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The Detroit Free Press is reporting today that Child Protection Services has taken four small children away from their parents, and that a court appointed attorney is asking a judge to force the children to receive the measles vaccine, even though the biological parents do not want them to receive it.

Attorney in neglect case seeks measles shots for kids

By L.L. Brasier 
Detroit Free Press


A judge will decide within days whether to order four small children in an Oakland County family to be immunized for measles, against the wishes of their parents, who are fighting to retain rights to the children.

Child protective service workers were seeking to terminate the parental rights of Brian and Amy Kenny of Highland Township, who have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and child neglect, when they learned the four children, ages 10 and under, had not been inoculated against the measles.

Clarkston attorney H. Elliot Parnes, appointed by the court to represent the three girls and one boy, said he planned to file a motion today asking a family court judge to order that the children be immunized against the virus. The children, temporary wards of the court, are living with grandparents. The motion will be heard before Oakland County Circuit Court judge Lisa Langton on Feb. 11.

Attorney Daniel Bagdade, representing Brian Kenny in the termination hearing, said Kenny was adamantly opposed to inoculations after researching the matter and talking to parents of autistic children, who blame the immunizations for the condition.

“He feels he has done his due diligence and is adamant about his position and feels that the court making him do this is a violation of his rights,” Bagdade said, noting that parents nationwide were making the same decision against the vaccine, yet faced no court action. “No court, to my knowledge has ever ruled that it is illegal or neglectful to not get your kids immunized. We’re moving into some new territory here.”

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