Jennifer Winn by Shara Michelle

Jennifer Winn is a passionate family activist, rallying the troops to action to restore children to their own families. Photo by Shara Michelle.

Commentary by Terri LaPoint
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There are things in life that happen that change you. There are things that, once you see, you cannot un-see.

Throughout history, there have been individuals who rise up against the evil that confronts their society, who become a voice for their generation who say, “No more! This wickedness must end, and I will not stop until it does.”

These voices lead by example and inspire those around them to stand strong and never give up, no matter how intimidating the battle may be.

Jennifer Winn is such a voice for families fighting against the evils of medical and state-sponsored kidnapping of children. She has become known for her fiery passion, uncompromising quest for justice, and inspirational speeches that call governmental officials and agencies out on the carpet for the injustice they inflict on the people they are supposed to serve.

It was not until shortly after her run for governor of the state of Kansas in 2014 that she learned that Child Protective Services (CPS) and family courts were taking children away from non-abusive parents, often putting them into horrific foster care situations. Once she recognized what was happening to thousands of families, she refused to be silent.

She immediately began speaking up for families and speaking out against the corruption that she found in the CPS system.

Jennifer Winn joined Connie Reguli and others on September 11, 2018, as part of a team of activists and professionals who gathered in Washington DC to participate in an Educational Panel put together by 4 the Children USA. The event was live-streamed to hundreds of thousands of viewers, including District Attorneys’ offices from several states according to event founder Robert Slaven.

See Connie Reguli’s speech here:

The Ease with which Government Kidnaps Children – A Review of Current Legislation and the Multi-Billion Dollar Child “Protection” Industry

Various speakers educated the audience regarding law, medical practices, and legislation. Some shared personal stories of first-hand encounters with corruption within the system.

Jennifer Winn has no such story of having her own family members taken by CPS. However, she is a mother, a grandmother, an American, and a human being, all of which means to her that she must stand and fight for those who are being torn apart by injustice:

I am an advocate who will fight until it is finished and that is the end of the story. I will not remain silent!

Here is the speech she gave at the event:

Awakening to the Truth of Government-Sponsored Child Trafficking

Jennifer Winn DC protest

Jennifer Winn at a Washington DC protest in 2017.

Near the end of Jennifer’s gubernatorial campaign, she told the D.C. audience, a mother reached out to her and said that she needed to talk with her. She told Jennifer Winn that the state was taking children from families. Frankly, she sounded crazy to Jennifer, like a “conspiracy theorist.”

When the election was over, the woman didn’t stop trying to talk to her. For three weeks, she persisted, blowing up her phone daily, insisting that Jennifer didn’t understand and that she needed to hear her out.  She begged to meet with her for just 30 minutes.

It became clear that “she’s not going to let up,” so Jennifer agreed to have the woman come to her office.

She was not prepared for what she heard. The mother brought in a detailed timeline of what had happened to her family, complete with transcripts and evidence to back up her side of the story.

Jennifer carried the papers home with her that night and stayed up most of the night reading the woman’s story. Based on a social worker’s allegations, the mother’s children had been taken and placed into foster care. After 15 months, the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) placed the children with their “father, who was on criminal probation for beating those children.”

As Jennifer got deeper into the story she says:

I could not believe what I was reading.

I was like Terri [LaPoint, who believed] “Oh, this is just an isolated case.” I am going to expose this, and we’re going to fix it, and we’re going to get your kids. That’s what we were going to do.

I called her at 6 a.m. I was up, because my heart, my brain, everything about my being knew that this was wrong, and I was going to fix it!

She came in. We did a video that day.

I released that video, and in 24 hours, I had over 500 requests. In a week later, I had over 1,500 requests, and I was floored.

I literally, like, for 2 days, I shut down and I cried, because I couldn’t believe the stories I was reading.

Everything about this agency that I believed was true was a lie. Everything.

Everything I had thought and had been dispositioned to believe was wrong, and children are being harmed.

Not only are they being harmed, they’re being drugged. I have 5-year olds that we have uncovered, addicted to Xanex, because they want mommy. Excuse me?

A warrior had awakened. The truth of what Jennifer Winn was seeing caused something to rise up within her, and she has not been the same since.

I cannot un-see what I have just seen.

I’m not made to be that woman that sees any type of behavior that’s completely against humanity and keeps walking.

Jennifer Winn with Connie by Francesca Sept 2018

Jennifer Winn right) with Connie Reguli, firing up an audience audience at the Lincoln Memorial to keep fighting against the CPS devastation of families, September 10, 2018. Photo by Francesca Amato Banfield.

“It Doesn’t Matter What the Law Says”

Jennifer’s speech was the final speech of the second panel for the September 11 event.

David Jose opened the panel with a discussion of the Constitution and laws regarding family courts.

I spoke about Medical Kidnapping, then Kathleen Arthur delved into the Family First Act legislation and its impact.

Two attorneys followed. Ken Rosillini of New Jersey and Connie Reguli of Tennessee discussed family law, family courts, and legislation. The entire segment had a strong emphasis on law.

When Jennifer Winn addressed the crowd, she acknowledged what most of the group had learned the hard way about the law:

We understand that the law says “this,” and we understand that it doesn’t mean anything, because we are still without our children.

We are still facing the unjustness of our courts, of our lawmakers, and of those who are allegedly there to protect the best interests of our children. What do we do?

Doctors and social workers, she explained, often report and take children over allegations that are not even worthy to warrant an investigation, but they sometimes do it out of fear of being blamed for not intervening when they should. Jennifer continued:

You understand that the law says they can’t [take the children]. You understand what it says by definition, and what does that do for us?

Where are are children? Are they with you because you know the law?

No! They’re not!

So now what do we do?

Fight. But we do it correctly.

Fighting Correctly

Record Everything

Jennifer Winn is not a lawyer or an investigator. She owns a landscaping business. But she has tools at her disposal with which to fight the corruption. They are the same tools that most of us have.

The reality is that we hold [government officials, doctors, and social workers] accountable the best way we can – with what we have….

It doesn’t seem to matter what the law says [regarding what CPS/DCF can and cannot do], so what do we do? We start holding them accountable with our cameras. We start recording them.

She cautions to “make sure that you check your state laws for that, but in Kansas, we’re a ‘one-party consent.'” (Link to recording laws here.) says that conversations may be recorded if there is not an “expectation of privacy,” i.e. conversations in public places where they can be overheard easily.

Don’t Let Fear Control You

Jennifer Winn boldly confronts fear:

You cannot let fear control you. You can not.

Someone said to me, “Aren’t you scared?”

No. I’m not. I will never be scared to fight for the future of our children! Never.

Jennifer Winn Million Parent March Sept 2017

Jennifer Winn fights for families impacted by Medical Kidnapping. Photo from the Million Parent March September 2017.

Elect People Who Will Fight for Family Rights

Jennifer Winn mentioned several factors common to many CPS jurisdictions which violate parental and constitutional rights, including “the secret social files that are on statute.”

In an earlier interview with WIBW 13 during the April 2, 2018, Fools No More rally in Topeka, Kansas, Jennifer described those secret files. She told the WIBW 13 reporter that:

passing laws such as the secret social file that make accusations against parents that they will never know about, that’s unconstitutional, that’s not acceptable any longer.

Our children are not for sale.


Families Protest at Kansas State Capitol: “Our Children are not for Sale!”

Jennifer Winn KSNT

Jennifer Winn explained some of the issues surrounding DCF to Kansas news media. Photo from WIBW 13.

Other factors that are reality for families dealing with CPS, Jennifer told the audience in Washington, D.C., include:

  • the anonymous reporting that violates your constitutional right to face your accuser,  and
  • the fact that they don’t have to have “clear and convincing” evidence, only a “preponderance” to take your children with SWAT at 3 a.m.

How does that get changed?

How did it get started? That’s the better question.

It got started by the most egregious act a person could ever think about, and it’s a bill. Our legislators are the worst enemy we have.

The solution, she says, is one that is admittedly difficult:

We have to start electing the people that will take the pen away from the criminals that are corporately owned, that don’t care about your kids….

These guys [other speakers] are right. Connie [Reguli] is right – this is not legal. This is not what we as Americans signed up for! But it’s where we are. And regardless of what is says, they’re doing it.

What are you going to do when law enforcement is showing up to steal your children for a “preponderance” – “a thought” – of some social worker who has no children, probably doesn’t have a degree if she works in Kansas, that are absolutely facilitating the kidnapping of your family?

The only way that we can win is to put people like us behind that pen.

The only way we can continue educate and bring it to light is your phone, your videos, your audio. Get up and go to court [with families].

Until we can elect people who understand the law side like the guys [who spoke about the law at the event], Connie, etc., … until then we have to expose it, and we don’t stop! We keep going. We protest. … We’ve got to pay attention to our elections.

Jennifer Winn closed her rousing speech with a call to put aside our differences and come together to fight for all of our children who are our future:

It is important for us to unify, work together, educate one another, and then eventually we’re going to save our kids.