Getting ready for the rally in Washington D.C. Image from Facebook.

Join Jennifer Winn, The Schwab Family and many others to demand the reunification of children unlawfully seized from around the nation. The purpose of the event is to force the issue to a national dialog in this critical election year.

The APA oversees the professionals who are illegally force medicating children and we are demanding it stops. With CNN next door we are not ruling out a sit in somewhere here in DC until Federal agencies, other professional groups and national media help investigate and put an end to State Sponsored Child Trafficking.

This is a call not only to join Amelia Schwab, who has now moved to a continual presence in front of the White House #amotherishere but be one of #themothersarecoming who DEMAND THE RETURN OF OUR CHILDREN.

This event will be in conjunction with Truth Exposed.

Every father support the mother of your children. Every child advocate come and network so we can make this a national push of protest and coordinated legal action. If you cannot come, then we have other ways you can support this monumental day where we will be ignored no longer. No longer will we allow the destruction of our families, force medicating of our children, violation of our rights, and defrauding of tax dollars to traffic children.

Former foster children be heard.

Source – Facebook Event.

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