridgen, a Member of Parliament (MP) delivered an amazing speech about the corruption behind the Pfizer COVID “vaccines” and how they were harming and killing people. The other event that happened on December 13, 2022, was a round table public discussion in Florida led by Governor Ron DeSantis and his Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, which also included other medical doctors, and alleged victims who had suffered from taking a COVID-19 “vaccine.” However, what Andrew Bridgen was calling for, an immediate and complete suspension of any more COVID vaccines, was different than what Ron DeSantis and Joseph Ladapo were calling for. Andrew Bridgen has not stopped trying to warn the public about the criminals who are mass-murdering people, and a Tweet he put out on Twitter earlier today has now effectively ended his political career. This is what he said in his Tweet: "As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust." The reaction was swift and immediate. Andrew Bridgen was stripped of the party whip after his tweet, and that led to widespread condemnation from politicians, Jewish groups and medical experts. This 17-word tweet has now effectively ended Andrew Bridgen's political career, because he "crossed a line." What was that "line"?

The U.S. Government is Guilty of Domestic Bio-Terrorism – But Who Will Bring the Criminals to Justice?

Christine Dolan interviewed Sasha Latypova, a global PHARMA regulation expert, and Katherine Watt, a U.S. paralegal, on how the U.S. Government was able to murder and cripple millions of Americans with bioweapons, called "vaccines", as a military operation. This is a great interview highlighting the recent work of both Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt in exposing how the PREP Act and Countermeasures programs were used to completely bypass Constitutional Law and implement their terror on the American people. But when Christine Dolan asks her guests at the end of the show: "So where do we go from here? What is it that people need to know, with this knowledge?" - the answers her two guests supply show their naïveté. The American judicial system protects the guilty, not the innocent. They serve the interests of Wall Street billionaires and bankers, and these are the true "deep state" or "cabal" or whatever description you want to give them, because they are the ones that make sure they have their own judges sitting in key courts, and that includes the U.S. Supreme Court. Both "liberal" and "conservative" Supreme Court justices have consistently ruled against plaintiffs trying to stop COVID vaccine mandates, just as they have not ruled against the fraud and criminal activities of the U.S. Vaccine Court prior to COVID. The only way these criminals are going to be stopped is if there is massive resistance among the public, and that is going to be extremely difficult when the country is so divided over partisan politics, where one half of the population blames the other half for all our problems today, simply because of their political affiliations and political heroes who they think are going to come in and save the day. The other problem in massive resistance is that America is a nation of drug addicts, addicted to Big Pharma's products, and how many are going to stop using their drugs and seek out natural alternatives that in almost every case are more effective? When medical doctors point out the COVID "vaccine" corruption and yet still fight to maintain their medical licenses so they can continue to collect their paychecks from a system that has now murdered and maimed millions of Americans, be very careful about listening to what they think the solutions are going forward, because they still want to profit from that system, when this evil medical system needs to be utterly destroyed.

The U.S. Government Does not Want You to Know the Truth About How the COVID Shots are Killing and Injuring People

With almost half of the American public now convinced that the increase in "sudden deaths" is linked to the COVID-19 shots, it is time to understand that the U.S. Government does NOT serve and protect the people, but instead serves and protects the interests of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the rest of the Wall Street Billionaires and bankers. The evidence now is overwhelming that the U.S. Government completely violated the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States that allows for dissenting information and the right to criticize those in public office, by partnering with the Big Tech companies that control Social Media, such as Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to censor information about the COVID-19 "vaccines" that contradicted the U.S. Government's propaganda. These are criminal actions that have led to the deaths and injuries of millions of people. And this was not an accident. This was premeditated murder, as the U.S. Military funded and operated the entire campaign of unleashing weapons of mass destruction on their own citizens, all in the name of "population control" and "saving the planet." As has almost always been the case throughout human history, the side of TRUTH is almost always the minority side, and to take a stand for TRUTH is to sacrifice oneself for the cause of liberty. The compliant ones are the ones who are now dead or crippled, the defiant ones are the ones still standing and telling the truth. The U.S. Government is not on your side. They are your enemy, because they serve Big Pharma and Big Tech, not you.

3 Active-Duty Massachusetts Law Enforcement Officers Die “Suddenly” within 7 Days – “Sudden” Deaths and Disabilities Continued to Increase in 2022

It used to be rare when a young and healthy member of law enforcement died while on active duty, and it would be a headline story in the local news. Most of the time those deaths occurred in the line of duty. Now, when 3 young and healthy law enforcement officers all die within 7 days of each other, and their deaths were not the result of performing their services in the line of duty, such as cases where weapons were discharged, but just "passed away suddenly," it barely even gets mentioned in the corporate news. Have we as a society become immune now to the surge of these "sudden deaths" among young, healthy people? This past week, the Massachusetts State Police announced the death of 3 of their law enforcement officers: Officer John F. Santos (25) of The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, Officer Sean Besarick (48) of the Brockton Police Department, and Officer Christopher A. Davis (42) of the Stoughton Police Department. This was announced on their Facebook Page. I could not find this story anywhere in the Corporate Media. Wall Street investor and analyst Edward Dowd was on the Dr. Jane Ruby show this week, where he discussed the data he has published in his book, Cause Unknown. Even as the COVID shots drastically decreased in 2022, excess deaths and disabilities among the young and healthy in the U.S. workforce continued to rise throughout 2022. Dowd is publishing his data now at PhinanceTechnologies.com and offering it free to the public.

Epigenetics Exposes Darwinian Biology as a Religion – Your DNA Does NOT Determine Your Health!

Darwinian biology has shaped the field of "science" for nearly two centuries now. However, Darwin's theories of life and origins have undergone many revisions and updates over the years as scientific discovery brings to light new truths that challenge many of Darwin's presuppositions. DNA, for example, is a system of classification that was unknown during Darwin's time, and many of the tenets of DNA have presented problems for Darwin's theories. In recent years, the whole field of "epigenetics" has proven that we are not the sum total of our "DNA blueprint." In fact, the growing field of epigenetics completely contradicts the tenets of Darwinian biology according to biophysicist Dr. Cornelius G. Hunter. Cornelius G. Hunter is a graduate of the University of Illinois where he earned a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Computational Biology. He is Adjunct Professor at Biola University and author of the award-winning book: "Darwin’s God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil." I encourage everyone to watch this video by Dr. Hunter on DNA methylation, which is just over 35 minutes long. This is a very important truth to understand, because there is a lot of false information going around in the Alternative Health media right now claiming that because the COVID-19 shots "alter one's DNA," that they cannot be healed from the damage, and that people are being turned into "transhumans" as a result, and are no longer "homo sapiens." This is totally false, and is spreading unnecessary fear. The field of epigenetics shows us that our bodies did not evolve out of random chance, but that they were wonderfully designed with mechanisms to turn off "bad genes," and to even develop "good genes" that can be passed on to future generations. A study published in Biophysical Journal in 2019 out of NYU revealed that "a team of scientists has identified how damaged DNA molecules are repaired inside the human genome, a discovery that offers new insights into how the body works to ensure its health and how it responds to diseases that stem from impaired DNA." They stated that "the human genome experiences about thousand DNA damage events every day, which can occur naturally or due to the external factors such as chemicals or UV radiation (e.g. sunlight)." In fact, if you search through PubMed for the term “DNA repair”, you will get over 100,000 results in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

The COVID-19 “Vaccines” Are Weapons Developed by the U.S. Military

With more of the American public waking up to the fact that the COVID-19 shots are linked to the epidemic of "sudden deaths," these rushed-to-market emergency use authorized (EUA) "vaccines" are gaining more scrutiny by many in the Alternative Media, and there is now ample evidence that the U.S. Department of Defense has been behind the funding and development of these shots from the beginning. First referred to as the "War Against the Virus" by President Donald Trump in 2020, it is obvious now that this was a planned military operation all along, and the military operation that released federal funding to fast-track these weapons of mass destruction that are called "vaccines," was also given a military name: Operation Warp Speed. The public was told these COVID "vaccines" were “safe and effective” without qualification even though they were not fully approved. Why was the public not advised that the normal standards of quality, safety and efficacy were not applied to the development and testing of these vaccines? Why was this kept secret? Why are governments around the world planning to make further significant investments in this unsafe vaccine technology? Will these national security arrangements still be in place for future vaccines and other pharmaceutical products? The fate of humanity and all future generations is literally at a critical tipping point.

Vaccinated NFL Player Wanted Unvaxxed Jailed – Died Unexpectedly at Age 38

With the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin live on Monday Night Football this week, and all the speculation about whether or not his heart attack was related to the COVID-19 shots, the death of former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri has received far less media attention.  Nwaneri is another name added to a growing list of people who publicly flouted their COVID-19 vaccination status, and then vilified those "anti-vaxxers" who refuse to be injected, going so far as to call for the "anti-vaxxers" to be sent to jail, and has now "died unexpectedly" at the age of 38.

Has Wall Street Hijacked the Vaccine Resistance Movement by Funding Pro-Vaccine Spokespeople to Speak Against COVID Vaccines?

I have been writing about the dangers of vaccines ever since Health Impact News started 12 years ago, in January of 2011. And even before I started publishing on Health Impact News, I was warning the public about the danger of vaccines by selling books in my online store, primarily books written by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the flu shots, showing not only how dangerous they were, but exposing the fraud in the vaccine industry. Since 2011 I have worked with pretty much everyone in the vaccine resistance movement, giving them a voice on the Health Impact News network, until 2020 when the COVID scam was unleashed. Since 2020, the people who get the most media attention on the vaccine issue are newcomers to the movement, and the main reason they are getting most of the attention is because they have brought huge sources of funding with them to get their message out. Where has all of this funding come from since 2020, when the world's economy began to suffer a downturn, as many small and medium size businesses have now left the marketplace? We know that President Donald Trump released $trillions into the economy all in the name of "COVID" and the emergency health measures, and we know that most of that money went to Big Pharma and their investors. But let me be very clear right up front at the beginning of this article on just what my motivation is in publishing this. This is not just simply about money, but it is about where do we now go from here, as most of the public is now waking up to the COVID-19 "vaccine" fraud that is behind all the "sudden deaths" we are now seeing? Who do we look to for guidance in the future, as we seek to heal those who have suffered from these bioweapons, and seek justice for the criminals who caused this? This is the #1 question that has to be answered here in 2023 as we move forward, and while there are whistleblower doctors and others who have done a great job in exposing the problem, it is time now to move beyond the fact that we have a criminal problem with criminal products that are killing people, and it is time to focus on bringing the criminals to justice, and bringing down the entire criminal enterprise. And that is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for those who still support the system and earn their living from the criminal system. Because the only way the COVID-19 "vaccine" injured are going to be healed, is to stop injecting them and their children with vaccines, ALL vaccines, and that is not going to happen with these well-funded pro-vaccine voices who only speak out against the COVID-19 shots, and not all the other vaccine products that have been maiming and killing children and adults for decades now.