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As we have previously reported here on Health Impact News, U.S. courts are increasingly becoming skeptical of the “science” behind the pediatric medical diagnosis of “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS) which has been used to take many thousands of children away from their parents, and in some cases incarcerate the parents based on the SBS designation. Just recently, the University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic, part of the University’s law school, was awarded $250,000 to train attorneys to fight wrongful shaken baby syndrome convictions. See:

University of Michigan Law School Awarded $250K to Learn How to Defend Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

This week, the Swedish Council on Technology and Social Evaluation and the Swedish National Medical Ethics have also come to the conclusion that the “science” behind SBS is very weak.

Shaky evidence of shaken-baby syndrome

by Ingrid Lund


The diagnosis of “shaken baby syndrome” has previously been questioned both medically and legally. Now comes the SBU and Smers investigative report that argues that the evidence of skakvåld does not measure up.

The Swedish Council on Technology and Social Evaluation and the National Medical Ethics have jointly investigated the scientific basis for the diagnosis skakvåld to infants or in English “shaken baby syndrome”.

After reviewing the scientific literature, explains the SBU and Smers report, there is not sufficient scientific evidence to establish that the typical damage is certainly caused by skakvåld.

Skakvåld challenged in the Supreme Court

The SBU and Smers investigation comes as a result of the diagnosis skakvåld being questioned, especially in law.

In 2014, the Supreme Court concluded that the scientific evidence was not strong enough to judge anyone after a diagnosis of skakvåld. This was after experts testified that the children’s symptoms just as well have been caused by birth trauma and not skakvåld. Several parents have subsequently cleared of suspicions that have harmed their child with skakvåld.

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