Mount boys last time their mom saw them

Virginia Mount and sons – photo taken the last time she saw them. Photo provided by Linda Mount.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Virginia Mount was a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful boys. She lived a normal and happy life with her boyfriend and two sons, Jace, 15 months old, and Colten, three years old. In their recreation time they enjoyed fishing, sailing, picnicking, and simply relaxing and playing together.

On November 11, 2015, Jace stood up on top of the sofa. As he came tumbling down onto the floor, his arm broke and the whole world he lived in with his family, shattered to pieces.

After the fall, as she waited in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital waiting room in Columbus, Ohio, Virginia felt as if time had frozen.

Initially, she didn’t think the fall was very serious. After all, it was just a tumble. But when he was transferred from their local hospital to this one, Virginia felt a knot form in her stomach.

At that point, though, her greatest fear was merely that Jace would have to endure the physical pain of an injury.

She had no idea that her entire family was about to be destroyed, that both her sons would suffer the devastating trauma of losing their families, possibly forever, and that she would be incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.

Mount boys before CPS

Colton and Jace Mount – happy before CPS. Photo provided by Linda Mount.

Doctor Diagnoses Abuse Based on X-rays

Child Protective Services, or CPS, arrived on scene with the Athens County Sheriff’s Department because, after examining the x-rays, Children’s Hospital had determined the child’s injury was the result of child abuse. Dr. Michael Stoner, a pediatric expert, was the attending provider that diagnosed Jace as a victim of child abuse.

Jace had suffered a spiral break and doctors at Children’s Hospital alleged that x-rays showed that he had previously suffered untreated leg fractures. CPS also claimed that Jace had previously been the victim of Shaken baby syndrome.

Mount Jace smiling

Jace was a happy little boy before CPS entered his life. Photo provided by Linda Mount.

Except, the eye condition cited as evidence of Shaken baby syndrome was a prior diagnosis of cataracts, and Shaken baby syndrome had already been ruled out. Infantile rickets was not considered as a possibility, even though there were a number of symptoms present, including cataracts.


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Also, court documents show that another doctor at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jill Pluciniczak, recommended further genetic testing to:

rule in or out osteogenesis imperfecta.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a hereditary brittle bone disease that causes bones to break easily and Dr. Pluciniczak is a clinical pediatrics professor in the Division of Molecular and Human Genetics department at Ohio State University.

Virginia’s attorney also sent the x-rays for a second opinion to Dr. Marvin Miller, a Yale-educated pediatrician and metabolic bone specialist affiliated with Children’s Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. Court documents show that Dr. Miller was willing to testify that:

the cause of the breaks in this case were not the result of neglect or abuse but an unknown medical condition at the time.

However, the court granted the state’s In Limine Motion to exclude Dr. Miller’s testimony based on a technicality.

See how some attorneys are learning to fight back in Shaken baby syndrome cases, as judges across the country are demanding that parents convicted on the testimony of doctors’ interpretation of x-rays should be retried if other scientific evidence that could explain the injuries was not presented during the trial:

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Family Loses Everything Based on Doctor’s Testimony

Consider what this family lost: the children lost their families, their homes, literally everything. The mother, Virginia, lost her children and her freedom. Under these circumstances, many are wondering how the possibility that child abuse had been a misdiagnosis not be explored?

Virginia’s mother also reported that Virginia took Tums “all the time” during her pregnancy for heartburn.

As we have noted at Health Impact News, a significant percentage of the stories involving brittle bones conditions also involve mothers who consumed high quantities of antacids such as Tums during pregnancy. See Marty’s story, Tai’s story, the Timmons’ family story, and the Walls’ family story – all of which involve babies with brittle bones whose mothers consumed high amounts of Tums when pregnant.

Medical expert and radiologist Dr. David Ayoub has this to say about Tums and other antacid tablets:

While generally considered safe, calcium carbonate was actually the active ingredient given to rats during research studies in the 1920s-1950s to produce rickets in the mice! Crazy but true—TUMS’ active ingredient (calcium carbonate) is a rickets-causing chemical due to its phosphate-binding properties (calcium carbonate is even used in dialysis patients to bind phosphate).

Mount boys after CPS

Jace and Colton after CPS. Photo provided by Linda Mount.

Family History of Brittle Bones Conditions

Further emphasizing Dr. Miller’s testimony that child abuse had been a misdiagnosis, there is the documented family history of brittle bone disorder, which has a genetic component to it.

As a child, Virginia experienced a broken wrist, two broken fingers, a cracked tailbone, and suffered from scoliosis.

Virginia’s mother, Linda Mount, dislocated her shoulder twice, broke an arm, a foot, fractured a collar bone, and suffers from arthritis as an adult.

Finally, Virginia’s adult sister has a diagnosed bone deficiency and has taken calcium tablets and vitamin drops for years. The sister had two broken arms (one of which was a deformity break) and a broken ankle as a child. She also recently suffered a spiral fracture after bumping into a door.

Jace, who was fully vaccinated according to the recommended schedule, was branded as a victim of child abuse for the very same injury – a spiral fracture.

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Although spiral fractures are common indicators of child abuse, child abuse is not the only possible cause for such an injury. Experts have said that diagnosing child abuse from x-rays alone is illogical, irrational, and downright dangerous.

Mother Falsely Jailed for Abuse Allegation?

After the contested diagnosis of child abuse, CPS and law enforcement went in hard against Virginia and the boys’ father.

They threatened them with six years jail time, each.

After Dr. Miller’s testimony was thrown out, after CPS successfully bypassed genetic testing to rule out brittle bone disease, after the lie detector tests were clearly not going to be administered, after months of turmoil resulting from the extreme stress the couple had gone through after losing their children and, essentially, fighting for their lives, Virginia claims her boyfriend, an ex-felon, reportedly made false allegations against her in a successful effort to avoid serious criminal charges himself.

To date, Virginia has done five months of a one year sentence. Further impacting the alleged injustice, she has been mandated to complete a one year inpatient treatment program for the alcohol problem she developed after CPS swept in and destroyed her life. She writes from prison about her struggles:

I am so depressed and alone I cry all the time… Because I miss my boys I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate, I can’t get through the day without breaking down and crying because I miss my boys so much.

When I think of my boys, I think of everyday and all the good times we had. I was the main key to their life and happiness and I would never let harm come to my children.

I just want my boys back but all I get is accused of this horrible and heinous crime.

All I can do is hold my pillow tight, close my eyes and think about holding my boys.

Linda Mount, Virginia’s mother, and Jace and Colten’s grandmother, continues to make serious efforts to have the boys placed with her. She passed the criminal background check and the home assessment.

CPS reportedly refused to place the children with her because they claim that she was present during the alleged abuse.

Mount boys with grandma

Colton and Jace with their grandmother Linda. Photo provided by Linda Mount.

However, grandparents and blood relatives are supposed to be given preferential treatment in placement decisions of children. No evidence was presented to substantiate the allegations that are keeping the children from living in a loving home with their grandmother.


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Moreover, foster care is a dangerous and unforgiving place for children. Countless former foster youth have shared tragic stories of abuse, neglect, and rape that occurred in foster care. Studies show that children left even in troubled homes fare better than children ripped away from their parents and put into foster care.


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During her correspondence with Medical Kidnap staff, Linda demonstrated extreme dedication, passion, and unconditional love for her daughter and grandchildren. Initially, Linda had none of the documentation that sentenced her grandchildren to a life without blood relatives and led to the arrest and incarceration of her daughter.

Like many involved with the system, she was unaware that they are entitled to a copy of their case files. She learned that she needed to go to the clerk’s office at the courthouse with her ID (a case number is helpful but not mandatory).

It is extremely important to know what is in the case file, because when cases go to appeals, the appellate court only reviews what is already in the case record.

For Linda Mount, the case file told a story she had not yet heard. It was there that she first learned of Dr. Miller’s alternate diagnosis and that CPS was successful in concealing this vital testimony.

Now Linda has hope that her family may one day be reunited.

In the meantime, Virginia serves hard time while her children suffer in foster care, at risk for adoption.

Who to Contact:

Governor John Kasich may be reached at (614)466-3555, or contacted here. Linda Mount would like for the governor to insist that the medical evidence be considered in her daughter’s case, and that her grandsons be returned to their family.

Senator Frank Hoagland represents the Mount family’s district. He may reached at (614) 466-6508, or contacted here.

Representative Jay Edwards represents their district. He may be reached at (614) 466-2158, or contacted here.