Isaiah speaks out

Isaiah Rider speaks out. Source: Screen shot from YouTube video.


by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

Teenager Isaiah Rider is speaking out about being a victim of DCFS and Lurie Children’s Hospital after they seized custody of him from his mother last year. As reported by Health Impact News, a verdict was reached Wednesday, March 11, that the 17 year old will remain a ward of the state of Illinois, a state he only visited in order to have surgery.

Verdict – Missouri Resident Isaiah Rider To Remain Ward of the State of Illinois

He has consistently maintained that his mother, Michelle Rider, has done nothing wrong. She has been accused of medical child abuse. Isaiah insists that all she was ever trying to do was to help him when he was in severe pain, pain which Lurie Children’s Hospital was allegedly unable to manage. It is what any loving mother would do, according to Isaiah.

Isaiah wants his voice to be heard. He has repeatedly told Health Impact News and any one who will listen that he loves his mom very much, and is very hurt by the actions of Lurie Children’s Hospital and Illinois DCFS. He doesn’t understand how they can hurt children so much. He also says that he has seen the hurt suffered by other children in the foster care system, and he speaks out on their behalf as well.

“Every kid deserves to be with their mother.”

Listen to the heart-cry of a son who simply longs to be reunited with his mother.

His message to the world and to DCFS is this: “One thing you’re not going to do – take me away from my family. Don’t underestimate me. You’re never taking me away from my family. I love my family more than anything.”

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