Shoars baby HOME

Baby Nytallieya is HOME! Photo taken from Facebook Live by Merissa Hamilton.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Tabitha and Jeff Shoars are celebrating that their youngest child, 10 month old Nytallieya, is back home after being seized by Nevada Child Protective Services just after noon on Monday, June 5, 2017.

The baby was taken from their Las Vegas home after Arizona Department of Child Safety social workers sent a report to Nevada CPS alleging that the Shoars left the child with an “unsafe caregiver.”

The Shoars disputed that claim, saying that the caregiver to whom Arizona DCS refers is someone that they feel quite confident about – a retired police officer and his wife.

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Arizona Convinces Nevada CPS to Kidnap Shoars Baby Despite No Imminent Danger

Arizona DCS social workers convinced social workers in Nevada that Tabitha and Jeff had “diminished caregiver protective capacities” because they alleged that the Shoars left their children in Arizona with a babysitter who DCS accuses of killing the Shoars’ daughter Khloe.

Based on this inaccurate assessment, DCS concluded that the babysitter chosen by Tabitha and Jeff Shoars in Nevada was an “unsafe caregiver.” They passed this accusation on to Nevada CPS as fact, when in truth, it was never a fact.

The babysitter in question was questioned in connection with Khloe’s death, but never charged. The official coroners report stated that the cause of death was “undetermined,” and it was determined by police in Arizona that no crime had been committed.

Edited Shoars photo with family including Khloe

The Shoars family – happy together with Khloe (in pink) before tragedy struck. Photo provided by the Shoars.

Therefore, the allegations upon which the Shoars’ other children were taken into DCS custody remain very much in dispute, and the Shoars AND four of their children have filed to appeal the Arizona DCS decision to terminate their parental rights.

Nonetheless, it was those allegations, which happened in Arizona, not Nevada, upon which the petition to seize baby Nytallieya in Nevada were based.

Apparently, the judge took issue with this, stating that there “was no impending danger to remove the child.” He noted that Nevada CPS has been in the Shoars’ home on previous occasions, and found no cause to remove the child, who was born in Nevada. He stated:

There is not a factual statement within the report to warrant removal of the child.

He reportedly told the social worker that any allegations to take a child in Nevada needs to be based on events occurring within Nevada. He ruled to allow the baby to go home with her parents, but has allowed CPS until June 19 to come back with any other petition.

Shoars Nevada 2

Tabitha pointed out to Health Impact News that Arizona social workers seem to be quite concerned about an “unsafe caregiver” who is a retired police officer, yet their department placed some of the Shoars children in foster placements where they were actually unsafe and abused. Several of the children reported abuse to their parents by foster parents after they were returned home last summer.

Shoars children

Shoars children last summer, shortly before Nytallieya’s birth. They were so happy to be together again. Photo provided by the Shoars.

She also said that she was going to take Nytallieya to the doctor because she appeared sick, with a runny nose and watery eyes, when they got her back from CPS.

They waited to announce their good news until after Nytallieya was safely back in their home.

Advocate and political activist Merissa Hamilton of Arizona accompanied the Shoars to court on Thursday morning, and she posted a Facebook Live video as Tabitha and Jeff came back into their home holding Nytallieya. Merissa said:

We had an awesome judge. Even though he didn’t let me in the courtroom, that’s OK. I won’t be offended. He did the right thing.

Tabitha and Jeff Shoars are thankful for the outpouring of love that has been shown to them through this whole ordeal after so much heartache their family has suffered. Even the Shoars’ family dog seemed excited to have baby Nytallieya back home where she belongs.