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The tragic death of 22-month-old Tyler Walter who was taken away from his mother and placed into foster care with a 19-year-old foster mother has been reported by ABC News 10 in San Diego.

Adults were put in charge of Tyler Walter’s life to give him a chance to flourish. Instead, Tyler died before he could reach two.

The biological mother of the 22-month-old boy believes the system failed in its duty. Tyler Walter died two months after being placed with a foster parent.

In a claim filed against the County of San Diego, Lisa Walter stated that her son Tyler, “was healthy when he was in my care he was thriving, he needed his mother and placing him with my 19-year-old niece was negligent.”

Tyler Walter died Sept. 22, 2018. The cause of death listed on his autopsy is blunt head trauma.

Tyler’s mother was allegedly arrested for possession of drugs, which led to the child being removed from her home. The home California CPS put the young toddler into was obviously far worse, resulting in his death a short time later. The 19-year-old foster mother was reportedly homeless and living out of her car.

This tragic case reinforces research done over the years that children generally do far better when left their parents, even if it is a troubled home and the parents have problems, such as drug use. See:

Foster Care Children are Worse Off than Children in Troubled Homes – The Child Trafficking Business

Given the current opioid epidemic that currently exists in the U.S., and the high rate of prescription drug usage among Americans, maybe half the population is struggling with drug abuse issues.

The only factor that determines which drug abuse problems are criminal offenses and which ones are not, is whether that drug is legal and approved by the FDA, or whether it is illegal, and not approved by the FDA.

Drug abuse problems with illegal drugs dwarfs the sheer number of people abusing prescription drugs, and yet parents using legal prescription drugs seldom have their children taken away as a result of taking FDA-approved prescription drugs.

Attorney Shawn McMillan is representing the mother in her lawsuit against the County of San Diego. He was recently interviewed by ABC News 10:

This is not the first time that Attorney McMillan has sued San Diego. See:

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