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Detective Perez Deposition. Image from YouTube.

By Megan Fox
PJ Media


Rachel Bruno, the mother at the center of a civil rights battle in Orange County, California, has been awarded another big settlement against social services and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) after they took her 20-month-old son and ran unauthorized medical tests on him and injected him with a dozen vaccinations at the same time.

Bruno was just given a half-million-dollar settlement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for their role in violating her Fourth Amendment rights of due process by carrying out an unwarranted seizure of her 20-month-old son, David.

One of the most shocking revelations in the Bruno case is the fact that the Orange County CPS caseworkers used an outdated general warrant to order the medical testing, which was dated 2008, seven years before the tests were performed. The county offered no explanation, time travel or otherwise, to account for how they got a warrant signed in 2008 for an incident that occurred in 2015.

This warrant from the distant past was used to do invasive medical procedures on a traumatized baby who had been ripped from his family just hours before. David’s pediatrician was also not contacted by Orange County Social Services before they vaccinated him to “catch up” to the current schedule.

David had been vaccinated according to his pediatrician’s recommendations at a slower pace because of a troubling reaction to Prevnar. At the physician’s direction, his vaccination schedule had been altered to slow it down to avoid more reactions. Orange County Social Services vaccinated him with seven shots containing twelve viruses at once, disregarding his medical history and without parental consent.

“By the grace of God, David is okay,” Bruno told PJ Media. But the psychological damage he suffered from the unlawful separation and time in a foster group home lingered. “It took a while for him to stop rejecting me,” said Bruno. “He believed I had left him.” Bruno is now reunited with her family and the baby has recovered from his head injury, which remains unexplained.

Bruno has posted her attorney’s depositions where he interrogates the police officer and social worker involved in this case of clear constitutional violations.

Here is Detective Perez, who ordered the seizure of the children, admitting, “I did a warrantless seizure,” which she knows is illegal based on her training.

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