Nate Tseglin in a hospital bed on Oct. 2, 2012.Photo courtesy of the Tseglin family.

Nate Tseglin. Photo courtesy of the Tseglin family.

by Dale Theresa
Health Impact News

Earlier this year, Medical Kidnap covered the story of Nate Tseglin, a young man diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome who was strapped to a wheelchair and removed from his parent’s care by the state of California against his will and the will of his family and then allegedly force-medicated with various drugs.

In a heartfelt plea for justice, Ilya Tseglin, father of wheelchair-bound Nate Tseglin, exposes what he and so many others believe to be the slow debilitation of his son by chemical dependency during his conservatorship by Orange County Regional Center (OCRC) and what Ilya describes as their vendor, NOM (No Ordinary Moments).

According to the Tseglin family:

Nate was absolutely healthy, had had no EPS and seizures, because he was free from the harmful toxic, inappropriate, and unrelated drugs. Nate was provided with a kosher, healthy diet, lifestyle, appropriate treatment and family’s support and care. Nate was daily participating in religious services, physical and mental stimulation, education, and community affairs when he was with family.

The Tseglin family explained that Nate has Asperger’s syndrome which according to Autism Speaks:

… generally considered to be on the ‘high functioning’ end of the spectrum. Affected children and adults have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors. Motor development may be delayed, leading to clumsiness or uncoordinated motor movements. Compared with those affected by other forms of ASD, however, those with Asperger’s syndrome do not have significant delays or difficulties in language or cognitive development. Some even demonstrate precocious vocabulary – often in a highly specialized field of interest.

limited or inappropriate social interactions
“robotic” or repetitive speech
challenges with nonverbal communication (gestures, facial expression, etc.) coupled with average to above average verbal skills

inability to understand social/emotional issues or nonliteral phrases
lack of eye contact or reciprocal conversation
obsession with specific, often unusual, topics
one-sided conversations
awkward movements and/or mannerisms (Source.)

The Tseglins are outraged at what has happened to their son since he was kidnapped by Orange County authorities.

See original story here:

Medically Kidnapped Disabled Man Held Against his Will in Orange County California

Ilya informs us that after they threatened to take Nate out of their home by force, they then did have Nate arrested and removed under allegedly false pretense espoused by OCRC’s witnesses.

Instead of using Nate’s doctor’s instructions on his treatment while being placed in NOM, Ilya stated in his email, To Whom It May Concern, that OCRC brought in their own doctor, a psychiatrist named Waknine, who began treating Nate with psychotropic cocktails despite another court psychiatrist’s testimony that Nate should not be treated with anti-psychotics.

Court Ordered Nate Released – OCRC Allegedly Defies Court Order

The psychiatrist, Dr. Nathan Lavid, Ph.D., testified in court on December 31, 2013, after which Nate was released on habeas corpus 2 weeks after being kidnapped. He explained that Nate has autistic spectrum disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, which rule out psychiatric diagnoses and the administration of drugs, and should prevent the prescription of the drug Zyprexa (which) should not be prescribed if it causes allergic reactions such as seizures, trouble swallowing, agitation, etc.

Nate was forcefully repeatedly removed against his wish from his family, and again in December. The OCRC allegedly objected to providing services at home after Judge Martinez declined the DDS’s petition to remove conservatorship from parents on Dec. 31, 2013. Also, Judge Shulte ordered to release Nate to his family on her decision on Dec. 31, 2013. All these court orders were ignored by OCRC’s management when OCRC’s CEO personally objected to provide services at home in violation with court’s orders, IPP, Lanterman act.

Powerful Drugs Have Been Nate’s Forced-cocktail for 2.6 Years

During the brief time Nate was out of OCRC and NOM custody, Ilya tells us that Nate was then refused the home health care provisions necessary to allow him to stay at home, and OCRC would take Nate again based on neglect (caused by OCRC’s denial of home benefits to the family). The family tells us that Nate has been given psychotropic cocktails that are debilitating him. Zyprexa, Depakote, Ativan, and sleeping pills all prescribed for short term use not to exceed 7-30 days (according to medical suggested usage) have been Nate’s cocktail for the past 2.6 years.

Ilya sees the symptoms of the side-effects of the cocktail overdose, but states that OCRC doctors and NOM workers ignore them while using Depakote to treat the adverse effects of the Zyprexa. (Source.) Ilya states:

This drug is used to treat seizures and convulsions that have been caused by Zyprexa and other psychotropic drugs. Instead of discontinuing the toxic drug Zyprexa and sleeping pills, as well as other psychotropic tropic drugs which are unrelated to Nate’s condition, the Depakote was prescribed in addition to the forbidden cocktail of drugs that cause Nate harm by the extremely poisonous effects to Nate’s health. The family requested the discontinuation of this drug in accordance with the previous harmful effects to Nate, and the recommendation of the expert doctors. OCRC and his vendor disregard the family as well as doctors’ expert recommendations.

The OCRC and their vendor’s owner Luis Pena threatened the family many times to drop the services when the family objected to Nate’s abuse, choking, and mishandling. The owner, vendor NOM, Mr. Pena withdrew his services with the agreement of the OCRC’s management, in defiance and violation of the Lanterman Act, after the family made a photo of the staff choking Nate while Nate was being restrained by NOM’s staff. They told us that if we used the pictures, Nate would be denied services.

In their email, the Tseglins’ plea for Nate’s return describes the family’s ordeal as Ilya insists they never gave OCRC or NOM any permission to use psychotropic drugs on their son. The family claims that in fact the doctors had ruled against it, but somehow, NOM staff state they were able to obtain Nate’s signature:

On opposite page to prescribed medication site is a blank page. The staff stated that it is Nate’s signature and data: 02.26.16

At home Nate was allegedly taking the minimum amount of Kepra (a seizure medication). Approximately a few mg that is a fraction of 5oo mg  in one tablet.

This minimum amount of drugs was sufficient to keep Nate free from seizures. There were allegedly no more medications needed.

Nate’s treatment prescribed by Dr. Maloff, Dr. Lavigna, and Dr. Lin consisted of psychological approach with full engagement in faith services, (Nate daily attended Synagogue), sport activities (Nate was attending Yeshiva in L.A.), sport activities, diet, counseling.

The family claims that Nate’s emotional condition gradually had been improving; physically Nate was healthy and active. Nate was better able to control his out of control behavior. Nate reduced his out of control behavior to 1 or 3 episodes daily.

Nate was able to retreat most of the time to his room when he felt that he is losing control and stay at his room until he felt better to return back to his usual activities. The door with locks from his room was removed.

Psychologist Dr. Baker-Ericzon allegedly didn’t consider that Nate needed any medications.

All of the doctors-experts as psychologists Dr. Maloff, Dr. Lavigna, Dr. Hunter, Dr. Cohen allegedly declined treatment with psycho-drugs.

Dr. Maloff,  in his research based on Nate’s reactions to psycho-drugs, allegedly concluded that psycho drugs are harmful for Nate and do not address Nate’s issues but are counter productive.

The same allegedly was the conclusion of expert-neurologist Dr. Baughman.

The same conclusion was also allegedly stated by Nate’s supervised family’s physician and expert in autism medical doctor Lin, M.D., who supervised Nate’s treatment for many years until Nate was removed from family.

The same conclusion was made by psychiatrist Dr. Lavid at the court hearing when he testified that Nate doesn’t have psychosis and doesn’t need psycho drugs.

Another psychiatrist, Dr. Schlesinger, allegedly prescribed to taper off Nate from psycho drugs and sleeping pills after analyzing Nate’s prescriptions since Nate was removed from his family, and placed in the group home where he was allegedly forced on to sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs Zyprexa and Ativan.

Below is Mr. Tseglin’s list of Nate’s current medication (and a blank page-not shown). The blank page was allegedly supposed to contain Nate’s signature authorizing the following pill regimen:

Current Medication list

Nate Tseglin – 02.23.16

  1. Zyprexa: 5mg Tab (Agitation)

1tb, 2X a day (Am, PM) (Daily 10mg)

  1. Divalproex Sod: Tab (Seizures) (Daily 2,000mg)

2tbs, 2x a day (Am, Pm)

  1. Zolpidem: 10mg Tab (Insomnia)

1tab. 1x a day (HS) (Daily 10mg)

  1. Lidocaine 5% patch to lumbar sacral space 1X a day(AM)
  2. PRN Medications

Lorazepam: 2mg Tab (Agitation)

1 tab, 2x a day as needed for anxiety

Father’s Heartfelt Plea for His Son’s Life

Ilya also insists that moving Nate to the NOM facility is costing tax-payers 600k dollars per year for services that Nate is not receiving. While at home, Nate was put into social settings that stimulated his well-being and growth. While living at NOM, Nate is drugged and left immobile. Ilya tells us the court was told that he was instructing his son to shake (as though he was having seizures) and that Ilya was causing Nate’s agitation which caused a decrease in their already limited visits, and Nate’s solitary confinement. Ilya believes that the control of the money for Nate’s care was the motivation for Nate’s kidnapping. Ilya stated the following in his plea:



  1. Considering that OCRC orchestrated kidnapping Nate on the basis of false accusations.
  2. Considering that OCRC is a cause of embarrassment to DDS and County Public offices in order to trap their clients as slaves for financial gain.
  3. Considering that OCRC disregards the constitution and law and violates the Lanterman Act to extract public money for the OCRC and their proxies for profiteering.
  4. Considering that OCRC orchestrates kidnapping, financial fraud, perjuries, habitual lying, and engaging public offices in organized crime.
  5. Considering that Nate’s health has been deteriorating rapidly since Nate was removed from the family and placed into a group home.
  6. Considering that staff was instructed to avoid recording and reporting that Nate has seizures and EPS daily.
  7. Considering that staff was instructed to decline Nate’s medical assistance when requested and staff was instructed to call for medical assistance only when Nate has stopped breathing and is in unconsciousness.
  8. Considering that staff withheld the information from the doctors in order to misinform the doctors about Nate’s true condition of daily EPS and seizures resulting from medical experiments on Nate.
  9. Considering that Nate is beaten, choked, strangulated until he passes out, deprived of humane treatment, and in full isolation with guards around the clock.
  10. Considering that Nate is being deprived of treatment, education, faith, mental and physical stimulation and kept for the sake of continuous income for OCRC, its vendor and his proxies.
  11. Considering that Nate’s complaints and wishes are ruled out, and vital information on Nate’s life has been concealed from the family and public.
  12. Considering that Nate is denied from appropriate diet, kosher foods, and basic needs for human survival, we may conclude:

Nate is subjected to cruel and unusual punishment and extermination in order to retaliate against the family for freely speaking, and exposing the Organized Crime and inappropriate services, declining to submit to OCRC’s intimidation, violation of constitution and law, in retaliation for defending clients’ rights.

We parents have legitimate reason to be deeply concerned about Nate’s health and life.

I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the forgoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Ilya Tseglin

Nate’s father

Ilya, like so many other family members want to know, where is my child, son, daughter, wife, mother, father, brother,…sister? How is state confined care an improvement over what he/she was receiving at home? Why can’t my loved one live out their years among people who love and interact with them, and not bedridden among strangers? What can be gained by destroying a family’s life?

How You Can Help

California Governor’s Office

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