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As we have frequently reported here at Health Impact News over the years, very few children in the U.S. seized by Child Protective Services are taken because they are being abused.

Frequently, the threat of having children taken away from their families by CPS is used as a weapon to coerce parents. See:

The Weaponizing of CPS – Lose Your Children IF: You Don’t Vaccinate, You Don’t Make a Dentist Appointment, You Don’t Pay School Lunch Fees, You Don’t Shut Up, Etc.

Recently a school district in Pennsylvania received media attention for threatening parents who were late in paying their school lunch fees of being reported to CPS and possibly losing their children.

Now, another report out of Washington D.C. shows how one school threatened parents who did not show on time to pick up their children from school with being reported to CPS.

DC school warns parents they’ll call Child & Family Services if you’re late for pickup

by Delia Goncalves


Parents know the start of the school year means a lot of routine paperwork: permission slips, supply lists, policies and procedures.

But a D.C. mom couldn’t believe the strongly worded letter she received from her child’s school. This mom said the principal sent a warning to parents that if they don’t pick up their kid on time, the Child and Family Services Agency will be called.

“Collaborating with parents and the community to make sure kids have proper supervision when students are on campus and when they’re travelling to and from is something we’re always thinking about,” DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee said.

So collaborating or calling Child and Family Services if a parent runs late is DCPS policy.

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