Aniya Wonder Woman costume

Aniya in her Wonder Woman costume, with her mommy Anita. Photo Source: Justice for Aniya Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

A Texas mother faces another setback in trying to get her daughter back from Child Protective Services. Her daughter was medically kidnapped after a serious medical accident in which a pediatrician accidentally gave 4 month old Aniya Blu Vasquez the Gardisil 9 vaccine that was intended for her big brother.

After receiving the vaccine by accident, baby Aniya began experiencing health problems that were subsequently blamed on her mother, Anita Vasquez.

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But Anita Vasquez recently learned that the attorney she hired to help her fight for baby Aniya is not, in fact, an attorney.

Anita first learned of Lamberg when a friend of her mother told them about the wonderful attorney who would “fix this” and help her regain custody of her daughter. Her mother Mary Vasquez, the grandmother of baby Aniya, tearfully told Health Impact News:

We thought he was our answer; he was going to help get our baby back. But he was a joke.

Randall George Lamberg met with Anita and reportedly told her that he was an attorney who would work hard to get things done and file the motions needed to get Aniya home. Anita Vasquez set to work fundraising and selling menudo, a spicy Mexican soup, to raise money to pay his law firm. Between the fundraisers and a loan from a friend, she was able to pay the law firm $7000.

Lamberg reportedly told the Vasquez family that he was an attorney working with Esequiel Ramos, Jr. However, according to court transcripts from a hearing last week, Mr. Ramos testified that Lamberg is a “legal assistant” working for him. The Victoria Advocate reports:

The State Bar of Texas has no record of an attorney by the name of Randall Lamberg.

Lamberg was indicted in February in another case where he fraudulently represented himself as an attorney, but the Vasquez family was unaware of this history.

Court last Tuesday was supposed to be a hearing about custody of Aniya. Instead, the child was little more than an afterthought in the circus surrounding the attorney impersonator, who did not even show up for court. Anita told the Victoria Advocate:

I’ve been scammed.

Aniya fake lawyer

The attorney who was supposed to fight for her has legal battles of his own, starting with a felony charge for presenting himself as an attorney. Photo source: Victoria Advocate.

Baby Was Healthy Before Gardasil Vaccine

Aniya smiling with mom in hospital May 2

Aniya smiling with her mother shortly before she was taken from her mother. Photo provided by the family.

According to reports from several friends and family members, Aniya was a healthy, happy baby before that fateful day in late December 2016. She had an ear infection before that checkup, but other than that, she had never had any health issues.

This is verified by medical records, as well as by the baby’s grandmother and other family friends with whom we spoke.

Dr. Veronica Guel-Valdivia allegedly walked into the exam room, preoccupied with a conversation on her cell phone. She picked up all of the syringes that a nurse had drawn up and, without looking at any of the labels, she administered all of the shots to little Aniya.

They only realized the mistake when Anita began asking about her son’s Gardasil 9 shot. It had allegedly been given to the baby by mistake.

Aniya Dr.-Veronica-Guel-Valdivia

Dr. Veronica Guel-Valdivia – Photo source: DeTar Healthcare System

The vaccine is not intended for children under 9 and has not been tested in babies. The Gardasil 9 has more than twice the toxic aluminum adjuvants as the previous Gardasil vaccine.


Aluminum Adjuvants plus Gardasil Vaccine: Uniquely Damaging Neuroinflammatory Cocktail

According to Dr. Toni Bark:

The HPV vaccine (which is no longer governmentally recommended in Japan, France and Israel due to serious reactions including deaths) used the new aluminum adjuvant as the placebo.


Dr. Toni Bark, M.D. – Do Not Remove Vaccine Exemptions – Some Children Die from Vaccines

By the next evening, Aniya had already begun to show symptoms of injury from the vaccine.

As her health began to decline, all of the doctors involved ignored the connection between Aniya’s health and the Gardasil 9 shot. Instead, as she got sicker, doctors diverted the blame away from the vaccine and onto the mother, eventually accusing her of Munchausen by Proxy.

Child Protective Services seized Aniya on May 2, 2017, and her family has been fighting to get her back ever since.

The Gardasil Vaccine Was the Turning Point

Since the Gardasil 9 vaccine, Aniya’s health declined. Her grandmother Mary Vasquez said that she noticed symptoms right away indicating that things were not right. Aniya began staring into space. She said that she was not the only one to tell Anita that something was wrong and that she needed to get her checked out.

Friends were shocked when CPS took her away from her home.

Mother Blamed, Attention Diverted from Vaccine Injury

Even though people close to the situation clearly see that the Gardasil vaccine was the point at which Aniya’s health started to decline, that narrative doesn’t fit with the agenda that says that vaccines are safe and harmless. According to the family, every doctor and social worker involved with the case is in denial that her symptoms are at all related to the vaccine.

Aniya white hat Feb 20

Aniya was a healthy baby before an accidental injection with Gardasil 9 vaccine changed her life. Photo source: Justice for Aniya Facebook page.

Anita says that her town of Victoria, Texas, has never seen a medical kidnapping case before, and they don’t know how to deal with it. They don’t realize, she says, that innocent parents are sometimes accused in order to take a child or to cover up for a medical mistake or medical malpractice. Before this happened to her, she had no idea that this could happen either.

The accusation of Munchausen by Proxy is a convenient label to place on a parent who is trying to find answers for a medically complex child or one who has been injured by vaccines. Instead of looking at the medical issues involved, blame is deflected onto the parent. Any possible connection to vaccines is thereby avoided in favor of the narrative put forth by the doctors and CPS.

In Anita’s case, that narrative appears to be that they want to discredit Anita and accuse her of being crazy.

Instead of taking responsibility for his paralegal who allegedly misrepresented himself to the Vasquez family as being an attorney, Mr. Esequiel Ramos, Jr., accepted $7000 for work that neither he nor his paralegal Randall Lamberg have allegedly done.

Judge Jack Marr told Mr. Ramos that the money would need to be refunded promptly to Anita Vasquez. He said that he was going to turn the matter regarding the paralegal over to the Victoria district attorneys office and report it to the Texas state bar, stating that unethical and possibly criminal activity had occurred.

Health Impact News contacted attorney Esequiel Ramos, Jr. and requested to hear their side of the story, but he chose not to comment on the charges.

Anita became a nurse so that she could better help others. All of the accusations against her are inconsistent with what her family knows of her. She told Health Impact News:

To hurt people is not in my nature. I certainly don’t need to hurt my own child.

Anita’s mother believes in her daughter. She said:

It’s been a cover up from the very beginning.

How to Find an Attorney Willing to Fight CPS?

It has been almost 10 months since Aniya was mistakenly given the Gardasil 9 vaccine, but there have been no lawsuits filed. Even though friends have encouraged her to sue, getting money for this is the furthest thing from Anita Vasquez’s mind. She just wants her baby back and wants her healthy.

One attorney considered taking the case over the summer. Mary told us about the conversation. When the attorney asked how much money she hoped to get, Anita made it clear that this was not her focus. She told him:

I just want the doctor to get off the phone.

She wants the doctor to be held responsible. Talking on a cell phone to friends while she is doing things to patients like giving injections is not good practice, and can potentially have devastating consequences, as it did with Aniya.

The judge accused Anita of playing Musical Attorneys, because she has already had so many. Unfortunately, Anita has found that it is truly difficult to find an attorney who will give more than lip service to fighting CPS. Her only goal is to get her child back home, but she has learned the bitter truth that not every attorney actually works toward that goal.

Both the paralegal allegedly posing as an attorney and a court-appointed attorney have told her that they have filed important motions on her behalf. She has learned that they have not.

Her first attorney was court-appointed. His specialty was social security law. He had rarely delved into family court law.

It was a logical next step to try to hire an attorney who is more familiar with family law. She took all of her income tax return and hired a private attorney.

It was only after he became involved in the case that he told her that no one would believe her, so she needed to just go along with the allegations by CPS, waiving her right to dispute false allegations. That, he told her, was the way to get her child back.

Anita says that she has never harmed her child, and she won’t admit to something she did not do.

Aniya in hospital

Aniya became ill after being injected with the Gardasil 9 vaccine. Photo source: Vasquez family.

She fired that attorney and asked for another court-appointed attorney. Again, she found that the attorney wanted her to be quiet and not fight CPS.

When her mother told her that she had a friend who knew a great lawyer who would fix everything and get their baby back, they jumped at the chance. They had no idea that he was not who he said he was.

Now, she is back to attorney #3, a court-appointed attorney, at least until she can get the money refunded that she paid to Ramos and Lamberg so she can hire someone else who will fight for what is right.

Even with all the different attorneys, none of them has been able to obtain discovery in the case.

Finding a good attorney is every bit as much of a nightmare as trying to find medical help for Aniya was. The deck has been stacked against parents and families, and the cost is everything – the very life of a child.

Baby’s Current Health Status in Foster Care Unknown – Parents Forbidden to Ask

A hallmark of Munchausen by Proxy is that the child gets better once they are out of reach of the parents. The theory is that, if the parents were causing the illness, then the child will no longer be sick out of the parent’s care.

Anita is not permitted to inquire about her daughter’s condition. She cannot attend medical appointments or be informed about any medical information regarding Aniya. If she does ask questions, instead of being seen as the normal behavior of a normal parent, it is interpreted as further evidence of Munchausen by Proxy.

While social workers attempt to say that Aniya is thriving outside of her mother’s care, there is evidence to the contrary. Her family was able to visit her on her birthday August 4, and she was clearly not feeling well.

Aniya 1st birthday

Her eyes show that she wasn’t feeling well on her birthday. Grandma Mary holds Aniya. Photo source: Vasquez family.

She didn’t want to crawl that day or do much of anything. The previous week Aniya was trying to walk, but on her birthday, she seemed weak and lethargic. She was fussy and had mucous drainage, and she lost weight from the previous week.

Last Sunday evening, the Vasquez family learned that Aniya was taken to the Emergency Room by her foster parent. She was running a fever, but tested negative for strep and flu. Her family’s visit for Monday was cancelled.

CPS social workers are allegedly pushing for a speedy trial to terminate parental rights. Is this so that they can hide Aniya’s medical problems?

Anita cannot ask questions about her daughter’s health, but we can.

Why the rush to separate this child from her brothers and family? How sick is she?

Are her sodium levels still bottoming out? When she was with her grandmother, doctors from Texas Children’s Hospital had her on a high sodium diet.

Why are they still drawing labs every week if she is healthy?

How You Can Help

There is a Facebook page set up to follow Aniya’s story called Justice for Aniya.

Aniya FB page

Greg Abbott is the Governor of Texas. He may be reached at (512) 463-2000 or by contacting him here.

Representative Geanie W. Morrison represents the Vasquez family’s district. She may be reached at (512) 463-0456 or contacted here.

Lois Kolkhort is the Senator for their district. She may be reached at (512) 463-0118 or contacted here.