In April 2013, Simonetta Sommaruga (left), former President of Switzerland and current Vice President, allegedly apologized for past crimes of child trafficking against the Swiss people by the Swiss government according to a new documentary film, Trees of Shame, which is black-listed in Europe.

NOTE: This film is currently not available due to a legal dispute.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

5 years in the making and black-listed in Europe, filmmaker Omar Agustoni along with co-producer Neal Sutz has just released the documentary, Trees of Shame, which premiered online November 24, 2019.

The film documents the history of child trafficking in Switzerland through Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Court system, with riveting interviews of former and current victims.

According to the history of the International Social Service (ISS), today’s “Child Protection” child welfare system which exists in most Western countries, originated in Switzerland just after WWI in 1920 in an effort to deal with “displaced” children, or “orphans.”

The headquarters was established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1924, and the U.S. branch was established in New York City in 1926. (Source.)

During the Great Depression, the Social Security Act established under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 allocated funds to establish child welfare programs throughout the U.S., and is the birth of modern Child Protection Service agencies nationwide.

While Simonetta Sommaruga, former President of Switzerland and the current Vice President, allegedly apologized for past crimes of child trafficking against the Swiss people by the Swiss government in April of 2013, where many of these children labeled “orphans” were trafficked as child laborers, much like the old “orphan trains” in the U.S. back in the mid 1800s, Trees of Shame documents how these crimes of child trafficking still happen today.

This is similar to what is happening in the U.S. today, as we have documented for the past 5 years at Health Impact News on our website, where the modern day Foster Care system is a massive multi-billion dollar child trafficking system.

Trees of Shame can be rented and viewed online at:

Press Release

November 24, 2019 – New York, NY – The largest, full-length, documentary film expose in the history of the CPS and film industries premieres today worldwide via

“Trees of Shame – Switzerland’s Crimes Against Children,” black-listed in Switzerland and The European Union and never able to be shown to a European audience, is a project that took more than 5 years to shoot, edit and, finally, release to the public.

This film tells the story of the Child Protective Services and Juvenile Court sectors in Switzerland and, for the American audience, proves, irrefutably, that the same “system” of CPS that is in Switzerland is the exact same “system” of CPS that is in America. The only differences are the languages spoken and the size of the countries.

Trees of Shame – Switzerland’s Crimes Against Children” tells the stories of numerous families that have been destroyed by the CPS of Switzerland, how the Juvenile Courts offer no due process and how many of the politicians, doctors, school teachers and other “State Employees” work together to defame parents and kidnap children from their homes and parents, despite those homes and those parents being unquestionably safe, supportive, loving and the best place for their children to grow up.

What is happening in the United States of America is, in fact, exactly what is happening in Switzerland – massive corruption in Administrative “Courts,” not actual, Judicial Courts who offer due process and the right for those falsely accused to be heard, to participate in the Court hearings and to present their evidence to contradict the defamation and false, baseless accusations that have already destroyed hundreds of thousands of families.

Do not let the fact that this documentary is “about CPS in Switzerland” dissuade you from the fact that all Americans who have been victims to the CPS atrocities will see that what the American children, parents and families are suffering from in the United States is precisely what the Swiss are being subject to as well.

The American co-producer who purchased the right to “Trees of Shame” had the entire film translated into English, by putting a full English voice-over on the film and placing 100% English subtitles on this shocking expose.

“Trees of Shame” is sure to blow the top off of CPS, both in Switzerland, the USA, and countries around the world where CPS operates. With the support of the American People, hopefully the horrific crimes of the CPS system can be stopped, to reinstate a fair, just and honest system of Child Protective Services and Juvenile Courts and, in short, demand the return of children kidnapped from their loving parents to their homes, their families and those who truly care for them.

“Trees of Shame – Switzerland’s Crimes Against Children,” can be streamed right now at the film’s presentation website,