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Nhyariah at Egleston Children’s Hospital at Emory – full of life. Photo source: Health Impact News.

UPDATE 10/11/2017

Since this story went to press, Health Impact News has learned that Nhyariah is still being given doses of morphine, against her mother’s wishes. Jasmin Mack spoke with someone at the hospital who confided to her that the records show that she was given a dose of morphine yesterday, even while the staff has been telling her that they stopped it when she made the request Saturday.

She was told that Nhyariah’s heart is still declining, but the last echocardiogram on her heart was done on September 28. So how do they know?

It is clear that Nhyariah is having a difficult time breathing, but former army medic and advocate Sherrie Saunders explains that the morphine will do that to her, with her impaired lung function.

Is This Medically Kidnapped Girl in Atlanta Being Murdered for Medical Research Due to Rare Genetic Disorder?

by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

According to doctors at Atlanta’s Egleston Children’s Hospital at Emory, ten-year-old Nhyariah Mack is on death’s door. Her mother Jasmin Mack has been told that she could die at any moment because her heart is failing her. There has been recent talk of a possible heart transplant.

Just before the heart transplant was suggested, Jasmin says that the hospital risk management team offered her a very large sum of money as a settlement if she would just walk away, leaving her daughter with the hospital and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), and stop talking about her daughter’s situation.

If that meant that her child would live, Jasmin might have taken the settlement. She said that the only way that she would consider it would be if they would send Nhyariah to the Pensacola hospital that had already offered to give a second opinion. As a mother, her daughter’s life means more to her than anything in the world.

When they refused, so did she. She believes that they are more interested in her organs and the research they can use her for than they are in her. Nhyariah has an extremely rare chromosomal disorder – Trisomy 9 mosaic. There are just over a hundred people worldwide who have that diagnosis, making Nhyariah a prime target for those who would like to use her as a lab rat for medical research.

Unfortunately, Child Protective Services can legally sign for the children in their custody to be used in medical experiments, even without their parents’ knowledge or consent.


Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

This has allegedly already happened to Nhyariah. Twice the hospital has allegedly performed experimental surgeries on her that were not necessary.

Jasmin Mack recently obtained a complete copy of her daughter’s medical records, and she says what she is learning is quite disturbing. As she reads through the documents, she reports that she is finding things that appear to support her suspicions that the hospital and DFCS are interested in medical experimentation on her daughter rather than her health.

Jasmin kisses Nhyariah

Nhyariah is obviously loved by her mom, Jasmin Mack. Photo source: Health Impact News.

During the first one, her tonsils were removed, and, according to hospital records, the tonsils and any other tissue removed may be used for medical research. A DFCS social worker signed the consent for the surgery and for the tissue to be used for research.

The surgery was not at all about improving Nhyariah’s health, and, in fact, the surgery actually caused her harm. One lung collapsed. She is still functioning on only one lung.

Jasmin learned that the most recent surgery was a procedure that the DFCS worker who signed for it knew was unnecessary. One document states that Nhyariah’s odds if she did not have the surgery were still good. In other words, the surgery was not necessary for her health or survival.

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Is Georgia DFCS Preventing Nhyariah from Having a Chance to Live?

Things are not adding up. Jasmin told Health Impact News:

I just don’t see the sickness that they are saying she has.

Former Army medic and military vaccine whistleblower Sherrie Saunders agrees. She says:

I don’t either.

Jasmin believes that her daughter has a very good chance of living – IF she can get her transferred to another hospital for a second opinion. However, DFCS currently is standing in the way of a second opinion.

It may well be that DFCS is literally standing in the way of Nhyariah’s chance to live. The hospital where Nhyariah is essentially being held prisoner has repeatedly told her mother that she will likely die soon. They seem bent on keeping her in their grasp until she dies.

The picture that Egleston Hospital paints of Nhyariah’s health is not consistent with what Jasmin is seeing.

On Friday afternoon, October 6, 2017, Saunders joined Brenda Hampton, an environmental activist who fights for clean water, and Health Impact News reporter Terri LaPoint for a visit with Nhyariah and her mother at Egleston Children’s Hospital.

Jasmine Sherrie and Brenda with Ny

Brenda Hampton, Nhyariah Mack, and Sherrie Saunders. Photo source: Health Impact News.

The group expected to see a very sick child barely clinging to life, based on the fact that doctors have been talking about Hospice care for Nhyariah and have told her mother that she could go into cardiac arrest at any time. Instead, what they found was a child who is full of life.

During the first hour and a half of the visit, most of Nhyariah’s face was covered up by a BiPAP machine that helps her to breathe after she lost the use of one lung during the first surgery.

She only has the use of one lung. The other collapsed during the first of 2 unnecessary experimental surgeries performed on her without her mother’s consent after DFCS seized custody of Nhyariah, based on allegations that have since been allegedly proven to be false.

Even with the BiPAP machine, Nhyariah wanted to play with her mom. The only time she showed any signs of discomfort was when the nurse gave her water through her feeding tube. The syringe of water was at least the size of a turkey baster, and the nurse pushed it through pretty quickly, over about ten seconds.

Up until that point, Nhyariah had been happy and playful, her eyes showing the smiles that were hidden by the machine. It was obvious that the water was going through too fast for her and was uncomfortable because she batted at it and tried to push the nurse’s hand away.

During the group’s visit on Friday, the staff moved Nhyariah to her wheelchair and removed the BiPAP machine, replacing it with a nasal cannula for oxygen. She currently has two 2- hour sessions per day with the cannula.

With more freedom of movement, Nhyariah was able to play and interact more. It seemed to take less effort for her to breathe.

Jasmin kisses Ny with Sherrie

Nhyariah had fun with Sherrie Saunders while her mother kissed her. Photo source: Health Impact News.

She is developmentally delayed, and doesn’t speak much. However, she is quite responsive and took great delight in throwing her toys on the ground and watching her guests pick them up for her. She enjoys blowing kisses with her mother, and the loving bond between the two was readily apparent.

She and her mother appeared to have a language all their own, and several times Nhyariah broke out into giggles of delight.

The entire visit lasted more than 3 hours. Sherrie Saunders, former Army medic, noted that the monitors showed that Nhyariah’s oxygen saturation levels remained very good the entire time she was using the nasal cannula for oxygen.  The numbers stayed between 96 and 100, most commonly 98 and 99.

Jasmin vitals

Nhyariah’s vitals. Photo source: Health Impact News.

Sherrie reports that the other indicators on the monitor reflect a normal heart.

Her skin is clear, again showing no signs of heart problem.

Jasmin Ny skin

Photo source: Health Impact News.

Are Doctors Motivated by Harvesting Organs for Research?

As we have previously reported, there was never even any mention of heart problems until just a few weeks ago, when a doctor approached Jasmin with the suggestion of a heart transplant.

Could this discussion simply be a ploy to get Nhyariah into another surgery where doctors can take another one of her organs out for research purposes?

Jasmin refused the heart transplant after she saw the cardiologist literally skipping down the hall when she thought that Jasmin might agree to the surgery.

Since that time, doctors have stopped all treatment and told Jasmin to prepare for her seemingly inevitable death. They also prescribed morphine, presumably for the pain of her dislocated hip.

Jasmin was concerned that the morphine could hasten her daughter’s demise, and she requested that the morphine be stopped. She is grateful that the hospital honored that request.

Nhyariah has a feeding tube and sits in a wheelchair – both conditions that she had prior to DFCS or Egleston hospital involvement. She is not currently on any other medications. Her hip causes discomfort, but it is certainly not life-threatening.

She has breathing problems, which were created from the first unnecessary surgery. She has a collapsed lung and has battled pneumonia ever since. That has led to her difficulty in breathing. However, it does not appear to be life-threatening. Indeed, the negative prognosis that Egleston doctors are reporting is unrelated to her lung function.

True Medical Kidnapping for Wanting to Transfer to Another Hospital for a Second Opinion?

Jasmin wants to know – what is really going on? Why has this hospital given her daughter a death sentence? Why won’t they allow her to transfer to another hospital that gives her hope of survival? If she is really at death’s door, why is she so full of life? If Child Protective Services is about protecting children, why aren’t they letting her transfer to the hospital that believes that she has a chance to live?

Why did the hospital offer her such a large sum of money to keep quiet and walk away from her daughter? If they actually expected her to take it, does that mean they are accustomed to other parents complying with such offers? How many other parents have sold their children to be studied and turned their backs on their own flesh and blood?

Jasmin hospital listening

Sign on the wall in Nhyariah’s room. The number to reach the Patient Advocate for Egleston Children’s Hospital is 404 785 6163. Photo source: Health Impact News.

How can this be happening in America? How can a child so full of life be sacrificed on the altar of medical research, while her mother fights for her life? Why cannot a parent get a second medical opinion in the land of the free and the home of the brave? How can Child Protective Services push aside an innocent, loving mother and allow a hospital to experiment on her child?

These are very disturbing questions with even more disturbing implications. The bottom line is that a child wants to live and her mother wants to give her every chance to do so. Yet, she is fighting the might of a huge hospital network and the state for the very life of her child.

How You Can Help

A petition has been set up here.

Governor Nathan Deal is the governor of Georgia, where Nhyariah is being held by DFCS and the hospital. He may be reached at 404-656-1776, or contacted here.

Senator Emanuel Jones represents the district where Nhyariah was taken into custody. He may be reached at 404-656-0502, or contacted here.

Representative Renitta Shannon is their House Representative. She may be reached at 404-656-7859, or contacted here.

The Twitter hashtag the mom is using is: #SheIsHuman