Devani before entering foster care.

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Beth Breen, the driver contracted by Arizona DCS to drive young Devani from the foster home where it was later learned she was repeatedly raped by her foster parent who was arrested for running a child pornographic and child sex trafficking ring out of his state-approved foster home, to her parents home 90 miles away each week for a 2-hour supervised visitation, was recently interviewed by Jim White at Northwest Liberty News.

Breen states that she is under a gag order and not supposed to speak about the case, but she “doesn’t care” because the gag order is unconstitutional.

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Beth Breen explains how she thought it was strange that they would place this little girl in a foster home so far away from the parents, 90 miles away, and that due to the fact that she drove her once a week 180 miles total, that she actually spent more time with Devani than her parents did.

Devani Child Molester Frodsham - Sierra Vista Police

David Frodsham, mug shot from Sierra Vista Police.

When David Frodsham was arrested, and then later convicted, for child sex abuse in Sierra Vista, Beth Breen went to the court to examine the court documents, trying to figure out how Frodsham and his wife could be approved as foster parents for 13 years.

Breen states that there were 36 police reports made to the foster home, but that they were never investigated. David Frodsham was the deputy commander of the Fort Huachuca Army base, a position he held after being kicked out of Afghanistan for deviant sexual behavior.

Breen states during the interview that it is hard to believe that only 3 people were arrested in connection with this child sex trafficking ring being operated out of an Arizona-approved foster home.

Another foster child victim from the Frodsham home has aged out of foster care and filed a $15 million lawsuit for allegedly being pimped out for over ten years, since he was 8 years old, and now allegedly fears for his life. See:

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Breen gives an update on the current situation in the interview, and states that Devani has still not been returned to her parents, or to her grandmother who has allegedly taken her petition all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court.

One of the most incredible statements that Breen gives during the interview (around the 42 minute mark), is when she recalls her time in jail with Merissa Hamilton because they were peacefully protesting in Phoenix against the abuses committed against Devani in this case, and she said they talked to the other women who were in jail to find out why they there:

While we were in jail, we interviewed a lot of women in jail and asked them why they were there. When we told them what we were doing, they stood up and applauded us, because out of every women that we interviewed, their charges were drugs, and the reason they turned to drugs was (because) their children were taken away. And they fought and they fought, and they finally just gave up. Because you can’t win in this system.

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