Rochester Regional Health

Image from Facebook.

Listen to this VM left by an administrator at Rochester General Hospital stating that their policy is to take newborns into medical custody if their parents refuse Vitamin K and erythromycin.

UPDATE 8/2/2015

While the person who recorded this voice mail originally gave permission to post it on YouTube, apparently due to pressure they have asked it be removed. It was a short audio recording from a voice mail left on someone’s answering machine regarding the hospital’s policy on erythromycin eye ointment and vitamin K injections for newborns.

Hi _____ this is ______ from Rochester General. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have a policy that you inquired about vitamin K and erythromycin… our policy here – and you were inquiring about that. I have them in my hands, which you can pick them up and copy if you wanted to… Our policy says all newborns will receive the mandated eye (ointment) and vitamin K injections.

If anybody declines, or the parents continue to refuse the interventions, then the security is informed that medical custody is necessary… The hospital will take over medical custody.