Marcky and his dog

Marc Herrmann is overjoyed to be free. Source: Herrmann family.

By Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

It was a day that they were terrified would never come. The Herrmann family has escaped from Canada and has been reunited in Germany! Teenager Marc Herrmann was slated to stay within the system for the rest of his life after he was taken from his family in late 2013 over allegations of medical neglect. He was misdiagnosed several times, institutionalized, then placed in foster care, despite the urgent pleas of Marc and his family.

After he was falsely labeled as “retarded,” a hearing was scheduled on his 18th birthday to turn him over to the custody of the Canadian Office of Public Guardians. A man whom the family had never met was reportedly waiting in the wings to assume guardianship. Because his parents are German citizens, they were told that there was no way that they could be guardians over their own son. Marc says that he was told repeatedly that if he did not comply with numerous threats, he would never see his family again.

Today, after public outcry and intervention from the German Embassy, the Herrmann family is together again, and safely out of reach of the system that the Herrmanns insist is rife with corruption. They are in Germany. With the help of the German Embassy, they have escaped.

Marcky and family

Marcky (2nd from left) celebrates being reunited with his family. Source: Herrmann family. (Note: The bond between twins is remarkable. Though they were separated, Marc and his twin Nathan each decided to get Mohawk haircuts within days of each other. Neither knew that the other was doing the same thing!)

German Family Moves to Canada to Homeschool

The family immigrated to Canada in 2007 in order to homeschool the twins, Marc (affectionately known as Marcky) and Nathan. They were born very prematurely, and Marcky’s health issues led their parents, Gottfried and Patricia, to seek to educate them at home, away from the risk of germs and infection in the public school system. Because of difficulties with homeschooling in Germany, the family journeyed to Canada, in order to do what they felt was best for their children. The boy’s older sister remained in their homeland to raise her own family.

Medically Misdiagnosed

The twins loved their new home, embracing the creativity and freedom to pursue their interests, until Marc began experiencing health problems in late 2012. There was an incorrect diagnosis along with a treatment protocol that was not appropriate for what was wrong. There were serious complications from the IVIG treatment, and he began losing weight. The doctor assured them that this was normal. It wasn’t.

Marcky sick

Marcky with his mom in the hospital after losing weight. Source: Herrmann family

When his parents sought further medical care, Canada’s Child and Family Services (CFSA) stepped in and seized custody of Marc. He then spent time in an Eating Disorder Clinic and subsequently in foster care, where he says that he suffered greatly.

Marc Decides to Speak Out

Marcky felt hopeless in state care. He and his family tried everything they could to get back together. After it looked to them that there was little hope of returning home to the family he loves deeply, he began writing and reaching out. The boy labeled as a “retard” in the attempt to imprison him indefinitely in the system writes eloquently of the love of his family, and of the cruelty of the injustices that he faced. Many of his writings have been posted on a Facebook page set up by supporters of the Herrmann family, called A child in Canada. He spoke out about the treatment he was receiving, crying out for someone, anyone, to hear the cries of children trapped in the system.

His family reached out to Health Impact News, and Marc made the courageous decision to take his story to the public. His mother reports that one person within the system confided that Marcky’s brave actions in breaking the silence are opening doors for other children trapped within the system. Marc has been hailed by one supporter as a “little Hero who has opened many doors where Canada has hidden their corruption.”

After Health Impact News published Marcky’s story, which included the contact information for the Family Court Judge and some of the Human Services officials, the Barrister & Solicitor from the Department of Justice in Calgary, Alberta, contacted Health Impact News demanding thet we take down their contact names. However, their contact info was a matter of public record, accessible to anyone on the Internet. (See: Canadian Solicitor General Wants to Restrict Freedom of the Press in the U.S. Regarding Medical Kidnapping.)

Original Story: Medically Kidnapped Teenager In Canada Pleads To Be Returned To His Family

Threats Made by Canadian Government Against Marc Herrmann

After Marcky went public with his story, many people contacted various authorities about his situation, pleading for intervention and justice. However, the move also resulted in numerous threats being made to Marcky, who writes in an email:

I was threatened by Judge Larochelle. He said unless I take down the article from internet I would never get what I want. CFS Huntershorn manager Val Naslund, my social worker  Vivian Ibrahim and her supervisor  Sean Johnson have told me never to sabotage the Foster Care, never to talk about misdiagnosed Eating Disorder. never to talk about Judge.

And I was not even allowed to talk freely to German Embassy. I was not allowed to call 911 or inform about the abuse done by Doctors and CFS and Foster Care.

Well, I did not even have a phone so I could not even dial 911 when my hand was forced in the gaburator  at the Foster Care. I could not even tell anyone when I was told not to use blankets from my home. I could not even tell anyone when I was emotionally abused by Doctors, Foster Place and CFS Workers. There was really no one who could help me. Child Advocates did what they could but they could not spare me from all abuse.

Was Teenager Marc Herrmann Medically Kidnapped As Part of a Cover-Up for Malpractice in Canada?

Family Reunited, But Still Traumatized

On the day before his 18th birthday, the German Embassy helped get Marcky out of Canada. He was met in Germany by his older sister. He stayed with her and his cousins until the rest of the family could get out of Canada and join them.

Marcky and his sister

Marcky was met in Germany by his big sister. Source: Herrmann family.

It was several weeks later before the rest of the family were able to join them. They report being deeply afraid of retaliation. The Canadian government delayed the Herrmanns exit from Canada, reportedly telling the German citizens that they had to have permission to leave the country. After many delays, the family was finally reunited in Germany. They are very happy to be together.

Marcky reports that he is finally able to see doctors who are taking him seriously.

“Like my parents said, I needed real help for my health problems, which I was refused … I am now given a chance to see different doctors who will help me.”

Marcky’s mother Patricia reports that Marcky has been deeply traumatized. She daily sees signs of the deep wounds in her son, and she prays for healing. He is together with his twin brother, and they send many photos of the family cutting up and playing together. A simple thing like going to a restaurant is a big deal, after what he has suffered for the past year and a half.

Marcky restaurant

“Went to a restaraunt omg this is THE LIFE — feeling excited.” Source: Marc Herrmann.

Marcky Writes About His “Torment” in Foster Care

Marc wanted to make a statement about his experiences, but reports that he found it difficult to think about the events that have happened to him.

“It was the worst time in my life. The pains were not only physically but also mentally and I was forbidden to tell my parents. I was forbidden to say that Child Services ignored the mistakes of Doctors and instead they helped them cover it up. How I felt was not a big deal for them. I was so alone for so long and I do not want to go back to that memory but I understand that if I do not speak up these tortures will keep happening. That is why I tried my best to write.”

This is what Marc Herrmann has to say to the world, in the hopes that his words will help other children trapped in the system:


What I experienced gave me the chance to share this. I am Marcky. I was born too early but my parents helped me survive. No one thought my twin and I would live long but we survived and we became Teens. All went well until I was diagnosed with weak lungs and needed extra Oxygen Machines at home and could not. So I had to pay with my life. I lost my freedom, I lost my family. I lost my friends. I learnt many lessons, the friends from Church Groups slowly disappeared because no one wants to deal with a child who is in the care of CFS.

All I wanted was a second opinion and what was so wrong with that? Why could I not see a Doctor of my choice? Why could I not have my own opinion? It is easy block all my doors to freedom. The Canadian Doctors, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Child and Family Services and Family Courts they are all corrupt. No one, really no one wants to know the truth.

Marcky and his twin

Marcky reunited at last with his twin Nathan. Source: Herrmann family.

Today I am home and I am happy but all those memories haunt me day and night. I owe German Embassy and International Laws a huge thanks for saving my life. And I know one thing: As long as there is no one to support children we will always suffer, will be abused, raped and die alone. It was my Journey and I know what I am talking about. I have seen that. I have experienced that.

And all I can say something must be done urgent. I came alive out of the Torture because I turned 18 and I was not a Canadian Citizen. But I am broken and I will need to work on healing. My parents are helping me and I know I will soon be ok. But we children should never have to go through such pains. If my parents would not have given me the best example I would have become an abusive person because that was what I learned from Canadian Doctors and Child Service. I saw lies. I saw emotional abuse. I saw injustice. If I would be a weak person I would have started to take drugs or have killed myself. But I did not because I believed in God and I learned good examples from Mom and Dad. I did nothing good from Medical System or Child Welfare. No one really cared about truth or justice. Is that what we children should learn? Is that what we should give forward to our childrenès children? I do not know what to think.

I have learnt that Humanity is built on families and if you destroy families what will our world look like. I think adults need to admit their mistakes and put aside their pride and arrogance. We children are taught to say the truth and not to harm. But why do adults do not follow natural laws they taught us?

I think we children coming out of the Child Services Care are no longer well balanced because we are all broken. By taking us away from our families they traumatize us. By separating us forcefully just to cover up mistakes of Doctors is for me corruption. The Malpractices should be corrected and Families should be helped but instead child welfare agents are tearing families apart permanently. In other words we children are paying with our lives for the power of these adults and professions.

Child welfare agents are claiming all the while that they are ‘helping children’ but we end up permanently traumatized, killed, raped or became suicidal. If this is called the  best interest of children I think it is  creep to be a child. Then we are beings without rights. I was lucky enough to be saved. But many are still caught up in that system. I see this way

First they take away our parents

Then they call us crazy

Then they isolate us

Then they keep us away from schooling

Then they threath us not to talk to media

Then they tell  us to pretend to have happy hrs when we see our parents

They they tell us that if we talk bad about Foster Care we will not see our parents anymore

Then they tell us that we should not talk bad about CFS , Doctors and Judges

How should the world then know what we are going through

And people wonder why children died in Care

Its so easy to kill us systematically

How should police hear our cry

when we do not even have a phone to call them

Foster people are mostly Doctors



Religious People

No one would point out  at them

They can ridicule us

Abuse us

Behind Golden Walls

No one hears

No one sees

No one feels

How many more of us must die

How many more of us must be abused

How many more of us will be called retard

How many more of us will be raped

How many more of us will be used for research

How many more parents must suffer

How many more siblings must suffer

Please do something


Marc Has Many Unanswered Questions

I have many questions which I want answered:
I want to know why the Dr who misdiagnosed me  was protected and my family was harmed
I want to know why I was not allowed to have a second opinion
I want to know why I was forced to consume Lactose
I want to know why no one is punished for what they did to me
I want to know why I was forced to consume food it harmed me and it gave me pain
I want to know why my eye specialist Dr Fletcher always say my eyes are ok when I can barely see
I want to know why no one followed up the IVIG treatment which caused many problems to me
I want to know why Dr Kirton never cared when my parents asked for help because I was passing out often after his misdiagnosed and mistreated IVIG
I want to know why Patent Relation told my parents not to wrote article about my case and to close down the Face Book
I want to know why No one apologized for what they have done to me, my family and many other children
I want to know why Eating Disorder Team stepped back and said I do not fit into the Eating Disorder Symptoms and Program
I want to know why I was sent to Unit 26 per Court Order though I did not have Eating Disorder
I want to know why my visits were cut off when my parents talked to Eating Disorder Clinic in Calgary
I want to know why everyone is working along side with Child Service against Families
I want to know why there is no one to help children and families
I want t know how can you call Doctors specialists when they make may mistakes
I want to know why my parents were not allowed to talk about misdiagnosis
I want to know why Judges at Family Court ignored the truth
I want to know why my parents were forced to do this Parental Assessment
I want to know why strangers are testing parents with YES and NO questionaries’ when Parenting is not black and white
I want to know why mental health is used to silence our voices
I want to know why many children in Canada are diagnosed with mental health issues. Is it because this is the easiest way to silence voices of truth
I want to know why I was sent to Research Program to a Dr who specializes in children with brain damages
I never had a brain damage so what was the reason
Was my brain damaged thru IVIG
I want to know why I can not longer walk straight
I want to know why my eyes are so bad
I want to know why I was not allowed to see any Counselor
I want to know why I was not  allowed to see any Doctors of my choice since I was Misdiagnosed and Mistreated
I want to know why my parents were blackmailed
I want to know why my parents were slandered
I want to know why I was told that I am mentally retarded
I want to know why I was isolated from friends and family
I want to know why I was left thirsty
I want to know why I was not allowed  to receive Bible Verses from Ministries I was connected to (Chaplain from Hospital said Bible Verses contradict with Treatment)
I want to know why I was forced not to talk about Foster Care
I want to know why I was forced to say only good things about Doctors, CFS and Foster Care
I want to know why children are locked in like wild animals at the Unit 26
I want to know why parents have no rights or a say
I want to know why Doctors, CFS and Family Courts in Canada have so much power
I want to know why people are so ignorant about the cases like mine
I want to know why most of the people think CFS is doing good work
I want to know why no politicians helped me
I want to know why Canada did not respect International Laws
I want to know many more
I want to know why children are abused have died in the care of Canadian Government
I mean, I don’t want to know because I know why they died
Because we as children have no voice
No one listens to our cries
Or sometimes we are not allowed to say
Marcky meme

By Marcky Herrmann. Source: A child in Canada Facebook page.

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