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By Health Impact News/ Staff
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Early in our Medical Kidnap research at Health Impact News, we found that a particular subset of doctors kept coming up in the stories of parents accused of abuse when their children had a medical condition that causes symptoms that mimic abuse.

Doctors known as Child Abuse Pediatricians or Child Abuse Specialists play a central role in the majority of medical kidnapping cases, particularly those involving accusations of Shaken Baby Syndrome, multiple broken bones, and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

We were shocked to learn that parents often lose their children, and are sometimes imprisoned, even placed on death row, due to the testimony of these Child Abuse doctors, while the parents had other medical experts, as many as a dozen, who have asserted that the child was not abused but rather had a medical condition that the Child Abuse doctors refused to acknowledge.

It is common nationwide for judges, social workers, and Child Protective Services attorneys to outright dismiss the stacks of medical evidence that would exonerate parents, instead convicting innocent parents based on the word of one Child Abuse Pediatrician.

Though Child Abuse Pediatricians are not truly “experts” in anything, in practice their word carries more weight in courts than the word of other, more qualified, doctors. (See: Pediatric Child Abuse “Experts” are NOT Experts in Anything). This frequently plays out in the court of public opinion and the media as well.

This did not happen by accident or by happenstance. On the contrary. It appears that this was a well-orchestrated move, with money and power as the driving forces.

As we continue to pull back the curtain on the “great and powerful Oz” of the child abuse physician industry, we have found that there is a calculated effort to silence opposition and to train the media and public to accept their interpretations and conclusions without question.

In a promotional video for Palmetto Health – USC Medical Group in Columbia, South Carolina, Child Abuse Pediatrician Susan B. Luberoff, MD, shines some light on how her group of doctors sees their role.

She says that the “most fun part” of her job is working with everyday people to “interpret” information for them:

A big part of my job is INTERPRETING information for people that are not medical, interpreting medical information for law enforcement officers, for DSS [Child Protective Services in South Carolina] caseworkers, for teachers, for other people that have a concern, and they’re being barraged with a lot of big words that they don’t understand, and maybe can misunderstand, and go down the wrong path.

Listen to her speak here:

The Helfer Society Wants to Educate Media

Many of the Child Abuse Pediatricians who play a role in Medical Kidnap stories are a part of the Ray E. Helfer Society, which is an elite group of doctors in the child abuse field.

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