Health Impact News Editor Comments

Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently spoke at the fourth annual Youth Violence Prevention Summit at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City by an interagency initiative led by the Justice and Education departments. Secretary Duncan discussed the role of public education in reducing youth violence.

Secretary Duncan stated that one of the federal government’s ideas to curb “youth violence” was to start government boarding schools. He states that there are “certain children we should have 24/7.” Listen to his comments in the short clip below:

Do you agree with Secretary Duncan? Should the federal government take the role of “parents” and take some children and put them into government boarding schools so that they have them “24/7” at taxpayers’ expense?

Would this then become an expansion of the current foster care federal program? Given what we know of current government programs that take children out of their homes, is there any reason to expect the federal government would take better care of these children? Do you think the government would only take children who are not living with parents or grandparents as the only criteria? Leave your comments below.