Chasity a miracle for her photo

Chasity and her mother before she was taken. Her mother is praying for a miracle. Source: Psalm 91 Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

For the past three years, 27-year-old Chasity Marietta has allegedly been languishing away at the hands of a state-owned mental institution in Missouri against her will while being robbed of her freedom, civil rights, and what her mother says is “her God-given destiny.”

Chasity says she is being held against her will and is suffering neglect.  It has tested her faith in ways that most could never imagine, asking, “Why has God deserted me?”

Meanwhile, health problems and behaviors that were once eradicated have returned, and Chasity is allegedly medicated so much that she is only awake for seven hours a day.  Her mother and fierce advocate, Donna Marietta, has been fighting to bring her home.  She longs to see her daughter healthy and flourishing, as she was before the State of Missouri seized custody of her.

Almost two years ago, Health Impact News reported the story of neglect she has suffered in state care, as well as the subsequent decline of Chasity’s mental, physical, and spiritual condition since being taken.  She is still not home. Donna speaks of the atrocities committed against Chasity as her condition continues to deteriorate to an unprecedented level.  It is her hope that someone will do the right thing and intervene on Chasity’s behalf.  She prays that help will come swiftly and turn this around before it is too late.

Here is the original story:

Medical Kidnapping in Missouri:  25 Year Old Daughter Forced onto Drugs and Committed to Mental Facility

When the story was published in June 2015, Donna had not seen her daughter since October of 2014.  It was not until October 2015 that visitation resumed.  Leading up to that, Donna said that in October 2015, she spent an entire day walking around her house in prayer, crying out to God on behalf of her daughter.  The next day she received an email saying her daughter was requesting to see her.  From there, she was granted one hourly supervised visitation a month.

Before Chasity was taken, she was in the process of getting a job and was very excited about it.  She was vibrant, healthy, and was in complete recovery from her medical problems.  With tenacity and patience, Donna went to great lengths and spent her entire retirement to research and acquire whole foods and supplements to heal her daughter.  The protocol she implemented yielded remarkable results – a daughter who was fully-functioning and medication and seizure-free in her home.  Donna said:

She was stable, in her right mind, experiencing health and healing.

However, in state custody, Chasity has allegedly been given food and beverages that have caused malnourishment and a resurgence of medical problems that were once obliterated, including seizures, crying, and screaming.  Not long after being taken, Donna said that Chasity began “talking out of her head and running down the hall naked and screaming.”  Donna said:

Chasity is suffering so much under their care.  They took my daughter off of the lifestyle I had her on, according to Jordan Rubin, Ph.D., and according to what was working for Chasity in her diet.

Mental Institution Keeps Chasity from her Mother

Donna said that the mental institution is purposefully “keeping her out of my life,” and will not allow Chasity to see her family.  Chasity’s family and friends have reportedly been denied visitation.

Donna longs to be more of a part of her daughter’s life.  She is no longer privy to the day-to-day goings on in the life of her daughter.  She said,

They won’t share with me the day-to-day, nothing.  They’ve barred us from each other.

Additionally, Donna is not allowed to know exactly where Chasity lives, and since 2014, Donna has had to meet at a restaurant for visitation, with state workers looking on.

Chasity in high school

Chasity in high school. Source: Psalm 91 Facebook page.

When Donna is permitted to visit her daughter, she is not allowed to take her cell phone in with her.  Further, she cannot take photos, kiss or sit by Chasity, or share things with her.  She is also restricted in the things that she can say around her daughter.

Donna said that Chasity needs the nurturing of her mother, including the nourishment for her body and spirit.  The pain of witnessing the abuse and neglect of her daughter leaves her feeling helpless and overwhelmed.  Sometimes, when she visits her daughter, it is all she can do to hold back tears.  But, she said:

If I cry, they [staff and the state-appointed guardian] get up and leave, and take her [Chasity] with them.

Neglected, Starving, and Dehydrated

Chasity’s healing protocol that her mother designed included vitamins, supplements, and a specific diet that requires meat.  Meat was found to be vital to Chasity’s recovery, specifically beef.  Within the first week of going into the mental hospital, Chasity was taken off the vitamins, supplements, and her special diet.

Whenever Donna visits Chasity, she says that Chasity constantly begs her for food.  Although it takes away precious time with her daughter, Donna will cut their visits short, telling the workers, “I’m leaving so she can eat.” At one visit, the workers had given Chasity a snack that they said was her lunch.  Donna said that it was a Lunchable that contained six pieces of meat product (containing no meat whatsoever), crackers, cheese, and pudding.  She said that it was “a 25-year-old eating a children’s snack,” as the “320 calorie count in the entire package is not sufficient for someone her size.”

Donna said that when she is with Chasity, “She begs her for food.  It’s all she talks about.”  According to Donna, the kinds of food that Chasity is given contains very little meat or vegetables, and is mostly processed frozen foods like potpies, Hamburger Helper, and Happy Meals, containing gluten.  She frequently finds several happy meal toys in her purse.  Chasity told her, “Hamburger Helper, we get that a lot.  Sometimes I get meat in it.”  Donna said that the food they are feeding Chasity “doesn’t support life and her health.”  She said, “The food is so devastating” that it causes Chasity to shake, a reaction from the food.

Before and after state care. Source: Marietta family.

Chasity Subjected to an Impoverished Environment

Donna’s heartbroken by the impoverished environment that her daughter is living in.  Donna said,

It’s poverty, and the deterioration is unbelievable.  She went from size large to 2x.  Her hair was beautiful.  It was down to her waist.  Now, it’s short and always greasy.  That was her pride and joy.  She dresses in the same clothes that are so tight, so short, and her socks are on wrong.

She said that her daughter now has “scabs on her head, filth in her ears, and they won’t help her shower.”  She said, “She showers before she sees me, especially after what I put on Facebook.”

According to Donna, the constant foul language and erratic behaviors of the other residents affect Chasity.  When she calls, Donna said,

I hear people in the background cussing at her calling her names.  Chasity is now cussing.

She said that this has resulted in anxiety in her daughter as a response to her situation.  When Chasity has expressed her frustration, she has been punished by having her visitation with her mother taken away for the month.

The last time that Chasity was able to communicate with her mother, she cried, “Mom, why would they take me from my family?  I want to come home, Mom.”  Donna said that since then:

Chasity has been unable to talk or communicate, including responding when spoken to or answering questions.  She also cannot write.  The abuse and neglect is inhumane, and she is crying out to me to get her home!  This is horrific treatment of any human!

Further, according to Donna, Chasity screams and has seizures regularly, and can no longer make decisions for herself.  She said that when they are together and Chasity has a seizure in front of her, Chasity is told to lie about it.  Chasity told her:

Mom, [named staff member] said that I faked that seizure, and I’m sorry.

Chasity Regresses and Has Reverted to Past Behaviors

Donna said that at one time, “they locked her in 30 days and then sent her to a mental ward for 40 days where she received medication” that caused Chasity to have “unprecedented” behaviors and retarded her thinking.  She said that Chasity was “unable to walk, talk, decisions, pick up a fork.”

She can’t put her clothes on right, and they won’t help her.

She said that one of those behaviors is screaming in pain due to gluten intolerance.  She said that Chasity’s digestive system is extremely sensitive, and gluten is one of the foods that causes her to react violently.  Donna said that the painful episodes were eradicated while being cared for by her [mother], but “they have returned because no one is paying attention to Chasity’s needs.”  She said that Chasity is “talking out of her head and flicking her hair, scratching her neck until it’s raw.”

Chasity hair before and after

Chasitys hair before and after state custody. Source: Marietta family.

Further, Chasity has been given shots to stop her periods.  She sleeps continually and is “unable to stay awake because of the drugs.”  Reportedly, she is being drugged to make her sleep – 17 hours a day.  According to her mother:

They are medicating her so much, she can’t get to the bathroom in time. She is urinating in her chair and bed, and she can’t get up.

Family Persecuted for their Religious Beliefs

Chasity was raised in church, and she has consistently lived out her Christian faith.  Donna said that Chasity used to be at church every time the doors were open.  She loves reading the Bible, memorizing Scripture, and sharing the gospel, and it has devastated her to be removed from that lifestyle.

This is who my daughter is, but they won’t let her be [who she is called to be]. They’ve taken that from her.  The neglect and altering of my daughter’s life has left her without being able to read her Bible or go to church.

Chasity is in a lockdown environment.  She is not allowed to go anywhere, including church.  Reading and standing on the Scriptures were keys to Chasity’s healing, but in her current environment, Donna says, “She can’t find Scripture.”

They’ve taken that [ability to go to church] from her, and now she feels God has abandoned her.

Donna is concerned, not only for her daughter’s well being but also her spiritual life.  She has a sense of responsibility to provide a home for Chasity that aligns with her beliefs, a place that is consistent with her background and faith.  Donna desires a “place of safety where she can eat [healthy foods] and go to church.”

As a human being, that’s her right.

Chasity with her mom

Chasity and her mother at a visit. Source: Psalm 91 Facebook page.

From an early age, Chasity was taught the Scriptures, especially the ones dealing with healing.  Donna has a degree in biblical studies and teaches healing at her church.  Donna feels that she and her daughter are being persecuted for their beliefs.

She got it [healing], and they saw fit to take her. If I had been Amish, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Donna Coerced into Giving Away Guardianship

In the days leading up to Chasity being taken, Donna said that she was told by hospital staff and social workers several times that she should go to court to obtain guardianship of Chasity.  Donna thought it was strange, because she thought that she already had guardianship of her daughter.  Reportedly, when Chasity was in the hospital, the caseworker told her:

You really need to go get that guardianship because, if this happens again you will have the right to say what’s going on with her.

Once Donna began pursuing it, she said:

The state showed up and said, ‘We’re taking her.’  That was their way of getting me into court.  The day I went to get it, the caseworker and the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health was there to stop me from getting the guardianship.  I know when they took her, I was tricked by the caseworker by telling me to go to court to get guardianship of my daughter.

In court, Donna said that she was accused of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, though it was never pursued after the state took custody her daughter.  She said that recently, an attorney told her that he did not see a legitimate reason for her daughter to be taken away from her.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help Donna and her daughter Chasity, here is their Facebook page Psalms 91 and their crowdfunding page Free Chasity.

Chasity FB page


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens at (573) 751-3222, or reach him here.  He is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Chasity’s case is in Boone County.  The state Representative is Cheri Toalson Reisch, and she may be reached at 573-751-1169, or contacted here.  She is on Facebook and Twitter.

The state Senator for the area is Caleb Rowden, and he may be reached at (573) 751-3931, or contacted here.  He is on Facebook and Twitter.

Missouri Department of Social Services for Boone County Circuit Manager Michelle Oberlag may be contacted at 573-441-5952.

Judge Deborah Daniels of the 13th Judicial Circuit of Missouri may be reached at 573-886-4060.

When contacting public officials, always be kind and courteous. Health Impact News does NOT condone threats or rudeness.

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