Photo courtesy KHSB41 Kansas City.

by Shannon Halligan


When your child is sick, you trust the doctor to know what to do. But what happens if you disagree with the treatment? A Kansas City mom is in the middle of a court fight over her son’s health, and her case spurred a local lawmaker to take action. Michelle Rider had a hearing in Chicago on Tuesday, and after nine months she’s still fighting for her son. Isaiah Rider is now 17 years old. He’s a legal adult in Missouri, yet he’s in custody of the state of Illinois.

“These are our children. If they’re not getting help we should have the right to a second opinion without fear or without our child being taken from us,” Michelle Rider said.

Missouri State Rep. Kenneth Wilson agrees with Michelle. That’s why he filed a bill he called “Isaiah’s Law.”

Rep. Wilson from Smithville said,

“Parents have a right to make sure their child is receiving the medical care that they deem necessary, and a second opinion? Why is that an issue?”

The bill would protect a guardian from charges of abuse or neglect if they seek another opinion by a licensed health provider and the parent follows that prescribed treatment.

“I wouldn’t think you would have to pass legislation to make sure a parent’s rights are supreme, but apparently we do,” said Wilson.

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