The Giwa Family. Image courtesy Fox 26 Houston.

UPDATE 1/8/2016

Texas Judge Admonishes CPS – Demands Return of Giwa Girls – Boy Remains in CPS Custody However in Partial Victory

UPDATE 11/15/2015:

Couple Arrested and Children Taken by CPS When Trying to Leave Texas to Visit Dying Grandmother 

UPDATE 10/13/2015:

Houston Couple Gagged and Told to Fire CPS-fighting Attorney in Order to See Medically-Kidnapped Child

Original Story:

By Randy Wallace


“It’s just painful it makes no sense,” says Olubunmi Giwa. The Giwa’s are not the kind of parents who come to mind when you think Child Protective Services.

“They’re well educated they are hardworking people the mom actually has a PHD in special education dad works for an energy company here in Houston” says attorney Jon Parchman.

The couple says they know their 19-month-old son is not developing like he should but say they’ve never gotten a medical reason for his developmental delays and say they’ve never denied him medical treatment.

In court documents CPS admits the reason for the boy’s developmental delays are not known but still that state agency is accusing the parents of medical neglect.

As for the medical neglect the attorney says CPS’s only witness in court was a doctor who never saw the boy or talked to the parents.

“The most they really got was the hospital room was a little dirty that was the extent of what they proved in court,” Parchman says. “The judge said so you’ve proven there’s a dirty hospital room that doesn’t get us to danger in returning the child home.”

Still the judge ruled in CPS’s favor granting them temporary custody and only allowing the parents to see their son for one hour twice a week.

“It’s horrible he’s never been without us he’s my baby the entire family is a mess because of it we can’t function,” Giwa said.

“Just let us be in Ali’s life,” Ali’s father Ahmed Giwa said. “Don’t take Ali away from us.”

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