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Source: Shoars family.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

There were happy children’s voices in the background as Tabitha Shoars spoke on the phone Wednesday, April 6, with Health Impact News to share their great news. The Shoars family has released the following statement:

We want to announce that after 600 days of fighting for our children against Arizona CPS, we are proud to announce that our case has been DISMISSED!
We want to thank all of our supporters far and wide for prayers and blessings that was sent and the words of encouragement that helped motivate us to push passed all the obstacles that was thrown at us.
We want to also do a special shout out to individual people that truly helped impact our lives by giving us the help, knowledge and getting our story out there.

Al and Nikky Mayhew
Serra Frank & William Fischer with the Fight for Lilly foundation
Elizabeth Gia and Steven Gia
Medical Kidnap
Don Naylor
Steven Isham
Anonymous family

And to everyone else we couldn’t mention. We love you all and you all will always be our big family.

From the Shoars family

Tabitha and Jeff and their children are overjoyed to be back together again after their horrific ordeal. Tabitha says that the faces of the children lit up when they came home last week.  The children, who range in age from almost 4 to almost 11, tackled their parents in their excitement to be reunited.

Health Impact News was the first to publish their side of their story:

Arizona CPS Takes 7 Children Away from Parents after Accident

Their Lives Were Ripped Apart After a Tragedy

Their lives fell apart on August 14, 2014. Three year old Khloe fell outside while she was playing, and later that night collapsed. Her parents had left the children in the care of a babysitter while they went out for a date night. They rushed home when they were told that the babysitter had called 911. While their sister was taken to the hospital, the rest of the children were taken by Child Protective Services and divided up into separate foster homes. Khloe passed away the next day.

Shoars Khloe as toddler

Khloe Shoars – forever in their hearts. Khloe loved butterflies. Source: Shoars family.

Even though no one was ever charged with a crime, the children were not returned to their parents.

The autopsy report later revealed that the cause of death was “inconclusive.” Those close to the family suspect that Khloe had a brain aneurysm, but there is no definitive answer. From all appearances, her death looks like it was from natural causes. Despite this, Child Protective Services required the parents to attend all sorts of classes and jump through all sorts of hoops, all the while threatening to Terminate Parental Rights.

Every single day since the children were taken away on August 14, 2014, Tabitha and Jeff fought for their children, researching, networking, and doing everything that they could to get their children home.

During that time, Tabitha went back to school to get her certification and training as a massage therapist. Through every heartbreak, court appearance, and battle since then, she has maintained good grades, and will graduate in May.

“Case Dismissed”

The Shoars had their final court hearing on Wednesday, and the judge pronounced words that were music to Tabitha and Jeff’s ears: “Case dismissed.” She reports that when she came out of the courtroom on Wednesday, it felt like a huge load had lifted off of her shoulders and she wanted to scream in victory.

Edited Shoars photo with family including Khloe

Photo provided by Shoars family.

Tabitha says that she has only seen 3 cases in family court ever dismissed in the state of Arizona. She cites a figure she has seen that says that only 1% of the children taken in Maricopa County by Child Protective Services are ever returned to their families. Even so, the Shoars had resolved never to give up fighting for their children.

When they told their children that the case was dismissed, the kids began cheering and jumping up and down. They couldn’t be happier to finally be together again.

That battle is now over.

Now it is time for the healing to begin. Tabitha says that she and Jeff want to focus their attention on helping their children to heal from their long, traumatic experience. Their family has been through a nightmare and they need to heal.

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Tabitha – “This quote has helped me stand through the fight.” Source.

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