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by Margo Gray



A woman accused of faking her credentials to counsel children in custody cases with the Department of Human Resources has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of deceiving the public.

We first told you about Angel Gieske in February, after a mother contacted us when she lost custody of her children under Gieske’s recommendation.

“Almost all my rights have been removed. I see my children every other Sunday for three hours,” said Tina Berryman.

The fight over custody played out in a Colbert County courtroom in 2012.

Angel Gieske took the stand as an expert witness in behavioral therapy and analysis.

With a little digging we found out the woman who claimed to be doctor Gieske with a license in counseling was no doctor. Up until last fall, Gieske was an approved Medicaid vendor to work with DHR custody cases in 6 counties.

She collected more than $864,000 in Medicaid funds, and cashed in the most money and had the most cases in Lauderdale and Colbert Counties.


Woman accused of fake credentials indicted on theft charges

WAFF 48 Investigates: Controversy over counselor’s credentials

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