Allison Folmar JD

Allison Folmar, JD

by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

Allison Folmar is a civil rights attorney who has battled for parents’ rights against forced medical treatments. Much of her work is pro bono, standing up for parents who cannot afford good legal representation. Health Impact News has covered her work previously, particularly in the Maryanne Godboldo case in Detroit, Michigan.

She recently gave a presentation at the 2016 Autism One Conference. The title of her presentation is “Winning the Legal Battle Against CPS.”

Winning the Legal Battle Against CPS – Allison Folmar, JD

Attorney Allison Folmar is a civil rights attorney who passionately fought numerous charges brought against her client, Michigan mother Maryanne Godboldo. Maryanne refused to give up her daughter to State authorities when they attempted to force a harmful anti-psychotic drug upon her child who exhibited autistic-like symptoms immediately after vaccinations.

Attorney Folmar won a lengthy legal battle against the Michigan Attorney General and State Prosecutors on the sole premise that a parent has the absolute fundamental liberty interest and constitutional right to have the final voice in choosing the course of medical treatment for his/her child.


Detroit Homeschool Mom who Faced SWAT Team in Medical Kidnapping Case Sues CPS


This presentation will highlight various aspects of parental rights including, but not limited to; federal laws, state laws, healthcare rights, patient rights, and civil rights, along with knowing your rights, being prepared with medical history, and tips to prevent CPS involvement.

Quote from Attorney Folmar:

They are trying to steal my client’s child. They’re playing for keeps! They’re not saying “Oh, we’ll send your child back in a week or two.” They are playing for keeps. So when I am fighting, I am fighting with everything in me. When I go to court, I go to war. I am unapologetic about going to war in court, because my client’s life, and their child’s life, is at stake.



Watch the entire presentation. Conference presentation begins at 10:11 in the video.