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Charley’s wife worries that he is not getting enough to eat. Photo source: Taylor family.

by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

It is going on four years since Charley Taylor has been held against his will in a nursing home under the control of a conservator.  This is despite having two doctors say that he is competent.  It has been a month since his wife Helen has been banned from the nursing home, and the couple is heartbroken.  Since that day, Charley’s health has significantly declined, according to his wife Helen.  Helen said that her husband has been “throwing up non-stop” since she was ordered off the premises indefinitely, or risk being arrested.  She said:

He’s as weak as a kitten, I can’t hardly even understand him.  When he talks to me, I’ve got to ask over and over what he said, because he’s so weak.

Charley is bedridden, and reportedly, has been begging for a shower for 14 days.  Helen said that Sunday night Charley finally got one because of an employee who has compassion on him.  She said that he is still having to go up to ten hours without having his Depends changed.  Helen said that Charley told her:

I’m tired of being in prison.

Helen told Health Impact News:

Prisoners at least see their families on Sunday.

On Monday, Helen received more devastating news.  Charley told her that he is being moved permanently to a facility in Jefferson City, which is about 30 miles away.  This is especially troubling because Helen does not have a vehicle.  Since having their property and belongings plundered after Charley was taken, she does not have a vehicle and cannot afford one.  She has been renting an apartment within walking distance from his current nursing home.  Helen longs to be near him, even if she is not allowed to see him.

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Now, the couple can only speak by phone and are subject to arbitrary rules regarding it.  Charley does not have a phone in his room.  He has to use the one that is in the common area, and it is shared by residents and others.

Concerns About Not Enough to Eat

Helen is concerned now more than ever about Charley.  She called the nursing home Sunday night to ask about Charley.  She said that the staff member told her that he ate all of his breakfast and all of his lunch, and talked about “how good he was feeling.”  However, afterwards Helen spoke to Charley to find that he did not eat well that day, and he was not feeling better. She told us:

He is so weak.  He doesn’t want to eat.

She said that one day last week, all he had was applesauce that was taken from him before he could finish it.  Monday, all he had to eat was half of a biscuit and gravy and half of a grilled cheese.

He’s so weak that he can hardly even talk.  His health is going down.  He’s gone down so far.  It’s worse every time I talk to him.

She said that while she was on the phone with him, he had to have something to drink just to talk to her.  She said that as he spoke, he would choke.  She told him:

You’re dehydrated.  You need something to drink.

She said that Charley does not want the drinks that the nursing home gives him because of the laxatives they put in them.

She is concerned about his health:

He thinks it’s his heart.  He was doing this right before he went to have his stint put in.  He was having a heart attack while he was throwing up, but he didn’t feel it.

Helen and Charley via Helen sweet photo

Helen with Charley when she was still allowed to visit. Photo Source: Taylor family.

Since Helen was told that she was banned from the nursing home by his court-appointed guardian Amanda Huffman, she can only look on from a distance to see if she can catch a glimpse of what is going on there.  She said that sometimes she sees Charley when the workers take him outside.  Medical Kidnap reported last month that Helen was given a letter stating that she was no longer allowed to visit her husband because she was interfering with his care.

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Recently, a nurse showed concern for Charley’s condition.  Helen said:

The nurse asked if I knew of anything that he would eat or drink.  I told her, ‘You can tell that he’s dehydrated because he needs something to drink to talk to me on the phone.’

When Helen was still able to visit Charley, she would take him food and drinks on a regular basis to ensure that he would have enough to eat and drink, and he would keep the items in a drawer by his bed.  She said that a while back, she brought him a big bag of fruit, peanut butter and crackers, etc.  When she did bring him such things, she said that the staff would only dispense him a few items at a time.  Helen said that Charley told her that the only thing that he got from that delivery was the peanut butter and crackers.  Helen said:

I don’t know where the rest of the food goes.  Huffman says they’re choke items.  She said [that] I’m trying to choke him.  Before, it was [that I was] starving him.  He can’t chew a lot of things because of his teeth.

Pain Medication Allegedly Stolen

Helen said that there is a certain worker who is stealing his medication.  Helen said that a worker is writing in his chart that he is taking one pill for pain every four hours.  But, Helen said that he only takes them as needed.

This was uncovered about three weeks ago, Helen said, while a nurse was reading his chart.  The nurse remarked to Charley that he had been taking a pill every four hours.  At that time, it was 11:00 pm, and Charley told her that the last one he had was at noon. Helen said that Charley told the administrator and was told that they would investigate it.

Health Impact News spoke to Charley about this recently.  He said:

Yeah, I think they got rid of her.  I don’t know if it’s true or not.  But, that’s what I heard.  She was definitely helping herself.  That ain’t right.

Charley Allegedly Prevented from Talking to Attorney

Helen also said that the lawyer from the advocacy group has called to speak with Charley three times.  She said that the first two times, the staff member put another resident on the phone instead – a man who was described as “sounding incompetent.”  Helen said that the lawyer told her:

Mrs. Taylor, I don’t think your husband knows who I am or what I’m doing for him.

Helen replied:

What?!  Not my husband.  And, besides, he would have told me if you had spoken to him.

According to Helen, when the lawyer did finally speak with Charley, she said:

Well, he doesn’t know who I am.  This man is a lot more vocal than the man I talked to last Friday and the week before.

Helen said that it was because it was the first time that she had actually spoken to Charley.  Helen said that the lawyer told Charley:

You were more vocal than the last time.

Charley replied:

That’s because that wasn’t me you were talking to.  Because, this is the first time you’ve talked to me.

Reportedly, the nursing home documents state that they are recommending that Charley not be released into the community and that he continues to not understand questions being asked to him.  Additionally, Helen said that it has taken a federal subpoena to get the nursing home to send Charley’s medical records to the advocacy group’s office since being requested in November.  Helen said that the lawyer told her that they were received last week.

Helen, herself, has had trouble speaking to Charley by phone.  Recently, when she called, Helen was told by four different people at the nursing home:

He isn’t getting up, and he doesn’t want to talk to you.

However, when she did finally speak to Charley, she asked him about it.  He told her that they were lying about him not wanting to talk to her.

He told me, ‘No. I told you I’d call you.’

Charley Prevented from Seeking Justice?

Recently, Charley spoke with Helen by phone and described a visit that he had that morning from two women.  He specifically said that one of the women said that her name was Rhonda from the Ombudsman office. He opened up to the women, telling them all that was happening to him.  He explained to them that he felt that he was being held prisoner.

However, when Helen called the Ombudsman office on Friday, Rhonda Giger said that she was not even in Morgan County at all that day.  Later, Health Impact News spoke with Ms. Giger, and she confirmed that no one from her office had visited Charley yet.

Helen wants to know who it was that visited Charley.  She pointed out that the visitors, whoever they were, must have been given access by his conservator.  All visitors must be approved by his conservator.  Health Impact News called the nursing home and spoke with Cynthia, an employee of the nursing home.  The reporter asked if she could verify that it was the Ombudsman office that came to see him last Thursday, and she said:

No, I cannot.

Helen said that she spoke to Ms. Giger about her being banned from the nursing home.  She said that Ms. Giger told her that what they are doing is illegal, and Helen has every right to see her husband.  Further, according to Helen, is it the nursing home administrator who is keeping her away from Charley, not the conservator.

Health Impact News asked Charley:

Do you think the Ombudsmen have been helping you?

He responded:

I ain’t seen help.  Ain’t nothing changed for years.  I’m getting tired of it.  Nobody listens.  Nobody can tell the truth.  They lie every other breath.  That’s all they do.  Do you think this [publishing this story] will ever help?  Am I ever gonna get out of this place?  What do you think?

Charley’s Health Deteriorates

Recently, during a routine doctor visit, Charley was allegedly sent to the emergency room for dehydration and a urinary tract infection. He said:

I haven’t had an appetite for three weeks.  I can’t eat.  I’m throwing up.

He said that he told the doctor that he had not had a bowel movement for 18 days, but the doctor did not offer any help.  Charley said:

They wouldn’t listen to me.  I think it’s my heart, ‘cause I’ve been [feeling this way] before.  And the last time, I had to get two stints in my heart.  I couldn’t eat.  I’d throw up every time I tried to eat.  That’s been going on for three weeks.

Helen said that the nursing home had been giving Charley oral antibiotics intermittently since being admitted.  She pointed out that he is not supposed to have oral antibiotics.  He cannot tolerate them.  She said that they make him sick to his stomach.

Health Impact News spoke with Charley on Friday about this, and he confirmed that he had been getting oral antibiotics.  However, he said:

They gave me a shot last night.  Finally!  Finally, they gave it to me—a shot.  Right about one in the morning.  They were trying to give me pills.  I wouldn’t take them because they hurt me inside.  I just refused, and they finally gave me a shot.  So, maybe I’ll get shots [from now on].  That would be a miracle!  That would be wonderful.  I’ve got a UTI, and I’m gonna get rid of it.  I got a shot!  So, that’s taking care of it.

Being Kept from Helen Devastates Charley

Helen said that being denied visitation has especially been devastating for Charley.  Seeing his wife was the highlight of his day.  He told Health Impact News:

I’m just an old grouch right now.  I’m not happy here.  I’m not happy!  This is hell!

When asked how he felt about being apart from his wife, Charley said:

I hate it!  I hate it.  I’d rather be dead than be doing this.  I want to see my wife.  I want to go home where I belong.  That’s where I should be.  How would you like it if you couldn’t see your better half?  It’s horrible.  It ain’t right!  It’s gotten worse.  I ain’t seen my wife for over a month.  They won’t let me see her.  They accused her of interfering with my care.  What care?!  Bull!  Bull!  And, what they accused her of, she didn’t do.  She’s innocent.  They lie.  Everything out of their mouths is lies.  Everything!  Oh, well!  It’s somethin’ else.  I’m afraid they’re gonna drive my wife crazy with their lying.

Charley Begs for Help

Health Impact News spoke to Charley about his living conditions.  He said:

My roommate stinks so bad you can’t breathe in there.  I mean, it’s terrible.  He’s been that way all day.  I don’t know if they’re ever gonna clean him up or not.

Helen confirmed that Charley could not stand to be in his room because of the smell.

Charley told Health Impact News:

My wheelchair is breaking my back, and they won’t give me a different chair.  I don’t know why.  I think they want me to suffer a little.  I don’t know why.

Charley is begging for help.  He told Health Impact News:

Get me outta here.  Do it!  Don’t hesitate!  I aint gonna make it if I don’t get out of here.  That’s the truth.  I want out here!  I am gonna go nuts if I don’t get outta here.  Yeah, that’s the truth.  I’m desperate!  They’ve just about got me, I think.  I’m desperate!  Desperate!  Please!

How You Can Help


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens at (573) 751-3222, or reach him here. He is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Two different counties are involved in this case. The nursing home where Charley Taylor is being held is in Callaway County. This is also where Helen currently resides. She moved there in order to be closer to her husband.

Their state Representative for that area is Travis Fitzwater, and he may be reached at 573-751-5226, or contacted here.  He is on Facebook and Twitter.

The State Senator for the area is Jeanie Riddle, and she may be reached at (573) 751-2757, or contacted here.

The Taylors lived in Morgan county when Charley was taken into captivity. Here are the legislators for that area:

Representative David Wood may be reached at (573) 751-2077, or contacted here.

The Senator is Mike Kehoe. He may be reached at (573) 751-2076, or contacted here.

Conservator Amanda Huffman is the person who holds seemingly all the control over Charley’s life. She was elected to the office of Public Administrator in 2012. According to the county website:

The Public Administrator is an advocate for their clients and will work toward improving the quality of life for those under guardianship while protecting their dignity and self-respect. Making decisions should always be in the best interest of the client.

Amanda Huffman can be contacted here. She is also on Facebook.

The judge who awarded custody to Amanda Huffman is Judge Kevin Schehr. He can be contacted here.

When contacting public officials, always be kind and courteous. Health Impact News does NOT condone threats or rudeness.