Ethan Johnson and Diana Gonzalez hold their daughter, Melodi. Joining them was Melodi’s grandmother, Lana Gonzalez. Photo by TDTNews.com and Deborah McKeon.

Temple Daily Telegram


Tears of relief and joyful smiles were a few indicators of the emotions that Diana Gonzalez and Ethan Johnson felt Tuesday morning when state District Judge Charles Van Orden ruled that their 10-month-old daughter, Melodi, must be returned to them that afternoon by Child Protective Services.

But their rejoicing was cut short briefly Tuesday afternoon when a CPS investigator allegedly defied Van Orden’s order that the couple could be with their daughter at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White for testing. They were holding Melodi when the investigator ordered them to surrender her and then the couple was escorted from the hospital by security officers, Brad Williamson, the couple’s attorney, said.

“Melodi had better be back in their arms no later than 4 p.m.,” Williamson said. “They are defying the judge’s ruling that the parents could be there.”

Williamson mentioned possibly calling CPS headquarters directly to file a complaint against it for not following the judge’s orders and could even file a motion for enforcement, he said.

While on the phone with the hospital to get a correct phone number for the CPS investigator, Williamson received notification that Melodi’s bone scan proved she had absolutely no broken bones.

Melodi was returned to her parents before 4 p.m. and was taken home.

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