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Commentary by Terri LaPoint
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Author and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, is concerned about doctors and Child Protective Services overruling parents who choose not to vaccinate.

In a video livestreamed on the Facebook VAXXED page on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, he said:

In the United States, there is a new rash of what can only be called Medical Kidnap.

He cites stories which are typical of those we have covered at Health Impact News, such as the medical kidnapping of a newborn just a few days ago in Idaho after the parents refused vaccines.

See story:

Baby of Idaho Disabled Mom Seized when Parents Claim Religious Exemption to Vaccines

Dr. Lyons-Weiler poses the questions:

  • Where do parents stand?
  • What are our rights?

When the government acts as though they have the authority to take rights away, that’s when people need to stand up. That’s when the people, especially in the United States, have always recognized that we need to stand up.

And I can’t imagine a right that is more sacred to a mom than the bonding moments that occur right after birth.

After that bold statement, he alludes to the hormones and emotions that run high immediately after birth, profoundly affecting the relationship between mother and baby.

There are countless books, studies, and journal articles that have been written simply on the topic of maternal/child bonding, a topic which appears to have been left out of the studies for social workers and medical professionals who work with Child Protective Services to take newborns away from their mothers.

I have long believed that the single most damaging practice in the events surrounding childbirth is the separation of mother and baby, yet the practice is occurring with more and more frequency as hospitals threaten parents with the removal of the child for refusal to vaccinate.

Dr. Lyons-Weiler has noted a pattern of nurses calmly coming into the room of a new mother and asking, “Are you ready for the baby’s shots?” If a mother refuses, the nurse may simply walk out, saying, “Ok, we are calling Child Protective Services and taking your child.”

He cites cases in Florida, Idaho, Detroit, and Philadelphia. In the Philadelphia case, there was a medical reason not to vaccinate; yet the hospital staff said it “doesn’t matter.”

It was a similar story in Alabama that was my very first introduction to the ugly reality that doctors could call Child Protective Services and kidnap a child simply for refusing a vaccine.

I was the doula for Aliea Bidwell and was present at the birth of her first baby. I watched her and her baby’s father Ben grow up. They went to homeschool events with my kids. We were all horrified when the doctor threatened to call Child Protective Services and have their newborn baby taken from them when they refused the Hepatitis B vaccine. They eventually gave in, because they saw no way out.


Parents Blackmailed By Doctor: Consent To Vaccine Or We Take Your Newborn

Attempt to Establish Legal Precedent?

Dr. Lyons-Weiler believes that these are not anomalous cases occurring randomly. Rather,

What is happening here is, I believe, state by state by state, they want to set the precedent by which they’re claiming to have the authority to take children away from parents who decide not to vaccinate.

What I believe is happening is they are going after low income families who have no chance of having any substantial legal assistance, who can’t afford legal aid themselves.

They’re trying to set a precedent by which it looks like they’re taking children on the basis of vaccination, as if that’s something that they can do legally.

Because there is real risk involved in vaccines, he asserts that there is not actually a legal basis for CPS to take a child from his family for vaccine refusal.

Vaccine risk is well underestimated.

Vaccine risk is extremely downplayed.

If people knew the real risk of vaccines, they wouldn’t subject their children to them.

Mary Holland is a legal scholar from New York University who serves on Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s advisory board. She has also written for Health Impact News regarding vaccine laws. See:

Killing the Messenger: U.S. Vaccine Law and Policy


Law Professor Mary Holland addressing the U.N. regarding civil rights related to government vaccine policies in 2016.

Dr. Lyons-Weiler read from a letter sent to him by Mary Holland:

I have heard similar stories from delivery rooms and hospitals where medical people threaten moms who have just delivered with Child Protective Services if they do not authorize the birth Hepatitis B shot that the CDC ACIP [Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices] recommends without any science to show that it is safe for newborns.

Usually hospitals and Child Protective Services bootstrap vaccine refusal decisions with other issues, trying to make out cases of medical or other parental neglect.

In every similar case in which Dr. Lyons-Weiler has spoken with the mothers, he says that the mothers felt targeted or “picked out of the crowd” by the hospital staff and CPS. He then continues reading Mary Holland’s letter:

While 3 states now require vaccines for school attendance with no non-medical exemptions, all 50 states require informed consent, and NO STATE HAS A REQUIREMENT FOR COMPULSORY VACCINATION AT BIRTH [emphasis his].

So somehow the hospital/CPS must make a case of neglect. Otherwise there is no legal basis for child removal.

This is consistent with what we have noted at Health Impact News. Although we are seeing an increase in medical kidnappings where vaccine refusal is listed in the grounds for removal, most hospital personnel will not explicitly state that the reason for removal is vaccine refusal. Instead, parents who refuse vaccines, even in older children, find themselves under increased scrutiny, and false allegations often follow.

This is similar to the issue of homeschooling – few social workers will risk the public outcry that happens if they say that they are taking children because of homeschooling, but they target homeschoolers, nonetheless, and make up other allegations for removal if they cannot find any.

Informed Consent Is the Law; Hospitals Break that Law when They Don’t Inform Clients of Vaccine Risks


Citizens need to educate local legal communities, says Dr. Lyons-Weiler, as to what the basic rights are for informed consent.

Vaccines are no exception to this; they have to explain the risks.

He describes the blanket consent form that most hospitals have patients sign when they go in, and he explains that this does not mean that the patient has signed away his rights to informed consent by signing the consent forms.

He makes a recommendation to parents who are threatened by CPS for refusal of a vaccine:

Each and every time any parent has a child threatened with Child Protective Services, they need to be empowered right away. The first thing you tell them is that, “You know what? Somebody broke the law.” What law was broken might vary from state to state, but somebody broke the law, even if it is as simple as informed consent.

As most parents can attest, informed consent rarely happens, even though it is the law. In order to be informed consent, the benefits and the risks of the procedure, medication, or vaccine must be explained.

In a Florida case described by Dr. Lyons-Weiler, a mother was still under the effects of medication following birth by cesarean section, when a nurse entered her room asking if she was ready for the shots for the new baby. The mother was confused. Ready now? Ready in general? She didn’t understand and she told that to the nurse.

Without any response to her confusion, the nurse proceeded to call Child Protective Services and the baby was seized by the state.

According to Dr. Lyons-Weiler, the nurse was culpable:

That nurse, specifically – that specific nurse – broke the law. We need to hold medical health care providers individually responsible, as well as their employers, which means civil court….

They are breaking the law, at the state level and at the federal level.

The concept of “informed consent” came out of the post-Holocaust Nuremburg trials, after the world learned that scientists and pharmaceutical companies were experimenting on human victims, mostly Jewish people held prisoner in the concentration camps. Experimentation on people without their consent is a major human rights violation, and the Nuremburg code sought to stop that.

Doctors and the United States government has found a way around the protections of the international human rights protections in the Nuremburg code, via blanket consent forms and the seizing of children and adults by government protective services.

When people are wards of the state, social workers and guardians act in the role of parent to provide consent for experimentation and drug testing.

Hospitals need to be called out on this, says Dr. Lyons-Weiler. He recommends that, if a parent is threatened with CPS for refusing a vaccine, the parent should call the medical director of the facility and tell that person that they intend to seek damages.

[Note: in many of the stories that we have covered, we have seen that such threats, including any threats to sue or file malpractice charges, almost always result in the prompt removal of the child by CPS within 24 hours, and false allegations made by hospital staff that the mother has Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy/Factious Disorder.]

The doctor addresses a situation that more and more parents are finding themselves in – the refusal of the hospital staff to allow the parents and their baby to leave the hospital. Dr. Lyons-Weiler doesn’t mince words:

If you can’t leave the room, that’s called, “Kidnapping.” Call 911.

Such kidnapping, he says, is a prosecutable crime.

The medical community, for the large part, says Dr. Lyons-Weiler, does not really know or understand the risks of vaccines.

He calls for attorneys and doctors to work together on behalf of families targeted by CPS.

We need a national parenting legal defense fund.

Calls for Legislation

Because parents are increasingly having their newborns medically kidnapped for exercising their parental rights to refuse consent, Dr. Lyons-Weiler says that there needs to be new legislation that spells out “point blank, in plain English” parameters to the effect of:

No medical health care worker has the right to assume custody or call Child Protective Services over the question of informed consent on vaccines.

[It’s] absolutely one of the most pressing, urgently needed types of legislation, new legislations. We need it in all 50 states, and we need it right now, because unless we do this from a legislative standpoint, it’s going to be their resources versus our resources….

He then makes a statement that just about every family fighting for their children has learned to be painfully true:

When they use the state, they have unlimited resources. They have much more money than our movement does or any individual family does.

Recommendations for School Boards

Dr. Lyons-Weiler addresses the fraud by the CDC in falsifying data regarding the efficacy of the mumps/MMR vaccine, which is the subject of the documentary expose’ Vaxxed.

CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson admitted that the CDC destroyed evidence and falsified data.


CDC Whistleblower Emerges: Admits Coverup on Vaccine Link to Autism

CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism

This is Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s recommendation to school boards regarding vaccines:

One of the things that I think is a really smart idea would be all school mandates are put on hold, especially for mumps, because we don’t know whether it works or not.

You can’t ethically use a medical procedure on people unless there’s a known benefit, and if the FDA’s efficacy data are in question, it would seem unethical for school boards to participate in the execution of or application of the school requirement/mandates for school attendance.

Watch the entire video here:

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