Lisa Belanger and father

Marvin Siegel and “Daddy’s girl” Lisa Belanger, before guardians took them away from each other. Photo provided by family.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
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Attorneys and guardians have plundered the estate of Marvin Siegel, a retired attorney from Boxford, Massachusetts. At the same time they have gone through the courts to isolate him from his children and essentially imprison him in his own home.

His youngest daughter Lisa Belanger followed in his footsteps in becoming an attorney, inspired by her father’s principles of fighting for what is right. She says:

He taught me to not be silent when wrongs are being done to others.

She and her sister Devora Kaiser were shocked to see the strong arm of the state in keeping them away from their beloved father when he was captured from his family in 2011.

See their original story:

Massachusetts Senior Citizen and Attorney Medically Kidnapped – Estate Plundered – Represents National Epidemic

Marvin Siegel’s daughters had no idea how deeply the corruption in the guardianship issue runs, but they have had a front row seat to see the conflicts of interests, sweetheart deals, drugging of senior citizens, and raping of their estates that are standard fare in some probate courts, such as the one their family has had the misfortune of being subjected to.

According to the Boston Broadside:

In March of 2015, Marvin’s daughter, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, filed an extensive federal civil action in which she claims that Atty.

Kazarosian is part of a long-embedded insidious enterprise of corrupt lawyers and judges using the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system to exploit elders—and any person of any age for that matter who happen to be vulnerably labeled as “incapacitated.”

Lisa’s extensive, detailed complaint and accompanying exhibits can be viewed by the public free of charge at

In our last update on their story in July 2018, we reported that attorney Marsha Kazarosian retaliated against Lisa Belanger and her efforts to free her father by filing with the Bar Association to have her disbarred.


Massachusetts Attorney Exposing Medical Kidnapping Threatened with Being Disbarred

Marsha Kazarosian is an appointee of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and she currently sits on the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers – the very group that has the power to ultimately decide the fate of Lisa Belanger’s law career.


Photo Source: The Boston Broadside.

The latest developments seem to paint a picture of the deck stacked against the attorney who is simply fighting with all she has for the God-given human right to have a relationship with her father, without government interference.

According to a recent order from the Board of Bar Overseers, the Board has ruled that Belanger will not be allowed to “introduce any exhibits at the [upcoming] hearing,” nor will she be able to have witnesses testify on her behalf.

The hearing was supposed to take place December 4-6, but it has been continued to early January.

Meanwhile, Lisa and her sister were notified on Monday, December 10, that their father has been hospitalized. He has pneumonia, but Lisa Belanger is forbidden to see her father by Marsha Kazarosian and the new court-appointed guardian for Marvin Siegel, Brian Bixby, who was recommended by Kazarosian.

The Boston Broadside reports these latest developments, up to Mr. Siegel’s hospitalization:

Gov. Baker’s Appointee, Atty. Marsha Kazarosian, Moves in for the Kill
‘to Protect her $$$ Source’

Boston Broadside Dec 2018

The Boston Broadside takes on Attorney Marsha Kazarosian and Elder Abuse. Source.

Powerful Political Appointee Kazarosian Seeks to Muzzle Elder’s Daughter After Daughter Exposed ‘Kazarosian-Led Cabal’ Draining Her Father’s Estate

by Lonnie Brennan
The Boston Broadside


Retired Attorney Marvin Siegel of Boxford, Mass. thought he had everything all set: power of attorney, medical proxies, and all of the regular as well as the complex paperwork to ensure that his daughters would protect his future.

That changed when he was involuntarily transported by elder services to Beverly Hospital approximately 7 years ago, then subsequently transported to a psychiatric unit where, according to his daughters, he was drugged against his will, and signed over control of his multi-million dollar estate to predatory lawyers.

Fast forward to 2018, and Mr. Siegel remains a “prisoner” in his own home, now saddled with some degree of dementia after years of forced drugging and isolation from immediate family members.

According to two of his daughters, their father has been isolated, medicated, and his accounts continue to be liquidated, to the tune of nearly $250,000 per year in legal charges alone. They recently filed yet another objection in Essex County Probate and Family Court (Docket No. ES11P1465PM, and reference prior objections contained in ES11P1466GD).

The various documents submitted to the courts detail lawyers on a mad spending spree: invoices include charging from $275 to $600 per hour to talk to one another, photocopy papers, and respond to e-mails from one another.

The daughters specify in their objections that invoices include “excessive and frivolous” billing and reveal “duplicate and redundant efforts” as well as billing which they cite breaks rules of ethical behavior, charging $275 per hour for photocopying, for example.

But the daughters took on a giant, and payback is a bitch.

In their latest objections, the daughters detail excess charges for various services, as well as cite a certain lawyer whose near-doubling of the hourly rates for services threatens to rapidly accelerate the current nearly quarter-of-a-million dollar drain on their father’s accounts.

But the daughters poked a bear. A big bear.

And that bear has struck back. Governor Charlie Baker’s appointee and member of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, Attorney Marsha Kazarosian of Haverhill, is one of the lawyers at the center of the “liquidation” of Mr. Siegel. Kazarosian has been paid lump sums “on retainer” repeatedly, multiple times each year, with little to no accounting of how she justifies her compensation, the sisters charge.

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars in prior billings, Kazarosian received payments of :

$15,000 (2/15/2016),

$25,000 (6/17/2016) and

$35,000 (11/21/2016),

bringing her 2016 take to $75,000, according to recently released accountings.

In 2017, Kazarosian received similar payments:

$10,000 (3/9/2017),

$25,000 (4/11/2017),

$10,000 (10/7/2017) and

$25,000 (11/10/2017).

Figures for 2018 remain unreleased.

Kazarosian Strikes Back Hard – Goes for Law License

Kazarosian struck back against one of the daughters, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, seeking to strip Belanger of her license to practice law. Make no mistake, Kazarosian is a giant in political circles, having held many key positions and currently serving on the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers. Kazarosian also sits on a board recommending judgeships.

Belanger is charged with a long list of inappropriate behavior, behavior which included Belanger’s release and exposure of what she terms the systemic draining of her father estate. Kazarosian has gone several steps further by recently filing motions which have sought to isolate Belanger and her father Marvin even more.

Kazarosian had the courts prevent any public viewing, any recording, videotaping, and even went so far as apparently supporting the removal of Marvin’s son-in-law from a court hearing, so that only Lisa and her sister would be in the room.

At that hearing, Lisa doubled-down on the presiding judge, revealing connections between the judge and opposing counsel which was previously undisclosed by the judge.

After much delay that day, the judge consented to having Lisa immediately handwrite a motion to demand the judge withdraw from the proceedings, and recused herself from future interactions on the case. The judge complied.

In addition to the monies drained each year by attorney Kazarosian, the latest court filings cite extensive payments to a number of lawyers over the years, including Brian Cuffe, James Feld, Deutsch Williams, Brian Bixby, Dennis McHugh, Alisa Hacker, Cheri Myette, and others.

“ALL of these attorneys are paid from my father’s estate,” daughter Sheryl Sidman noted, adding that “he would be very upset to learn that his estate is being greatly reduced in size due to paying attorney fees.”

Together, the attorneys took $236,813.22 in 2016 from Mr. Siegel, and $205,066.03 in 2017.



In 2016, 32% of all withdrawals were made to pay lawyer fees. In 2017, 31% of withdrawals went to lawyer fees. The daughters have also vehemently objected to the excessive withdrawal of funds for household items including charges to refurbish a bathroom, pay groceries, and more than $2,000 per week paid to Right At Home for 24/7 “guards” (aka medical babysitters) to stay with their father.


After nearly a year of work, Kazarosian has arranged a trial against Marvin Siegel’s daughter for early December. A three-day trial to strip the daughter of her license to practice law, citing how it was her who has been uncooperative in this matter and blasphemous in her objections to Kazarosian and the other lawyers involved.

The daughters filed to have the proceedings videotaped.

Kazarosian objected and the courts sustained her. Kazarosian in her objects slandered COMFLM founder Janet Aldridge, stating she had no press credentials.

Ms. Aldridge re-filed with the court directly, including multiple press credentials from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts going back many, many, many years.

She routinely videotapes hearings and events at the State House and has more credentials than imaginable. Either Kazarosian was stupid, or she blundered without checking.

The court has DELAYED the court case from Dec. 5th to early January, and has promised to render a decision on allowing the public access to any or some of the Siegel saga and his daughter’s trial.

Read the full article at the Boston Broadside.